My Thoughts on MAMA Nominees 🔥

My Thoughts on MAMA Nominees 🔥

hi welcome I was recently cancelled so I
don’t think this will be my thirteenth scandal but you never know if that
happens please tell my fellow 2NE2 members that I love them and please tell Markly that she can take my place in our subunit cocka2 so today’s video is
super exciting because I’m gonna be sharing with you who I think should win
certain category of Mama so mama is the m-net Asian Music Awards
and they release their nominees probably a while ago and I decided to do this the
day before they release it so you know sometimes in life you know you get a
busy week you get cancelled you have a project do you know if things happen so
I will be talking about aspects that I really loved from certain aspects so I
will be sharing some aspects that I love from certain artists in certain songs
and maybe some aspects that I didn’t quite appreciate as much so if that
offends you you might want to click out of this video however I do want to
mention that I do think every single Idol every single group is deserving of
an award and I don’t mean to make this video in a way that invalidates anyone’s
accomplishments that is not the point of this video the point is to just you know
talk to you guys as if I’m talking to a friend and share with you what I
personally think without being as rude as I was in my last video I was running
a fever Karen okay I can’t make miracles anyways let’s get into it actually I’m
gonna stop you right there to remind you to subscribe to this channel click the
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sharing my videos with people that you can hate them with and I’d love to hear
your thoughts in the comments down below of who you think should win or who you
thought should have won because inevitably this video will be useless
after tomorrow so the first category is the best dance performance female group
I’m so sorry we have Señorita by G-idle so the choreography for Senorita wasn’t my favorite but there were indeed some cool elements like when
they would dance with each other and that was really interesting to see and
then we have red Velvet’s zimzallabim so as for Zimzalabim I definitely
appreciated the eccentricity I’m a sucker for that
but for me the whole experience of zimzalabim the whole beauty of the song
shall we say lied within multiple aspects put together, like the fashion
the vocals everything put together made the experience very wonderful so in that
sense, the choreography from me wasn’t something that was the main focal point
next is blackpink with kill this love which was not my favorite but definitely very
badass very impactful, again the whole experience of the song is better
represented through many elements together rather than just a focus on
choreography, and then we have gfriend’s sunrise I was very moved by these
delicate elements of the dance and I really loved at the beginning and end
poses as well I loved the interaction that it requires however my personal top
two favorites have to be twice’s fancy and eyes-one, and eyes-one fuck what was
it again? fancy and Violeta, there at the top of my list to me fancy has a very
expressive choreography and it’s also quite fun in nature Violeta is also
quite expressive but in a softer way at times but as one definitely makes great
use of their numbers the way they break off into different groups or have some
members kneeling and others standing to Center one of the members is absolutely
visually appealing and of course both dances use all of their members to
create a bigger picture whether it’s a star or some type of butterfly and those
are definitely some aspects that I really appreciate in choreography
however I do think I would give the award to Violetta, fancy’s
choreography is definitely super impactful but I do find that Violeta is more impactful more consistently throughout the entirety of
the dance so yes Violeta for me wins best dance performance for a female
group I don’t talk about boy groups a lot on this channel because boy group
stands are actually pretty scary I mean 12 year olds are scary but you get what
I mean I actually didn’t know a lot of these dances but I had a lot to say
about BTS being nominated for this category so I took the liberty of
studying and analyzing all these dances for the past two days so I could come up
with a really valid opinion so the first up is
those tempo so this dance did evoke a lot of energy however for me personally
I just thought that certain parts weren’t centered explicitly enough for
example at times I didn’t really know where my I should be focused because it
felt like there were just so many people on stage and it didn’t look like it was
very clean-cut obviously when you’re watching a fancam it’s a much different
experience and when you’re watching you know music shows changing angles but of
course the energy of the song was absolutely incredible then we have got7’s Eclipse I really loved the interactive parts of this choreography I
just found that the choreography didn’t really maintain my attention
consistently so then we have monsta x’s alligator is it just me or does this
give you a second gen vibes? I love their energy and they definitely looked really
cool on stage however my two top favorite have to be Nu’est bet
bet, is it still ”new East” I always say newest but I know like ”new East” that’s
how it was supposed to be pronounced at least in link 2013 it was I’m so out of
touch with the boy groups I didn’t even watch this video like where’s Ren?
where’s the long haired blonde boy that I fell in love with in my youth and of
course seventeen’s fear, that sentence probably felt a little bit weird because
I went on a tangent but I promise it all comes together for bet bet I really
appreciate the use of backup dancers sometimes the less members you have the
more you know uninteresting a choreography can feel and that’s just
because you’re more limited obviously if you have 20 dancers there are a lot more
formations you can do it and they also switched it up a lot so sometimes it was
just them and sometimes it was them with the backup dancers so you know it was
always interesting however I’m gonna have to give this one to seventeen I had never
really heard a seventeen song before or really followed seventeen but I saw that they had eye
make up I’m really missing out aren’t I? so in choreography especially in kpop
you want your eye to follow something you don’t want the viewer to be confused
as to who you should be looking at and I find seventeen’s choreography is really good at
doing this they’re really good at separating one group from another and
making it look really clean and making it look very explicit
for the eye like it’s actually quite clear when someone is supposed to be centred
and when it’s no longer that person’s turn to be centred it’s very clear when
