New Animal Planet Extreme Dino Excursion Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

New Animal Planet Extreme Dino Excursion Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

yeah guys it’s great to see you again
i’m so glad you came back we’re gonna have another sometimes opening today I’m
WD welcome to my toys Channel a seat will be half animal planet scream Dino
excursion that looks totally awesome guy and later we’ll have a secure work and
an awesome and card lot more fun with you New Animal Planet Extreme Dino Excursion Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys wow this guy a good gym there’s the
training on step one in the shooting down we’ll get a lot of money for this
guy bag him and tag here we’re gonna get a
lot of money off this guy Jim chicken out the dyno and it’s hatching cool cool
little baby let’s shoot it down get it God should begin yeah cool the dinos big enough to get us animal planet extreme Dino excursion
looks awesome guys this is extreme light sound an action / 18 pieces with a huge
animal planet vehicle and the disc shooter that is so cool and it also
comes with the skeleton we could build it comes with the big Allosaurus small
Allosaurus and uh looks like a training on big vehicle disc trailer while he’s
loaded let’s go ahead and open it up and have
some fun before we do that here is some cool Allosaurus facts they measured 35
to 40 feet in length and the way two tons four thousand palms Allosaurus is
the most powerful fearsome and deadly dinosaur of the late jurassic period its massive jaw contained long serrated
teeth that could cut me like a knife until the sores from the earth 50
million years later Alice or and its relatives were the
largest predators in existence that is all some and here is what is in the
package before I remove anything ok so let’s take a look exactly what was
in the package first of all you got the animal planet vehicle which is really
awesome it’s got like cage all over the front got like a big bumper for like knocking stuff over its got like that
rotates got a windshield that will walk cage that will pop off here’s a look at the other side there’s
a look at the top and the whole top comes off so you could fit the our guys
inside so you could fit actually four action figures inside it does come with
two here is one of them he doesn’t have any detachable our items which is kind
of unusual for animal planet because they usually include quite a bit and
then here’s the other so I mean their hands you know their hands do rotate
their legs rotate so they could sit down in the vehicle so on here we’re going to
go ahead and put both of them in the vehicle and then now you just pop the
cage right back off on top nice and easy and it does lock-in so
it’s pretty secure I mean you could pick it up with the cage and then I it has a
firing ah cool firing disk system here and it comes at three discs so basically
you put the disc into it like so and then you fired out with a pretty good
velocity and then the disk system models to the top of the vehicle there so you
could have a guy like standing back here and firing get there we go then it comes
with also wicked-looking Allosaurus check this guy out and he does our roar
and his eyes light up so let’s go ahead years a button you
push here opens and closes his mouth it’s hard to see his eyes light up but
they do light up red he’s got like a red clear tongue so his tongues gonna
actually let me turn the lights off it’s still a little hard to see because
it’s set up for my life but the tongue does light off and the eyes light up red
so it’s actually a lot brighter than it looks like on the camera now let’s take
a quick look at this guy all around because I mean they did a great job
detailing and off with the teeth his arms actually move up and down his legs
move he looks super cool super wicked it almost looks like he’s got Lauren’s
coming off the top of his head he’s got spikes on his back and his tail does
turn but it doesn’t seem to do anything okay so you could just pull his tail off
if you want to ok so that guy’s awesome let’s take a
look at the other ones and then you’ve got a tiny little Allosaurus here so
this would probably be like the baby and that one would probably be like the the
mom so that’s really cool too and then you got a flying Pteranodon those guys
like brown and green in he’s pretty cool looking too so I mean you really do get
a lot in this set I mean for an affordable set and you get everything
you see here plus you get a cool pop out dinosaur skeleton that you could put
together yourself let’s go ahead and do that yeah so that set was a lot of fun to that
skeletons lot of fun to put together the head moves the arms move the legs move
the tail moves and he is also possible so you could set him up like he’s on
packing skeleton here guys Dino extreme excursion was totally oh if
you guys enjoyed the video make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button
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you remember my club going to this video ends there’s an awesome and card lot
more fun with you dressing where all the minions star wars and the big that’s so
much fun together i hope to see you soon I

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  1. Hey we I think the big Dino is a allosaurus because carnotaurus did not had long hands it had short hands okay.also the top of the Jeep can be a cage for the dino

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