66 thoughts on “Michigan’s teacher shortage leaves administrators scrambling to fill positions

  1. Well this is what happened when government gets so involved in the schools look what happens maybe they should step out and let the teachers teach what we send our kids to learn math reading History Science Geauga free not all this other crap and Common Core is one of the most stupidest things I've ever seen they need to leave the rest of the crap out of the schools

  2. And that changes… when they see bad acting kids in middle school. Thanks bad acting students*. Thanks bad acting adults*.
    *= sarcasm

  3. It's multiple factors due to the shortage. I was going for teaching at Oakland University in MI then changed my mind after seeing the cost. Thank goodness.🤭

    First a BA degree in teaching is expensive. Starting pay is very low.
    There are more kids in crisis in the classrooms and "Room Clears" are getting more common.
    I have 4 kids and I volunteer in my kids school and I am on the PTO, Chaperon field trips etc
    Education is high stress, Low pay. I love my kids teachers and I'm so thankful for them. But I can tell that some of my kids teachers are stressed out.
    Teacher's need to be lifted up, supported and paid fairly. In till that happens more teachers will be leaving the classrooms and less will be entering. Especially in the schools with the greatest need.

  4. Kids see their teachers getting disrespected by students, over-worked and stressed all the time; why would they want to be that?

  5. But education is a human right. I think that if there aren’t enough teachers, we should force people to teach those precious little angels.

  6. Either the people that put together that interview, or the people they are interviewing are pretending not to know what the issues are, and are pretending not to know what to do (maybe they ALL are dodging the issue).

    If they cut the paperwork in half, if they removed the hostility toward men and boys (that includes the hostility in the material they teach the children every day), if they put more disciplinary tools in the hands of the teachers, so that actual consequences for disruptive, disrespectful and dangerous behavior were put right back into place, if they had fewer meetings that should have been emails, if they allowed teacher to teach skills for life , rather than skills for passing tests–then they would see a huge wave of people coming back into the teaching profession.

    Since they don't want to do that–ADIOS!!!

  7. The Common Core requirements for teachers and liberal rules are breaking the school systems ….Go back 40years . Put those methods in all around and you will see better educated students , less stress on the teachers , and a return of adults wanting to teach .

  8. Put a camera and tv in class and have one teacher teach thousands. A teachers aid can do the test. Use technology..it works. Dont believe me. Walmart has most of their customers be free cashiers. So take a page from Walmart and have kids teach themselves. Lol

  9. Have you been in a classroom. I've had tables and chairs thrown at me, spit on, kicked, bite, punched, sworn at. That was elementary. Middle school and high school teachers can fear for their lives. Kids have zero discipline now and no respect.

  10. This is inevitable and it is good news.. The first step is to close the Federal Dept of Education- IAW the USC, the DC tyranny is not authorized to have any business in the schools of the sovereign states.. Then kick all those violent, disruptive "angels" out of school so teachers can teach. In the end, public schools are going to die- way too expensive.. Kids will be home schooled using the finest teachers in their particular subject over the internet.

  11. As a veteran teacher with more than fifteen years of classroom experience, I have some advice for all the young people out there: DON'T BECOME A TEACHER!

  12. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be a teacher? These kids are smart not to want to be teachers. At least you know their teachers are teaching them well because they don’t want to be teachers. 😂

  13. And all administrators do is blame the teachers even though they treat their students like crap but they want perfection from the teachers. They question their ability when it comes to classroom management when they themselves have none. Education is total and utter hypocrisy. And administrators try to act like they’re doubting a teacher with 20 or 30 years of teaching experience and ask them what they’ve done to deal with very very disrespectful students when they know every other teacher in that school is having the same types of issues with those students but since they don’t like that teacher they disrespect him or her by questioning their ability. I’ve seen this tactic time and time again in order to railroad teachers out. It’s horrendous. School districts do not deserve good teachers some kids might but they don’t. I have two daughters and I tell them do anything but teach and both of them would be excellent teachers but I advise them against it because what I’ve seen and experience myself.

  14. Wait a minute. As an ex-teacher, these schools filmed are not typical of the urban schools I encountered. Where is the shrieking, foul language, acting out, rebellion, and chaos? Want to know why only idiots and fools want to teach in most public schools? The same reason people generally don't hang out around torture chambers.

  15. I love subbing!!! Flexible schedules. There is NO WAY Im going to be a real teacher. All the extra UNPAID work after school. 🤷🏽‍♀️


  17. Thank the liberal politicians and school administrators. And a special shout out to the welfare queens who don't know how to raise their children to behave and show respect for the teachers.

  18. Maybe if teachers were paid the salary they deserve, didn’t have to spend their own money on supplies, and didn’t have to take home their work to do off the clock, there’d be more incentive to be one. It’s ridiculous how little teachers are paid when we need them to help us grow and learn.