that transition happens and one of my favorite parts is at the beginning where
they kind of have this mountain of bodies going up to this man in the
middle who is presumably drinking fake poison I love it and they also you know
had very impactful movements then they also had very tiny movements I like
almost forced you to like pay attention to the little details overall I really
think they should win best dance performance male group on -BTS i don’t
want to shit on BTS, boy with love for me was a really beautiful song however you
know the choreography just wasn’t impactful enough for me and I know a lot
of people are gonna say that well they took a lot of choreographies from their
past choreographies and slapped it into one choreography that’s what makes it
special I’m gonna argue that they also did that in best of me for me it’s just
it doesn’t quite cut it for me I definitely think it should a hundred
percent be in the running for song of the year but as for dance performance it
like it it just personally wasn’t my favorite if it was yours great so we
have three categories left some of the categories I find a bit redundant in
terms of like well how do you measure this how do you measure best artists
like how do you measure that is it through votes? because the same people
are gonna constantly win because they have more fans that’s why I wanted to
take this and like measure it through my own obscure criteria I don’t know
so now we have the best dance performance solo so we have chunga’s
gotta go and for me I don’t know why snapping wasn’t nominated for me I
really love the choreography – snapping and we also have Hwasa’s twit which was
definitely such a fun dance loved her energy and then we have Jennie’s solo I
definitely thought the whole experience of the song was very beautiful but I’ve
narrowed it down to taemin’s want and Sunmi’s lalalalay how many Lala’s are
there? so quite honestly Taemin’s choreography wasn’t necessarily my cup
of tea but I definitely appreciate the artistic value in it and I could be
wrong but I feel there’s maybe a lot of technique going
into certain movements that otherwise look very simple but either way he
definitely looks like he’s in his own element and he’s definitely feeling
himself and he’s in his own world and I love that and I appreciate that
I love the performance value of it all really but honestly like I said before
I’m a sucker for eccentricity Sunmi’s lalalalay was an eccentric as hell you
know she has like this apathetic look to her with very little emotion but it adds
to just you know the performance of it which sounds very counterintuitive but
at the end of the day it just works and she really just makes it look effortless
I definitely think she should win best dance performance for solo artists okay
now we’re moving on to best new female artists I wanted to talk about Somi
first so I really appreciate that she got nominated but at the same time I
feel like her label is holding her back surprise surprise it’s a sub-label of YG
Entertainment which is why I decided to start my own label called BYE-G
entertainment debuting 2NE2 on a computer screen er you very soon a lot of people
are very conflicted about birthday and I hundred percent understand why the whole
song experience was a bit questionable at times because when you think of
birthday you think of really ridiculous outfits and I’m all for eccentricity
like I said before but these outfits weren’t eccentric they were just bad and
on top of that a lot of people were conflicted with what they thought of the
song it was very much like a 50/50 you either really love this song or you
really hated the song all that to say I really wish she could have come out with
another song so that we could have more to work with because a lot of the people
in this category do have more than one song this year so it’s like a lot easier
to you know if one song wasn’t you know you’re a cup of tea maybe the other one
was and maybe if made enough of an impact does that make any sense anyways
so I actually didn’t know a lot of these groups beforehand like cherry bullet or
rocket punch or BVNDIT I think that’s how it’s pronounced I don’t know there’s
a V where an a could be who knows but I did definitely look into
and I actually really liked cherry bullets Q&A I thought it was so cute
however in terms of impact this year for me personally it’s between Itzy and
everglow those were the two most impactful you
know new artists in my opinion this year so ever glow came out with Bon Bon Chocolat
which was a really great song I really appreciated it but it wasn’t my
favorite but then they came back with adios and I really loved it it really
solidified them as a group that I like same with it see they came out with
Dalla Dalla and it was a good song but it didn’t make me stand them but then
they came out with Icy and that’s what really what solidified them in my heart
that’s why I wanted to mention Somi because it’s like okay birthday was
great in my opinion but it just wasn’t enough for me same for blackpink like
kill this love for me wasn’t enough have they come out with a music video for
kiss and makeup forever young I’m off track completely I definitely loved Itzy’s
teen crush concept but I also really loved everglow’s badass concept
however I’m gonna give this one to Itzy because I feel like it was the most
remarkable new female group of the year just my opinion I mean if you think
about it the whole experience of their comeback was just very beautiful that
outfits were also individually stunning so now we’re moving on to song of the
year this is what everyone’s fighting about everyone’s like fancy deserves it
kill this love deserves it why would love doesn’t deserve it that’s
what I see a lot of me because I’m just surrounding myself with girl group stans I don’t accuse anyone of anything but I
just feel like a lot of people were very polarized with boy with love so I’ve
narrowed it down to the list of my favorite songs so we have boy with love
by BTS I felt deeply in love with it the minute I heard and then we have spring
by bom which was also such a very lovely song then we have gogobebe by
mamamoo which is such a fun upbeat song and then of course fancy by twice so my
top two contenders after all of that is Gogobebe…. and spring! I had to put BOM I
would say Gogobebe deserves song of the year their performances were amazing
their energy was amazing I think it deserves song of the year so I obviously
love fancy but the defining factor here was really the energy that was brought
forth with the song and Mamamoo undoubtedly have incredible energy and
have great opportunities to show off their beautiful voices and that was
ultimately what led me to this decision so yeah that’s basically all I had to
say thank you guys so much for watching let me know in the comments down below
what your thoughts are I’m gonna go to bed bye

