Monster School: SCP-096 Escapes and Hunts the Students – TABS Story

Monster School: SCP-096 Escapes and Hunts the Students – TABS Story

A meeting was taking place at the SCP Foundation Site 107 The Site director invited a respected businessman to see what they’ve been doing He was hoping to get some extra funding for research and development The Site director wanted to show off their current projects XNe’re hoping to develop an animal enhancement machine here Which animals do you hope to enhance? Mostly chickens Why chickens? Basically we want dinosaurs You’re trying to do that right next to the entrance? Oh no this is where our interns practice The real stuff is down below Very good What is behind the sealed rooms? They moved closer to one of the barricaded rooms Sometimes our interns get a bit overzealous Their practicing can be fatal? Absolutely! If they don’t follow the guidelines of course What;about all the cracks in the walls? It is all just superficial We have Grade 4 titanium alloy as the base material What about the glass windows? It’s not really glass Excuse me mister Bob Don’t interrupt my meeting! Sorry sir it is important Bob excused himself and prepared to scream at the guard Do you have any idea how important this meeting is? Sir the bad one escaped from Site 19 What? Someone saw his face and panicked They left the facility in a hurry and he went after them Just what I needed Well can’t they go find him then? He killed everyone while escaping That’s great Do we have anything that can stop him? Not yet but I will speed up the production You assemble a team and go try to contain him What if he is going after someone? Then you stay out of his way Next morning, a new class was starting in the Totally Accurate Monster School Everyone was ready and eager to learn more monster facts Today is the ideal day for Monster geometry! I’m so excited Come on Skeleton cheer up! Let the grump be grumpy Every day the same with you guys I want physics lesson! One lesson ata time everyone!  The SCP guard entered theiclassroom Sorry to bother you but I need your attention A highly dangerous creature is loose in this area I can rush him Do not engage or look at him under any circumstance! Why not? Is he psychotically shy?  Thank you for letting us know Now let us continue our lesson! The school day eventually ended and the students were going home But something was watching them… Next day somewhere in the middle of class I needibreak! I needed a break 3 hours ago! Very well then! 
>■ They exited the school only to be greeted by someone He looked at them And they looked at him Guys I don’t like this This must be that super dangerous and scary guy Well nothing is happening He is evil I rush him! Minotaur didn’t waste any time and rushed the docile SCP 096 But as the Minotaur turned around to attack again… He realized he made a terrible mistake They all immediately started running away On their way they encountered a lone halfling You guys in a rush? I did a bad rush! You always do a bad rush Get back in your house before he gets you too! I need to go get some salad for my lunch! You’re gonna be the salad if you don’t get inside Guys let’s go! Monsters left and the halfling didn’t listen They continued running and reached the castle They got stopped by the castle guards You have no right walking on these grounds! We seek no trouble We are trying to escape another monster! You do seem to be in a rush Terrible rush! We really need to keep moving! You go inside the castle walls and don’t come out! Ha good one We will not let whatever comes pass if it is so dangerous! See you later then SCP 096 arrived shortly after and the entire army of the Kingdom tried to stop him He began obliterating them one by one Seemingly unaffected by any of their attacks Soon the king was defeated as well And he was ready to continue his hunt for the monsters Meanwhile they went north, hoping to find a way to escape They met with the berserkers Well well If it isn’t the least scary yeti in the north! It is not my fault I want to be nice! You can be scary I’d need to see it to believe it! Do the thing Yeti! What thing? Your scary floaty thing you did before! We already agreed that you were imagining things Fine I’m crazy and we’re all gonna die So what do we do? I will stay and fight then You all get on a boat and leave! I don’t know about that  Finally some courage! We will fight whatever comes our way! We go to my homeland! We ambush him there! The monsters left and Yeti stayed behind to fight Unfortunately he panicked and SGP 096 killed him instantly Despite their fearlessness and agility… The rest of the viking army followed the Yeti in death shortly after The Yeti did not transform and as a result was now gone The others landed and quickly went to the army general He was good friends with Minotaur Minotaur I haven’t seen you in years! We need help! Ambush scary monster! Like the good old days eh? What about your friends there? We stay and fight too! No you run! XNe’re not leaving you too! I don’t mind leaving You all weak! You all run! Good luck then! Fine then! SCP 096 rose the water levels as he sprinted across the ocean And the army and Minotaur were waiting for him He was too quick to get caught in the ambush Even the Minotaur wasn’t able to hit him He bit into Minotaur and didn’t let go for an uncomfortable amount of time Minotaur was quickly killed The rest of the army wasn’t able to stop him He continued chasing the remaining monsters On their way, the monsters encountered the SCP guards Don’t tell me You looked at the creepy white guy Are you here to stop him? I’m afraid he can’t be stopped Why are we even running then? We can’t just give up now! Is there anything we can do? You can try to survive until we deploy the new containment unit I can take us to the Dfead Realm Maybe he can’t go there Why didn’t we go there right away? It is called Dead Realm for a reason Let’s go then Before the SCP guards had time to get out of the way, SCP 096 was already there They tried to contain him but any attempt was futile He was even able to defeat them with their own bullets He death rolled them one by one The last remaining guards knew their fate The remaining monsters tried to hide in the Dead Realm I’m afraid this is not going to work He can go after us here? We stay and fight then! No you have to leave through the secondary gate It will give you enough time to get help Will you be fine? Probably not But we’re already dead so who cares We will find a way to bring everyone back! Go before he comes! SCP 096 was quick to break through the Eternal Road and attack the dead The reaper was caught offguard by someone stronger than him Once SCP 096 got ahold of the Reaper, it was done Reaper imploded and took with him most of the warriors, Skeleton included SCP 096 cleaned up and went after the rest Vampire and Zombie continued fleeing when they encountered another SCP unit Can you stop him? You left quite a mess behind you We never used these stun rifles on him before But we’re confident we can contain him We shouldn’t have ran in the first place! I agree! We stay and fight! As SCP 096 was approaching, the soldiers fired their weapons They aimed to create a stun field and trap him Meanwhile the Vampire got emotional and attacked ahead of the trap And he got death rolled It was a miracle the zombie was left last of all the students Once they were defeated, SCP 096 went after the soldiers that saw him He passed through the trap without trouble The soldiers just started disappearing in the chaos They tried their best but he was too strong The last soldier contemplated his life choices in his last moments And then he got eaten SCP 096s rampage was now complete And he was docile yet again Tired, he decided to sleep in this spot Days passed and he continued being in the same spot At that point, Bob finally deployed the special containment unit This unit had a helmet that blocked SCP 096s face And a high powered freeze rifle He snuck towards SCP 096 And attacked him with his freeze rifle The unit was too late to save anyone but SCP 096 was captured again The students were gone and their teacher Doctor Victor was forced to close the school