  19. Lol how about a pay raise and more creative independence? How about more protection from violent students?
    How about simply removing kids that disrupt classes? How about if parents give their child some home training on respect?
    Teaching is an art not an assembly line job!

  20. I have a teaching degree that I would never use in a public school setting. There are too many issues with modern students. I have been a private tutor since 1994. I've kept my sanity.

  21. Students aren't dumb. Teachers are paid shit, classrooms are out of control because of dysfunctional homes from the drug/poverty crisis going on. It's not a career worth pursuing.

  22. Why would anyone want to be a teacher today! Kids are allowed to do what ever they wants. Absent parents is a huge part of the problem. It used to be if a kid disrupted the class, he went to the principal's office, next time 3 day suspension. Next time 2 week suspension. Next time GET the hell out. The parents would have to find a school who would take their kid, sell their house and move. Adios!!!

  23. Why are you surprised America will you glorify sports stars movie stars fallen stars as Heroes and idols what do you think do you think is going to do?

  24. I might be tempted to try teaching if it didn't require going back for another degree. Also I recognize that it isn't a high end job now. The extra schooling option might be okay though.

  25. DO NOT GO INTO THE FIELD OF TEACHING!!! It’s not worth the stress, enormous time/energy, and money. Taught 6 years in NYC schools as a bilingual special ed teacher for middle/high school. I appreciate my professional experience, but it’s not worth it in the end. THIS IS WHAT THE US DESERVES FOR NOT PLACING VALUE ON EDUCATION & EDUCATORS.

  26. Solving teaching in 5 minutes
    1. Hold students accountable
    2. Hold parents accountable
    3. Show respect for the position
    4. Stop treating teachers like babysitters but expecting them to be a students parent

  27. Students haven’t been an issue for me. It’s the crazy policies, unnecessary paperwork, long pointless meetings, low pay and long hours

  28. “Use robots…or if robots are not yet available, people from around the neighborhood!”

    “Talking out of turn, that’s a paddlin’! Looking out the window, that’s a paddlin’! Staring at my sandals, that’s a paddlin’! Paddlin’ the school canoe, ooh…you’d better believe that’s a paddlin’!”

  29. Maybe if childern werent treated like animals we wouldint act out as such… Schools are just day care centers with little thought to teaching real life skills. FUCK public schooling.

  30. There are solutions. Like the state pays the tuition fees (student loans) for new teacher graduates if they stay in the profession for 3 years. Not sure how Michigan would fund that. Cut out corruption, waste and pay for play is a start.

  31. It’s not worth it to be a teacher, pay sucks, ungrateful parents, unruly crotch goblins and the administration forcing what you teach. I’ll pass as well….

  32. 1. Too many parents think public schools are day care centers.
    2. Teacher are assaulted and threatened daily.
    3. Teachers have to come out of pocket in order fulfill classroom supplies.
    4. Teachers are not paid enough.
    5. The school board doesn’t not care about a safe education nationwide.
    6. Most teachers don’t take home more than 35k a year.
    7. The news media and those are like the lead teachers want appreciation, but the fact is teachers want and need better pay and respect for their profession more than appreciation.

  33. This is the government fault and there’s alone. Even here in the UK people do not eat to be teachers. You tell a student off and your liable to be sacked or sued. There’s no support for teachers

  34. 3 points.
    1) unemployment is low. Finding staff for many jobs is hard right now.
    2) if you want to draw applicants offer more compensation. This goes for all jobs.
    3) looking at the other comments, the classroom environment has become hostile to teachers.

  35. School is nothing more than a babysitting service for parents. School is nothing more now than a breeding ground for thugs and criminals. With the lack of discipline at home and at school why would someone want to put their life on the line everyday worrying about their personal safety?

  36. #1)If classroom numbers were smaller, classrooms would be easier for the teacher to keep under control,,,,Classrooms are way overcrowded…which can be solved by school districts offering online options..💻.mainly for middle and high school aged kids….#2)also,,,Students won't take their education seriously if they are deliberately being taught 4 and 5 grade levels behind🙄….this tells them they are stupid,,,and students know when teachers are trying to make them feel stupid……and when there is no balance in the curriculum,,such as creative arts classes to balance out the day between work and fun,,kids get bored and begin to act out,, because of how the school treats them…..let's stop lying about the causes of this situation……..

  37. You want teachers back? You want to make sure theu care about their profession? Pay them, care about their work life balance and work on student behavior amd lift expectations. Stop lowering the bar and allowing students and parents to get away with the "customers always right" mentality

  38. Are you surprise bad unruly children. Parental control is out of hands. Teachers are tired of being abused by bad unruly uncontrollable kids. Sad but it is true. I grew up in the 50s and parents gave permission to tap that butt. Wasn't no problem. I woukdnt put up with these animals.

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