100 thoughts on “My Thoughts on MAMA Nominees 🔥

  1. Idk personally I really like BTS choreo but everyone has different opinions I don’t get why some people don’t understand that lol.

  2. I stan seventeen and ateez but I'm open to other groups. For girl groups dang it's so hard to pinpoint which I love the most

  3. Mama has always been the worst award show 2 me… Simply because it's popularity based. You always see the same groups being nominated (exept roty) the same groups wining the awards and so on. To me it just seems unfair, becasue small groups never have the chance to win one of those awards… Eventho they might have a mesmerizing choreography or great vocals like famous groups have. 😭

  4. If I'm picking any group for choreo aside from my babes bts, seventeen is the group I'm going for. They are good dancers and their choreo is just so neat too and like bts, they have great stage presence. Im a moomoo but in terms of song of the year, bwl had a huge impact. Gogobebe was great but between gogobebe and hip, I definitely perfered hip most,cuz it was so fun (like GGBB)yet badass too. Gogobebe was great cuz I love my girls vocals and dance and energy but bwl was fun but smoother too. Now bwl vs hip….I would pick hip. My army and moomoo heart is torn af.

  5. Fancy should be soty because the impact the song made, everyone talked about fancy and still do now. It’s just my opinion but nothing can really compare to Fancy 🤟

  6. The only things I ask this year is Blackpink to PERFORMMM!! I want them to perform on an award show 😫 LIKE SO BADLYY TBH..

  7. I really want seventeen to win. Not because i stan them but i just think they're too underrated for a very talented group

  8. This is the first time I've heard someone said Gogobebe for SOTY

    As a Moomoo,
    Not saying it doesn't deserve it, but seeing Fancy and Boy With Luv. You know what's going to happen 🙂

  9. I feel like she’s over analyzing the choreography and dancing instead of seeing if it fits the vibe of the song, iconic and something that just feels right. You can pick up fancy and boy with luv in no time at all because of the rhythm and in both songs the choreography is quite easy. i’m kinda sure thats what separates the choreography from the others and etc. Not just any choreography by a big boy band or girl band can go huge with almost any to every fan knowing it and being able to identify it quickly and with ease. Support to every group nominated for mama 💛

  10. My one and only comment that I'm going to say is…..

    Everyone have their DIFFERENT opinion and choice. Respect other groups as well even if you are not a fan of them ♡

  11. I’m sad….Is Blackpink even going to attend any award show?😔 and if so I don’t think they could snatch any awards this year like they did last year…😔😔🖤💖Stay strong BP…..DaM I hAte YG so much…Did y’all know he was spotted outside of the YG building like….Bish ain’t you supposed to be in jail!?

  12. I know this is out of context but you should really watch Seventeen cause they are the amazing group with their dance, visuals,vocals,rap you name it and seriously I agree so much with your opinions. Thanks for sharing your opinions 🙂

  13. This May be mean but it’s frustrating how you kinda just favor older groups and all these new groups you barely know yet seem to be so envolved in kpop idk it’s just hard to respect an opinion on 2019 idols when you look through such a hardcore second gen vibe

  14. Even tho an award show will nominate the songs that perform well on the charts I think when it comes to dance performance category they should just choose based on the choreo and nothing else . For GG CLC , LOONA and Dreamcatcher deserve nominations .

