Make Guns On Your Desk! – TGC News!

Make Guns On Your Desk! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Freedom Machines, Freedom
Tubes and Freedom Delivery Systems! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Let’s jump right into it! First up this week, Kimber has released their
annual big push of new products for 2020, yep It’s that time of year again. And it seems this year is less about new guns
and more about new color schemes. Lets roll through them, shall we? First up, a new flavor of the Raptor in the
EVO, Micro 9 and Stainless 2 line called the collector edition. The color scheme is sort of a black and tan-look
and keeps a lot of the normal raptor styling. There’s also the 6 new models which appear
to be the same two tone with laser grips that kimber has made for years. But some reason it’s on their new product
list, I’m not really sure what I’m missing there. There’s the new Micro 9 Triari, which I actually
think looks fantastic with that geometric pattern on the slide and grip in the all black
color scheme. There’s the Micro 9 Amethyst for people that
make bad decisions. They’ve also expanded on their Double single
action wheel gun line with a 2 inch, 4 inch target, 4 inch combat, and Texas edition. I’ve been hearing more and more good stuff
about the K6S over time so It’s cool to see them growing that line up. There are also a couple more yawnfest EVO
variants and the one that made me bother with going down this road at all, The Kimber Rapide. To my knowledge, this is the first time Kimber
has made a gun like this with the holes in the slide and the more sort of racey feel
to it. At the end of the day It’s still a $1500 1911
so you have to consider whether you want that or not. In reality, It’s all cosmetic changes this
year for Kimber. I guess when I really think about it, Kimber
is not a company I include when I think about innovation and that’s a shame. What do you guys think? How about this? How many of you actually own a 1911? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week is a machine designed to
create freedom. Some of you may remember a company called
Defense Distributed and their home CNC machine called the Ghost Gunner. The most basic idea is that It’s a desktop
CNC that allows you to complete 80 percent style receivers. Well now they’ve released a new version called
the Ghost Gunner 3. I’ll run through some of the updates for you
guys because I think It’s really coming into its own as a product. The cutting is 5 times faster, it has twice
the build space, meaning you can work on larger things, automatic table leveling, the inside
is now lit, there’s carry handles so you can move the unit easier, and a bunch of other
technical improvements like a temperature controlled fan, better spindle rigidity and
runout, a better chip guard to keep things from getting into spaces where they shouldn’t,
and a few other improvements on top of these. All in all, there is nothing quite like this
for the home builder. It ships with the coding to finish out AR15,
AR10, 1911 and poly 80 frames and according to them, there is an update coming in 2020
that will allow you to complete an AK receiver. Now the hard part, the final price for the
Ghost Gunner 3 is 2100 bucks. I know that a lot of you guys are struggling
with that number, becuase It’s not a cheap thing, HOWEVER, like I said earlier, there
really isn’t anything like this and to have the sort of freedom available to you through
a machine like this could be priceless to some. You know, one of the most common things I’ve
been asked over the years when it comes to silencers is which one is the best for doing
a little bit of everything. The idea of a do-all can is a wonderful thing
to think of, but in reality, a large number of the attempts at that concept have fallen
a little short. Either not suppressing smaller caliber right
because the bore is a little too big, OR the price is absurd or somewhere in between. There are a couple decent ones out there but
in large part they have been a flop. Well silencerco is taking another stab at
it with their new Omega 36M silencer. And I’ll tell you what, the specs make it
look pretty damn enticing. It is rated up to 338 lapua, but will also
handle a simple 9mm. It’s modular as well which means you can add
a section on the end to get more space inside the can to tackle more gasses. You’ll have 3 different mounting options like
a 3 lug, direct thread, and of course the ASR mount. It’s also full auto rated. And unlike some of the do-all cans of yore, However, with an MSRP of 1187 dollars, it
better check almost all the boxes. I’m excited but skeptical about this one. We shall see if we can get some time with
one of these in the not so distant future Let’s keep things rolling this week with some
rapid fire! First up, SB Tactical has released yet another
new brace, this time for the Remington Tac 13. I had no idea that people actually bought
the tac 13 but cool. It will come with a pistol grip adapter and
either an SBA3 or A4 on the tube. Ed Brown has realized that It’s time to step
up and now they have a new line of guns called the Fueled Series. The basic premise of this is that they are
getting into the polymer striker fired gun modification business. They are launching with M&P’s to start and
have 3 different packages, seemingly only different in appearance. It’s a complete overhaul of the gun and the
cost is what you might expect, they start at 2 grand and go up depending on your choice
of optic mounted to the slide. EIther way, they’re pretty cool! And Matador arms, a company we featured not
long ago for their interesting muzzle brakes and P320 mag adapters for AR’s has expanded
the Mag X adapter line to include M&P and CZ75 mags. It sounds like they are trying to answer the
call of “what about an adapter for , insert company here magazines!” Prices on those are 120 bucks. This time our questions are coming from our
incredible supporters over on Subscribestar, if you enjoy this show every week, you should
check that out. I wasn’t disappointed, I mean the organization
of that event was very last minute and I think with that in mind there was a good turnout. Would I have like to have seen more brands
behind it? Absolutely. There were some brands in attendance which
was great but more is always better. Yes. That decision is a huge problem. This segment doesn’t have enough time for
me to dive into the implications but that is a BAD thing for us. Well the answer is never. But I hear your frustration. Feeling like you are always fighting is exhausting
mentally. At the same time, just going out and being
a shooter is PART of being an advocate for the 2nd. It doesn’t have to be rallies and stuff all
the time. Take someone new to the range, spread the
gospel by being a shooter. And if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Make Guns On Your Desk! – TGC News!

