Man in China builds his own Batmobile

Man in China builds his own Batmobile

Holy handywork Batman. A man in China has spent 70,000 yuan creating
his own life-sized replica of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. The replica was built out of recycled materials
by Li Weilei at his workshop in Shanghai. And its not the first Batmobile the former
actor and his team have built, in fact Li has already created 10 models, each one taking
roughly two months to make. But despite looking the part, these Batmobiles
aren’t exactly mobile as they have no engine. In fact, a crane has to be used to move the
three tonne vehicle if Li wants to display it anywhere. Li earns an income from renting out all the
different models he’s made, like the Batmobiles and various Transformers, including Optimus

25 thoughts on “Man in China builds his own Batmobile

  1. People say it looks bad but dont see that they just used recycled metals and obviously dont have a lot of money to build this just look into the hard work these guys put in to make it.

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