Microsoft Surface in Red Bull’s experimental training center

Microsoft Surface in Red Bull’s experimental training center

>>Well, recently,
this last year, I got in a pretty big avalanche. Right when I moved to drop in, the whole thing went. I remember hearing
my back break on the rocks, which I was buried for
about five to six minutes. I tried to move to
see if I could, and that it felt like I was
just stuck in concrete. The last couple things
I was thinking, I was just like,
“Wow, this is it.” I was in so much pain
and everything, but I remember they gave me lifeline into the hospital
and she’s like, yeah, usually people die after
two and a half minutes, so you’re pretty lucky. I’m like, yeah. I’m pretty much lucky
so I’m being alive, I guess. I don’t know.>>My name is Tyler Jewell
and I help manage the training center here and work with the office
on a daily basis. What’s really neat about this space is it’s
an experimental space. So, we’re able to take in
new devices and see how they work together with
the best guys in the world and girls in
the world to really vet those. So, when training,
the athletes are laying down, they’re holding
the surface and are getting this real-time feedback, where they can see
how much pressure they’re putting in and they get
the data coming back of, hey, I was pushing
on that muscle. This is how hard,
and really educate. Then, watching when he was doing hip extension,
the first two sets, it was jumping all over the place and really squirly feedback, and then he saw, okay,
this is what’s happening, and then he was able to
get that connection. So now, that education
that happened, we can now apply that
into the training.>>They told me eight months
targets no world again. Definitely, said that’s
not going to happen. I’m going to get in
the way quicker and I chop that off by three months.>>Before we start using
the interface with the surface, we never had a tool like this. Really allowing us to put the athlete in a position to
accelerate their learning. A big piece we see with a lot of our athletes is by
the training in the gym, doing all these different things, all the different
platforms we have, they’ve left no stone unturned. That leaves them in a position where they can stand at the top of
the mountain and know, I’d done everything
I can and there’s nothing left that could
be done, let’s go. Helping them get to
that next level, boy, sign me up, I want
to be a part of that for the rest of my life. It’s really a unique thing.

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  1. Microsoft Surface is not geared towards the average consumer and the price reflects that 🙁 maybe that's why they don't have average consumers testing their surface pros

  2. With the help of Surface Pro, former Olympic snowboarder Tyler Jewell trains some of the world’s most elite athletes with the help of Surface Pro at the Red Bull High Performance Training Center. Athletes like Brock Crouch, a Red Bull and Burton sponsored snowboarder and recent avalanche survivor working to recover from his injuries./@UCGS474QoP8SCnSo6hOCaayA/Amazing/

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  4. Great track record, amazing company. I would recommend investing in Microsoft long-term, if you have a large sum of money to work with.

    But, if anyone day-trades, you should watch SLS Tomorrow. It's overdue for a major eruption. Add it to your watchlists, StockTwits and research it (and see if I'm wrong).

    This is my third time posting this.

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