More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

This is the worst room and this is pretty rough in here Look at this dog! This dog has become one with the cage! I am very concerned about this dog I mean he is just matted through to the cage This is obviously a combination of urine feces, mud, and dog food You’d think that… …with all the chaos out here of us coming in and pulling these animals out there would be a lot of barking but these dogs have just succumbed to death I mean they are ready to die they’ve given up a long time ago little do they know that they’re actually for the very first time going to have the opportunity to be dogs dogs they were never given the opportunity to be This dog’s nothing but a big mat This dog is a sack of bones the animals were removed from the
property and have been brought back to the emergency shelter where they’re being assessed by team
veterinarians and having evidence collection conducted his entire body is matted This is a huge mat here this whole back section is one mat he was obviously on the the bottom of the stacked cages he was a lower cage he’s blind and of course matted severely he can barely walk He’s looking pretty bad, his matting is horrible he’s very kind of depressed his eyes are totally glazed over I just can’t imagine imagine let’s give him a few minutes to relax shake! There you go! most of them are still amazingly friendly and happy to be in a situation where they can actually
breathe fresh air so they’ve been surprisingly upbeat for situations that they’ve come from after a two day drip from Arkansas to Washington D.C. They are now here at the Washington Animal Rescue League got an amazing team of volunteers and staff who will be working to rehabilitate these dogs over the next couple of days Amazing team of veterinaries that will provide them with the necessary medical care eventually get them spayed and neutered and available for adoption

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  1. I cant. My dog was used as a breeding dog. She now has to fatty deposits on her ovaries. It looks awful. They are so pronounced it looks like tennis balls under her skin. She was rescued from a farm in Montana.

  2. My dog was in a puppy mill but escaped and got help and lead animal rescue to the mill to save other dogs. Dogs have a connection that can never be broken even through the roughest conditions.

  3. People make me completely sick. So freaking selfish. How they could live with themselves? They have not feelings clearly

  4. I’m sure some of these dogs are the most rewarding to adopt and show how a wonderful little dogs life is suppose to be like. 😀

  5. These people should be hung…rhetorically…in the public square. Shamed. Locked up. Made fun of. Humiliated. I don't care if it's "psychological" or not. They are monstors.

  6. The World has gone MAD….Who ARE theese people ?? WHY this sadistic, brutal abuse and neglect ? For WHAT ?? All this pain, suffering, starvation, living in atrocious filthy cages…..WHY, tell me WHY ???

  7. E.B.
    These human pet angels understand the tragic plight of these animals, knowing that another day, waiting for better weather would mean additional suffering and loss of life. The hope being brought to these animals is evident in their responses to their rescuers. Hopefully, this tragic puppy mill operator will be helped to find the means to earn a living that does not involve pain and suffering. Just as tragic are the pet consolidators, auctioneers, retail stores and direct buyers who keep these awful businesses in operation. Thanks to Animal Control Officers and local No-kill Animal Shelters.

    Strong humane, federal, state, and local laws involving licensed veterinarians’ as proposed by a New York DVM, seems to be among the best solutions. Please Google puppy and cat mills by state in the USA to see how pervasive this problem is, and decide how you can help. The USDA Horrible Hundred publication hardly scratches the surface and offers few corrections. This requires a grass roots effort, community-by-community, state-by-state!

  8. Those poor babies!!! They just want love and attention and affection. I hope those dogs find loving good forever homes.

  9. I want all the dogs.. I'll take them all in my big backyard clean them all up, feed them, and give them all love so their bad memories will be nothing more than puppy love ♥️♥️

  10. How someone can do this to such an innocent creature… It's beyond me… And then for those animals to still be able to look at any human and love… They are a miracle…

  11. I take it the person keeping these poor animals had fleas the scene but I hope the police catch the person(s) responsible put them away for a very long time!! It's heart breaking to see these cats and dogs succumbed to death, thank you so much from the UK o their rescuers.

  12. How can we as a nation talk about 3rd world countries and this happens in our states. Despressing and shame on them, I hope they were stopped and places knocked down and actually donated to people that can use it to grow food and make money the all the vets

  13. I know many of these dogs can handle what's happening. But……I'm sure it's obvious the ones who can't handle being bathed, having hair cut when terribly matted, etc. I hope the few get a lil sedative …'s not like they all need it. I've been through hell in my life. …addict, streets, under bridges, raped, ripped off, trailor stolen by friend, beaten, etc. But……I'm human. …….I can deal with tragedy, etc! Thanks for rescuing all the ones who depend on US!!! Peace to ALL of you!!!

  14. This is a problem they don't put these dog farms or mills people in jail but they put people in jail trying to get something to eat or someone driving in suspend licence these dam dog mills people need big time jail ..put them away for hurting theses poor dogs ..

  15. I’d like to put these dogs owners in a little cold disgusting cage, with dirty water and dry bread for a year or two! See how much they like that!

