Matador Network | Intro

Interested in learning about the Matador Network? Let me introduce you to the program and help you get started. The Matador Network is a
mentoring program that connects CSUN students and recent graduates to seasoned alumni professionals
through an online database. The goal of the program is to have our experienced alumns
serve as a resource for: professional development, career advice, and personal development. Thisdatabase is housed through SUNlink, which is the Career Center’s database of jobs and internships. For those of you who have looked for jobs through SUNlink, you already have a Matador Network profile. So, how does it work? Both mentors and mentees create online
profiles. Students can search through a variety of filters for mentors and look through their
profiles to find a suitable match. Once a potential mentor has been chosen, the student
sends the mentor an introductory email. The relationship starts with email communications
and, depending upon the mentor and mentee, can evolve into phone, skype, or in-person
meetings. With the Matador Network, students have a choice as to whom they’d like to contact
based on the details of the mentor’s profile. Students can contact multiple mentors. What are the benefits to mentees? Mentees can get insight into their industry or career field,
be exposed to new opportunities, gain support and encouragement, and expand their network.

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