  15. Am I the only one who's waiting for Korean Music Awards ( KMA ) ? It's the Grammys of Korea . It's only voted by Music critics . But Kpop idol groups don't win much there . It's mostly indie , rock , hip-hop and ballad artists who win . Idol groups mostly win in pop category and only very few have won daesang there . I wonder if any idol groups will get nominated for bug awards this time

  16. Tbh choreo for boy with love is purposefully (i cant spell lol) very simple. Its good, i like it, but i dont think they should have been nominated got the best dance because its not the point of neither song not performance as a whole

  17. Here's my take on MAMA 2019:

    Best Vocal Performance (Solo) : 180 degrees by BEN… This song was longest charting compared to all other nominated songs.

    Best Vocal Performance Group: How can I love the heartbreak by Akdong Musician

    Best Male Artist: This should've been Paul Kim but Baekhyun sold a lot so it's well deserved.

    Best Collaboration: I'm still not over DONT by Hwasa and Loco last year so I'm not really into the nominated collabs this year, they're still good though

    Best Dance Performance (GG): Fancy by Twice

    Best Dance Performance (BG): Fear by Seventeen

    Best Dance Performance (Solo): Solo by Jennie (this is my 2nd favorite solo song next to Snapping )

    Best New Female Artist: ITZY (for sales) or Everglow (coz they're my bias rookie gg)

    Best New Male Artist: ATEEZ (they're my bias rookie bg) or TXT (they're highest in sales) or AB6IX (they got high sales too considering they're a newer group)

    Best Female Group: Twice (sales-wise) or MAMAMOO (they're my bias GG for now)

    Best Male Group: BTS (accomplishments-wise )

    Music Video of the Year: Kill this Love by BlackPink (come on KTL had the largest number of views compared to all other nominated MVs)

    Song of the Year: Boy with Luv for the reason that it outsold and outranked chart-wise all other NOMINATED songs….had it not ranked high in BB100 I'd most definitely prefer Fancy

    Artist of the Year: BTS (accomplishments-wise this is a no brainer)

    Album of the Year: Map of the Soul Persona (need I say more?)

  18. loona butterfly should have won female dance of the year. and im 17 and a bg fan. so whats the prob? jkjk no hate

  19. Welp…guess we should listen to sm and say no more mama's because this year with nominations was just…something

  20. Damn I agree with you on everything but song of the year…. Too bad Bts won everything. Was hoping Mnet who be it's usual self and change thing up. But nope since the majority of votes are by public and sales of course Bts won everything. Sighhh and I am an ARMY, but boy with luv was just not as good as their other songs… In fact they didn't even write it or produce it themselves which I know most groups don't. But Bts normally does so the whole song was disappointing for me.

  21. A song of the year have to be Poppin you know what I mean like that song has to be very popular and you can't really compare the songs to be honest cuz each and every song individually is amazing but they're so totally different I like the sounds of instruments like the genre of music use within the song how Can you you know match it up vs each other 🤔😅😅

    ㅡ Violeta

    ㅡ Fear

    ㅡ Gotta Go

    ㅡ Itzy (love everglow tho)


    ㅡ Fancy

    ㅡ Baekhyun

    ㅡ Chungha

    ㅡ Map of the Soul

  23. i really wish seventeen won best male dance performance :(( although bts are my ults, seventeen seriously deserved that award considering the details, smoothness and thought that went into it. boy with luv was more of a vocal song and the dance wasn't exactly as amazing or impactful compared to seventeen

  24. 9:46 lol not just her.. Everyone in the yg entertainment (if you didn't get it what I meant was yg is holding all the idol that are in yg ent. back

    Edit: BTW idk why but I love your voice😍😍


  26. Since you asked for opinion here's mine.
    No.1. Best Dance Perf by Female group discussion is relevant but immaterial since they will never acknowledge less-popular groups even if their choreo and performance is top-notched (i.e. LOONA and OH MY GIRL)
    No.2. Saying Somi is being held back by their label is immature. Do you mean Teddy is irresponsible? Do you mean the effort of blackpink, Akmu, Lee Hi, Zion T., promote Somi were meaningless?? Just because the outcome is not good enough for you, you get to blame the label. Seriously, you're just any other fans out there that are influenced by the anti-YG trend. Other idols from other companies are more underperforming than Somi but you don't hear them blame the label because no one is influencing them that it's the label's fault.
    No.3. Lastly, Gobebe is fine, but Starry Nights is a lot better (sadly it's from a different year). Boy with Love, Fancy and KTL (obviously, I ignored Spring for obvious reasons) are all fine, the problem is there is a little gap between each song that made it difficult to choose the SOTY (Unlike the previous years when there is a clear cut arguments for Really Really and Love Scenario). But since BTS keep on gathering trophies, it doesn't even had an impact that they receive the daesang compared when EyesNoseLips, Bang Bang Bang and Cheer Up won that award.


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