Mexican Rodeo is a Sport

Mexican Rodeo is a Sport

(Mexican folk music) (horse snarling) (Mexican folk music) (hoof steps) (Guitar music) (Slow guitar music) (Wind and road noise)=(Mexican folk music) (crowd cheers) (Guitar music) – We used hidden cameras to document charreada events that raised the eyebrows and turned the stomachs of animal lovers. – Oh my god. – We showed pictures to former state senator Kyrsten Sinema. – That’s horrible! (Mexican folk music) (Family cheers) This doesn’t happen evey day! (cheers)

11 thoughts on “Mexican Rodeo is a Sport

  1. Not only a sport; it is Mexican National Sport & Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

  2. I can relate to this so much my dad is from Zacatecas and instead of going out with friends I go to el rancho and ride my horses and I’m learning how to do coladora and what the news said that it was a bad thing it’s not it Mexican sports 🇲🇽 Mexican all the way 🌮🐴🇲🇽

  3. As an American cowboy, Mexicans make the best western wear and invented this beautiful culture. Thank you Mexico!

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