MELHORES JOGOS PS4 -TOP Os Melhores Games de Play Station 4 Exclusivos 2020

MELHORES JOGOS PS4 -TOP Os Melhores Games de Play Station 4 Exclusivos 2020

And my friends, my name is Ricardo
Welcome pepper another video in the house of the nerd and today we will talk about the five
best playstation 4 games. I made a list and it’s fantastic for you.
check and stay until the end of the video that I’m going to Tell me the best playstation game
4 You play in your house. let’s go Staff in our top 5
Huncharted 4, this game simply fantastic,
the main factor of this game that attention was drawn to the
story story simply beautiful building a story
simply complete, each scenario each character
the development, growth, dialogue is very fantastic, which has made Huncharted list the main story, I liked it
much of those pirate treasure, make puzzles and solve the
problems is very beautiful and has several scenes that have several long films, it seems that we are watching a movie playing a movie, very cool,
Hucharted 4 visual His hands are beautiful too.
it just seems real. Your actors look real how does this scene in the background resemble a
almost no difference between the virtual I really liked the real, the weapons are very very cool
it’s not a game focused on shooting really uses Weapons use but he more hold the footprint the more you explore, climb Tomb Raider style, not so much you kill opponents but if you have to be dodging, immobilizing by
back then Huncharted 4 for me is one of the most fantastic games I
I’ve played in my life, it’s worth it. you play again
if you have not played buy this game it’s worth you buy spend every real
and playing this game is a game that will from beginning to end, it stands to reason that
Do you like the most agitated game not playing? appropriate for you I myself had to adapt to his style, Ricardo is not a good game, reasonable game, not personal that depends on your taste of game I like lots of history I often played
games where the fantastic incredible however has no history
vague game understood. You arrive there appears another situation out of nowhere. I do not like it, I
I like game that contains history when remembered and I will remember how
was a movie then Huncharted 4 has start middle and end know we see one
character who wants to lead a life normal but at the same time inside him he has that spirit of adventure and then he gets involved in
several problems to understand And reach your goal, then Huncharted 4 in the top 5 A magnificent game as you can see in the images, let’s see if you get it right, God of War 4 the staff is one of the most
beautiful I’ve seen in my life the growth of this game is fantastic,
who played it saw who some others games and we can see the
involvement of Kratos in all games, but in this game we see a brand new construction we see that this game evolved, we can see Kratos and more mature, older it is marked by
situations that he lived then today he is most normal person and even teaches
how to deal with child Life, then it brought more
life a real life it’s no longer that brutal Kratos who just wants to kill and destroy. Not,
now he teaching his son how to live and he do not know yet how to teach because too gross, we can see her calling so, boy and boy come Here, this is it. It brings us back.
one reflection is that the game has evolved a lot fantastic game graphics,
we can see a good graphics better than there are
we can see a new weapon his ax with ice power, not giving
spoiler but it’s very cool, has a power you can use stronger one
some other distance that can use more and is more accurate but is weaker
then all this causes the game has a degree of different difficulty, we can see the
son of Kratos helps him It’s not that character that we play.
resident evil 4 that is getting in the way, a Not a secondary character, but he
makes all the difference in the game then me God of War 4 he’s on this list, he deserves it. If you not played can buy worth it
of an incredible game play against the Nordic personality it’s fantastic a new story a
new reading from god and I really liked every game is fine
complete development the history to story of the game is fantastic,
do not let you get tired then God of War 4. In our
top 3 the amazing the amazing spider man
This game is for me one of the most Fantastic playstation 4 me too
surprised gave nothing to others old games of Spider-man, we see him all square damage and his webs in the clouds kkk, there was no building around you
I could use webs, and now I can see him much better is that you can use your
skills, if you are in a field open you can play webs normally
only in the trees is a much more I really liked the growth of the
character can increase powers so that he might become stronger, like webs,
attacks and has several equipment that you may be using a grenade spider or a grenade or something like that, I forgot the name but it’s very cool you are
using know has a history it does not simply have one more way
several secondary missions that can be doing you use others
characters like Mary Jane to people, It’s more a character, it’s very cool.
knowledge of the game we see the relationship with his friends
This is very good, I really liked the growth the image of the game is great
you can see in the video brings the quality so the picture is fantastic
Just perfect, I really liked the very fantastic sound at the beginning
from the fantastic personal game he’s picking up his costume and that background music so
that nostalgia every item that was on the wall there was something
so it’s very cool and a game that counts you’re going to play a game
For me it just did not stay in the top one because
and difficile ranks a top 1 because they have more
genres like action terro and rpg So this goes from the taste, this one is
my personal list start second place if you did not play a young
Spider-man Marvel. Staff this game simply dispenses
comments This game is fantastic, it reminds me a lot.
resident evil 7 where you have several weapons
you may be using them against a zombie species
this man enters the truth into a kind of matrix it goes to type a dimension or universe in the mind, I do not know explain, but another place, then Can I make a video talking about?
universe he faces several creatures, several
monsters and unusual situations It seems a lot like Silent Hill is that movie has
that giant monster with that sword that ax and goes behind
his are such scary creatures It’s a game that catches you.
a game that leaves fear and is not a easy game it and difficult I put in the campaign
normal and type is catching because the resources are limited, you have to produce ammunition, produce crouch to surprise the enemies,
the degree of difficulty greatly increases, the species of
zombies there are much weaker in the beginning more as it advances in the area
they are much stronger you already have little ammunition you can not miss much in the shot, otherwise you’re dead game that trapped me love story of the
game is very confusing I will not lie to you, you do not have to
pay attention to every detail, you will only understand this at the end
even so if you can play the first would be interesting because otherwise
You get a little lost this game has that get on my list as top 4
one of the best games I’ve played in My Life The Evil Witin 2 And in our top best playstation game, 4 resident evil 7, this game particularly won me and very fantastic and pure terror
it is a game that he undertook from beginning to end liked it all we go to the good points, resident evil 7 it continues with the resident evil resources like chest to
people can combine herbs and things Traditional I love it
He grew in the image the graphics They are fantastic as it was in life.
real Very cool, I loved it. Weapons
I really liked having several different weapons. one has so many guns with residents
but there are not too many you can do win some pennies to and you’re also
winning some things I find it very cool this feature is
fantastic story you start in a place and have to rescue a certain person I can not say much if I will not give spoiler the game is going
Growing your story, you do not know the happened in that house and that will
discovering as the photos and the file you are reading and
completing the mission, obvious is that the game is not traditional
resident evil of zombie what old fans like but a game
totally different but his proposal interestingly, we have to analyze the
general context no use wanting the game
back to being just zombie is not a totally different resident evil has a
Different footprint based more Silent Hill like I said it’s a different game and
I liked this footprint. We see one. situation that is totally different from the Baker family that we are seeing here she’s totally insane, an insane game It’s a totally
different then it’s worth you to buy play this resident evil 7 game on my
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