Match the Dog to Their Owner (Tom) | Lineup | Cut

– I’m gonna be terrible at
this game but I don’t care. The puppies are so cute. (laughs) My name is Tom Conquergood. I’m a bartender and a filmmaker. – I have no idea why I’m here today. – Kinda, yeah. (laughs) I was asked if I’m allergic to anything, so I wasn’t sure what
element that added to it. – (laughs) What? – Okay, I’ve always liked that idea that we start to look like our pets the longer we have them, so I think there’s some visual cues if I get to see the pet and the owner. – (gasps) Is it puppy time? How’s it going? Hi. Okay. – Oh my God! (laughs) Look at you! – Chip. Here you go.
– Hi Chip. – Thank you. (Tom laughs) Are you telling me something little buddy? Chip is adorable. Chip looks like he is
probably a couch-cuddler. He’s a little sausage-shaped. (laughs) He’s just hugging me. I think that Chip belongs
to this gentleman here. He looks like he might sit on the couch as often as this dog does. Just saying. Are you an active guy or
are you an outdoorsy person. – I do enjoy working out
and I do enjoy being outside but I do love watching TV, so.
– Got it, okay. Well, now he gets to take the puppy. I want it back (laughs) Oh no. What is this puppy’s name? – Walter.
– Walter, hello. Oh, Walter’s adorable. Yous really want that
treat don’t you Walter? Walter, do you know anybody? I feel like this is an
urban-dweller’s puppy. I’m gonna go with the
young lady on the end here. There you go. You want to hold on to Walter? – Yeah. – She kind of fits the
model of maybe somebody at least in my mind that’s a young, urban professional at the moment. Brand new job. First dog in the city, cute little puppy. I bet it looks so good in selfies, so. What do you do for a living? – I’m a university student, actually. – Okay. (laughs) I’m gonna go with the final answer. – Walter. – Is this Lassie? – Oh, Riley. I feel Riley’s probably got a
very patient and caring owner, because Riley moves at
Riley’s pace I think. I don’t know. I’m gonna go with the
gentleman in the hat here. He looks like he’s got
caring eyes and I think that a puppy like Riley
would fit somebody like that. There you go.
– Hi Riley. – Do you volunteer? – I do, quite often actually. – And what do you volunteer doing? – Helping homeless, food
banks, stuff like that. – Final answer, I guess, yeah. Bye Riley. Well aren’t you the
happiest little friend. Hi doggo! What is this one’s name?
– Jack. – Hi Jack. You are a handful Jack, aren’t you? Oh look at you, good
behaving, sitting down. There you go. Jack is a lover, but
Jack is a big ‘ol puppy. I’m gonna go with this person. Actually, that was my first guess. Are you a very social person? – Yeah, I’d say so. – Are you a dog park person? – Definitely, yeah. – Alright, I think I’m gonna go with Jack on the final answer here. – (laughs) It’s really
just lack of confidence that makes me able to be confident. Oh, look at you. Hello. – Moose? – There you go Moose. You’re very well trained
I bet, aren’t you, yes. Okay, there’s not too many
people not holding leashes, but I’m gonna go… I’m gonna with the young woman
right here with the shawl on. Moose went in their direction initially. So, I’m gonna go with
my final answer here. – I think I’ve got an
adorable little lineup here. Everyone looks really cute with their pets so far, so we’ll see. – The littlest one! – Leo! Oh, little Leo! Immediately in my mind, I think I probably guessed wrong, but I’m gonna go with her. Do you like having pets you can hold? – Yes, I do. – I love having cuddly
pets, my pets hate it. Leo, you look much more
comfortable like that, don’t you buddy? – One more? (laughs) Well, I believe that since
you are the final answer, you should probably step
forward for Mocha anyway. I think Mocha probably
goes to a pet salon. – I go to the barber shop.
– Okay. Okay. I would send everybody
home with these dogs, I would trust all of them. (laughs) – Yeah, absolutely, completely 100% wrong. (laughs) – They all just instantly relaxed. They all just settled down completely. – Okay. You’re a student you said? – Yes. – And did Mocha come with you
when you left home for school? – Actually, I’m from here, and I got Mocha when I went to Beijing
to study for a little. So, he feels like my companion. – Right, so Mocha’s been an
international traveler with you? – Yeah, pretty much.
– That’s pretty great. And does Mocha go to
the salon quite often. – No, even though he should. We don’t really take him that often. – Well, Mocha looks beautiful today. – Thank you. – Riley’s much happier
now that you’re with him. – Yes. – How long have you had Riley? – 12 years. – 12 years, and was Riley
a pup when you got Riley? – Yeah he was. – Now this makes sense also, like you can just sense now the aura of
calmness over both of them now that they’re together. I think you probably know
Riley very well and vice versa. Jack is definitely also
settled down in your presence. I think that you probably
have a little bit of a commanding relationship with Jack. Does he get out and volunteer with you? – [Man] He actually stays
with me 24 hours a day. He’s a service animal. – What type of service animal is Jack? – He’s actually tasked-trained to help me with my anxiety disorder. And I have Post-Traumatic
Stress, it’s the complex kind. But, if I have a panic
attack, he’ll respond to that. I can actually show you. And he’ll persistently do this until I take my hands away
and pet him instead of– – Changing focus.
– getting looped into that anxiety thing, yeah. – Jack you are a sweetheart and a very helpful animal, aren’t you? Moose is nervous, does Moose usually play well with other dogs? – He loves other dogs. – And what makes an emotional support dog different from another service animal? – So Moose, he brings me comfort and so, I have more of a depression side of things and so when there’s just days
where I just can’t do it, like I’m laying in bed, he usually will come cuddle me for a
while and then eventually, it kind of just makes me feel a lot better and I’ll get out of bed. – Moose looks like he loves you a lot. – Thank you. – There you are. You look much happier now too. – The little one. (Tom laughs) – Is he an apartment dog? – Yeah, he is, which is
good because he’s so small. He does have a lot of energy though, so I do have to take him out quite a bit. – Tearing around that apartment. – Yeah, he’ll get into anything or just do little wiener loops around the apartment, going crazy. – Little wiener loops. – Yeah. – Oh buddy! Yes, nope, nope, nope, this is a bad, not with Walter. (laughs) I’m guessing you feel in love with some snorting and some slobbering. – Yeah, basically. They just brighten your day. – And Walter’s a little
older, is that right? – He’s three and a half. – Oh, is he, okay. I’m terrible at judging the age of these puppies, it’s like babies. – He just looks older because
of his white on his face. – Yeah. It’s all the cocaine you do, Walter. Slow down little guy. And last but not least, Chip. What is Chip’s personality like? – He’s a lot like me. He’s very laid-back, relaxed,
very food-motivated as well. – [Tom] And is Chip mostly an indoor dog? – Yeah, mostly. He loves to lounge out. – That’s what I was thinking. – Yeah, definitely a couch-potato. – Netflix and chill. – Exactly. (laughing) Go Chip, go. – Oh, sorry.

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