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  1. Remember to leave a like on the video before you inevitably get obliterated by SCP-096! Next one might be a TABS/People Playground crossover, will be an interesting experiment!

  2. I wanna see The teacher (I think his name is Victor) Recruit the Greek gods (Ares Artemis Apollo and Zeus) to take down that evil Bob and his whole career.

  3. Resurrection Idea:
    The zombie and the skeleton revive themselves. (cause they are already dead) and go on a campaign to convince god to revive their friends

  4. I think doctor Victor should create a laser that can take him to the deceased realm. The old students have been corrupted and are strong than ever. So Victor sends his new students and himself to go and save them. In the process victor broke his laser so the group have to make a deal with the the reaper. If they, with their newfound powers, can beat his army, they go free but when they are free they lose their new powers
    New Powers suggestions:
    Yeti- Exploding ice punches and can jump
    Minotaur- Duel wields axes and rides a small war mammoth
    Vampire- can fly and everything he kills becomes like him
    Skeleton- gets king sword, fear, reaper tentacles and fire breath
    Zombie- Monkey king ability. When he dies, huge green explosion
    Victor- Has a laser gun

    New students:
    Mummy( Egyptian)

  5. The students come back to life when dr victor buried them in a graveyard. The graveyard was close to a alian asteoid crash site, making the ground radioactive enough to bring back all the dead in the graveyard back to life

  6. the vampire the skeleton and the zombie can go back to life because you have to kill them somehow (cut the head ,shot in the brain)

  7. I think all the students were in the dead realm . Also skeleton is already dead so he is still alive . Just all the students are skeletons

  8. The teacher would probably mix chemicals and make a rebirth potion. Then he would find each of their dead body’s on a dangerous quest just to revive them one by one

  9. The students can come back to life because maybe in the dead realm they will all be found by the skeletons and will be taken to the skeleton king and will have to escape, that might be a good vid.
    I enjoy your vids a lot keep going

  10. Yes the students come back to life by the time wizard:

    Pirates go on a treasure hunt which gives them things left by the monsters (Minotaur = belt, yeti = shield, zombie = flesh or something etc)
    Time wizard sees this from afar and pays the king a lot of money to get the objects from the pirates
    King does this in an epic battle scene with an army
    Time wizard goes back in time and uses the objects to empower a unit (reaper, scp guard?) and when they fight the scp monster they are empowered so much they can’t die and they yeet the scp off the map

  11. Idea for story: revenge

    In tabs land there were different factions minding their own business
    Primitive farming medieval ancient Viking dynasty renaissance pirate spooky

    The king was greedy for more land so when the primitive faction went to sleep in their cave he ambushed them with an army.
    He succeeded and was even more greedy. Do this until ancient

    The ancient, farming, and primitive factions tell the other factions about this and tell them to group up and make one giant ambush

    The king has an even bigger army as he captured some peasants of the other factions and turned them into squires, knights, and archers

    King goes to each factions place and when he thinks no one is there a archer from one of the factions kill one of his squires. He panicked and orders his army to attack

    Epic battle scene

    They kill the king and his army

    The SCP in this story is very uncomfortable and sees this. He escapes again and chases them.

    The ending is the perspective of one of the army people get ambushed from scp then the screen turn black

  12. Minotaur's parents start to wonder where he is. once the find out that he's dead they go to the reaper an bring him back to life. then Minotaur asks his parents to bring his classmates back to life

  13. When the reaper "died" he was able to teleport to a different realm and to take down a new threat he brung the students back to life even stronger than they wete before please use this and i love ur channel!

  14. Could you put a raptor at your school. The story starts that they go on a trip at the savana (tribal) and they meet raptor

  15. they will come back to life because the monsters were already dead and monsters can't die they've been dead for years and they still live

  16. Well skeleton and the reaper are both skeletons that can come back to life so as zombie then the reaper can revive them all

  17. Still as good as ever
    And the answer to that question in the ending is yes how well they are the main characters unless you did something no one did before and made the main characters die

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