Nestačí vedieť “o” Ježišovi Fr Mark Goring, (Slovenské titulky)

Nestačí vedieť “o” Ježišovi  Fr  Mark Goring, (Slovenské titulky)

praise be Jesus Christ the things of God are very hard to express in human language sometimes it’s amusing how someone will say like I felt God’s presence and another person will say feelings are useless you shouldn’t talked about feeling God another person will say I experience God and another person will say well experiences are so shallow you shouldn’t say I experience God some people say I encountered Jesus and others will say encountering that’s a silly word we shouldn’t use it now listen to me very carefully Jesus Christ is risen from the dead he’s alive and you can know him personally it’s not enough to know about Jesus I don’t care how much catechism you’ve had how much theology you’ve studied it’s not enough to know about Jesus you need to know him personally because Jesus said I no longer call you servants I call you friends that’s relationship Jesus says to you you are my friend jesus also said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me now if you’re looking for a word to use I found one in Scripture you can use this word and don’t let anyone give you a hard time John chapter 21 verse 1 it says after this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples by the sea of Tiberias and he revealed himself in this way and he goes on tells a story of how he made breakfast for the disciples now when I was a teenager I didn’t believe in God I turned to God in prayer he revealed himself to me the Lord Jesus Christ revealed himself to me which transformed me and he wants to do that in your life because he is alive and he’s risen if you go to the Lord Jesus and say Jesus I want to know you he will reveal himself to because Jesus said I don’t turn away anyone who comes to me he likely story

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