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guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another also enjoy the opening today New Animal Planet Dinosaur Invasion Set Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing – WD Toys hi I’m WD and welcome to my toy channel
let’s see what we have to a wow we have animal planet dinosaur envisions a boy
that is totally awesome guys and later we’ll have today secret word
at an awesome and card lot more fun videos wow go ahead and open this guy all ok Phil I seen a dino here somewhere let’s go ahead let’s turn around here
and we’re going to stop here and wait to see if he appears ok Bob were to see that Dino again here
we really quiet feel with wanted to die there I something Kari comes to Purcell Flores wow this guys are scared of us at all he must not have seen a human before quick i’m gonna stop him he’s down quick get the net got him
loaded up we gotta get one more Wow got a quick given the truck let’s
get out of here ok let’s keep going well what’s wrong the truck she died sir I don’t know what happened man Phil this
is that not a good time for the truck to die it started to pour out here yet lightning know me and that’s thanks the outdoor lights are back boy Bob I think there’s something in the
fence behind us where I don’t see a while to giant t-rex boy if we can capture that guy all quiet doggy there’s no way you’re getting out
of there ah but but Bob what does it mean when there’s a red
light on the fence that would mean the powers down yeah I see a red light oh no that means he
could get out good darn hey Phil what ever you do do not lose
their eyesight is based on movement like this exactly like that not here my doing good Bob am i doing good Bob Bob I don’t think this boy I’m lucky that guy was into bright
here goes 00 getting back to business – luckiest thing started I’m good nut
here oh no oh here he comes yeah man what happened what was guys this toy set looks all some this is
animal planet dinosaur invasion you got a big jeep vehicle you’ve got several
dinosaurs a lot of our accessories for the guy you got like a punch-out
skeleton that you could put together while looks also and here on the back is
a look good look at the two sets like in a sand environment okay see what was in the Box looks like
such a fun set wow that’s a lot of stuff there’s a good
look at what’s in the box before we take anything out cool okay i’m going to go ahead and
punch out all these cool dinosaur skeleton pieces and put them together ok yeah ok okay with this set we also got an
awesome Paris f-4s with action feature if you pushes button he bobs his head these things actually attack with this
like bone like Ron on its head so he would attack even like maybe save
that t-rex was attacking him and then I he’s got claws on his arms his legs move
a good am all his arms move with good mom he is a really cool color scheme and
then let’s check out the other day I know that came with it and the other one
that came with it is up on it Celeste ease those guys really cool it’s got
like feathers on his arms and his tail he’s got really cool blue and orange
coloring on his head got a nice cron on his back nothing on
this guy moves but he is really cool looking and very aggressive was also and
then let’s check out the gym that came with its really cool like a gray and
orange Jeep it’s orange jeep with gray stripes that
says animal planet has a lot of tools on the sides it got this like net thing on the front
that could flip down and catch the dinosaurs and trap them bring him back
here and carry them on the front tire on the front of the Jeep there’s a bunch of all other accessories
here on the back it’s got a seat here for the guys to sit
in while one guy drives the other guy could sit here like I don’t know fishing for dinosaurs or something cool
antenna you’ve got like some type of a siren on
top of it that’s awesome then it comes with the
cool action figure and like a white like Safari type suit and he has some cool
accessories to hear he’s got he’s like all like things that probably be like
electrified to actually catch the dinosaurs so he
could hold it here in his arm and then you could push that capture the Dinos
let’s say this pair of settlers was trying to attack him capture the pair’s
slap florists and then shocked it taken down and then he also has a really cool
backpack with a lot of accessories so we’re going to go ahead and put that
onto his back he’s got a big set of binoculars he could carry around his
neck and then he also has like some type of a giant like it looks like a giant
flashlight he could carry so awesome this guy’s
loaded and let’s go ahead and put him in the vehicle ok so in the vehicle he can either drive
or he could be the guy that sits in the seat in the back so he does also fit
into the driver’s seat guys the dinosaur invasion set was totally are some guys
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remember my club you wait to this video ends there’s an all cement card with a
lot more fun videos drastic world and minion star wars peppa PE and have so much fun
together guys well i hope to see you

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