  16. I'm curious about the cats too, I didn't realize people mass breed cats like they do dogs in this horrible way but it looks like it from the ones in cages at the beginning

  17. i love animals but i could never do a job like this, i’d cry too much. i do plan on fostering though, kudos to all these amazing peole

  18. And some people don't believe that demons are real and live amongst us….this is not the action of a human being, this is the result of pure evil.

  19. This is just what my thought on what the situation at the mill was, the puppies would be born and taken quickly then the deformed puppies would be left in the cage to rot.

  20. To even think all of this happens in US makes me sick !! US are supposed to be a raw modell to every single country in the world, but their incredible abuse and cruelty to animals are apalling, just disgusting. I´ve been to US six, maybe eight weeks at a time for the last thirty years, and I promise what you witness there, even as a tourist is frightening…Why can´t the authorities make stricter laws with severe penalties for animal abuse in All the country ??? Make your voice heard, please don´t vote for anyone disapproving of this….

  21. Aww, I wish I could donate but I’m too young and don’t have any money at all. I hope I can help by watching and subscribing. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Such cruelty no fukin need for this those poor little doggies how can someone think that wat there doing is right it's wrong on so many levels there needs to be tougher prison sentences giving to these breeders

  23. Both my dogs were rescues but one was from a breeder who was bout to kill him brace on one wanted him and they thought he was too buff to be a breeding dog. I rescued him last minute and he’s never been happier!

  24. The people who do this and breed dogs for profit I can't judge but I would guess they will going straight to hell!

  25. The people who did this should be like in one of those little tiny crates without food or water there's a trash of the Earth!

  26. How in Gods name can people do this to a living being I hope that the judge gives them the death penalty if not then sentence them to the same sentence they gave all the beautiful fur babies put them in a cage and ignore them until they are matted and despondent and hopeless that they just give up on life that would be justice

  27. I pray all the fur babies find homes and all the love they deserve God bless all of them and many thanks to the people who rescued them God bless you all

  28. Vivir a sí toda su vida es realmente cruel. La única manera de que las personas que cometen estas crueldades entiendan lo que hacen es sometiéndolas a una situación igual.

  29. I don’t believe in purchasing dogs at pet stores for this exact reason. I grew up with Boston terriers my whole life and we got both of ours from responsible breeders we got to see their house, living conditions, parents and medical records. It’s ok to buy from breeders as long as you support the right ones. But always consider adopting before buying ❤️

  30. we have enough pets and our house is a huge mess and can be really disgusting so i sadly cant adopt any and give them good homes but when im able to, i definitely will

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  32. Oh my goodness gracious what in the hell is wrong with the stupid ass people responsible for this?? They need to be treated like this in a prison cell. Poor animals 💔 this breaks my heart. 😢 hope they find loving homes they deserve.❤

  33. I am so amazed and delighted that there are so many people in the US working / volunteering to save animals … Such an effort with so many animals must require great resources …!? Despite this tragic feeling, this dedication to innocent vulnerable animals feels extremely positive.

  34. Those people who did this are disgusting and filthy cowards, how can you do that to a poor innocent helpless creature?
    Im so glad there is amazing people like you in this world that go out of their way to save and rescue animals in need. You guys are amazing pure innocent human beings. Everybody should look up to you, you have just saved over 100 animals! I am so greatful that you did this, there is a special place in heaven for you all. I can’t imagine being locked in a caged for days, weeks, months. Those people were disgusting and sick minded. You on the other hand, words can’t describe how awesome you are.

    I hope you all live amazing lives. ❤️❤️❤️

    I hope these wicked people know there is a certain spot in hell for them!

    Also enjoy the rest of your day to anyone reading this, have an amazing time today 💝💝💝

  35. They have been abused neglected and tortured but all they need is
    1 love
    2 a home
    3 food and water but instead they get
    1 abuse
    2 neglect
    3 tournament

  36. If we really want this kind of animal cruelty to stop, then we need to make laws that punish the low lifes that are responsible. You get put in jail for a weed joint, but only fined for fucking up 100s of innocent animals. Make laws that punish people for this shit!!

  37. Oh my ….GOD bless you and the others that help in this type of situation so courageous. ..I'll take all the shih~tzus😊😊
    But for this owner,,,,😠😬😡 the day
    Of judgement….

  38. let them burn in hell these are pure bred cuties been abused by trashy humans who shouldn't have the right to live lets hope these people burn in hell by the hand of god

  39. Heartbreaking shiz!!!
    What about the cats that were there in cages?
    Hope they ALL were removed from that pit of hell they lived in.

  40. Man, you can tell their spirit has been broken. I didn't have the strength to watch the entire video. It's way too disturbing. I usually don't pass judgement, but who can be so humanless, insensitive and cruel? So heartbreaking. God, please bless everyone involved in this rescue in a special way.

  41. Very sad, so glad they were rescued. Although I am still sad that this is largely how we treat the animals we use for food…

  42. Why do people do this?
    Please someone explain to me why do they do this to dogs? They let them on a cage and let them die?
    What's it for?

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