  1. I own 3 1911's. All in the $1300-$1700 price range. I like the Rapide look. That being said, I would like it more at a lower cost point. It doesn't offer more simply because it says Kimber. It's one of the reasons that I don't like Colt. Good guns, but not great guns. For that price point they're at I expect more gun.

  2. I’m surprised anyone at TGC isn’t familiar with the bulk of content creators. It’s a small group. Anyways, flannel daddy at Garand Thumb gets most folks moist, lol.

  3. if Remington can be sued then all beer/booze companies, all automakers, all knife makers, blunt object makers and government should also be sued for use of their products in in crimes, government for giving drivers licenses to drunk drivers and for making roads that nearly all traffic accidents happen on.

  4. I own 6 1911's and love every one , I own a couple Kimbers and no major problems, and I like watching Honestoutlaw good content and a great shooter I think he would give Hickok a run for his money .

  5. Everyone should own a 1911 because it’s historical (and it better be a 45 or you’re a nazi). Same for an AK or AR. People like to use the excuse that you can’t get a good 1911 for less than a couple grand. That’s been false for a while now. Personally I like Magnum Researches’ and it’s about $800.

  6. Guns & Gadgets, The Gun Guy, and my favorite retired LEO, Think Like A Cop for all the stories that don't fit the MSM narrative.

  7. I own a 1911 made by Kimber. I bought it as a gift for myself for working 10 years at my current job and just like the way it looks and shoots. To me, I see it as an equivalent to buying a cool car like a Ford Mustang or a Dodge Challenger.

  8. Should start by sayin I'm (stuck) in Canadastan
    My 1st gun was a Kimber custom II, 1700+ rounds (3 malfunctions) later I learned what I do & don't like about 1911s which caused me to buy my 2nd pistol, Dan Wesson Specialist (700 rounds so far zero malfunctions), both 45, & my next will be a Philippine made A1 style (either park'd SAM or chrome Cimmeron).
    Canadian advantage with 1911? 1st we're only allowed 10rd mags max (so no neutered mags) and 2nd handguns have to have minimum 4.1" barrels. Hopefully Snowflake Messiah doesn't get the bans he's going for before next election so I can keep them!

  9. I own a Kimber 1911.
    (Also a WWll vintage military veteran Colt.)

    Kimbers bread and butter has always been 1911s and it’s kind of hard to be innovative with that.

    Concerning the Ghost Gunner it’s a CNC mill that uses standard G code so you can make a hell of a lot more than guns with it.

    There are several hobby grade CAD / CAM programs on the inter-webs that are either free or cheap that can generate the G code for it.

  10. I own a Kimber 1911 Stainless Raptor and I love it. It's a very nice gun and even though it's beautiful, I still shoot it a good bit. Even with cheap ammo I don't recall ever having an issue with reliability. Plus the trigger is very light and crisp

  11. Honest Outlaw great channel Tactical toolbox, Classic Firearms and on 1911's have 9 (counting 2011's)
    but only 2 Glocks

  12. they need to drop the price on the mill but i'm interested big time!! now if they can just get it to where we can print barrels!!! and we can go back to being shooters when we clean house once and for all Jon!! THE TREE IS THIRSTY!!!

  13. hey john, ive been checking out some slide milling channels latley to find out what im ging to have done to my fire arm, but one channel in particular has been impressing the heck out of me, partly because its a small sort of operation, and partly because his work is just really great and special. check out NCEngravers on you tube, or their website at

  14. Exactly a year ago next week was a life changing experience for me, going to Las Vegas and shooting a rifle for the first time, a full-auto SCAR, MK12, and a Barret 50 bmg. After that day i slowly went from someone who wanted “reasonable/common sense gun control” because I knew almost nothing about guns besides occasionally shooting a friends shotguns and pistols to being completely against any form of gun control and becoming a first time gun owner and about to finish building my first AR; already thinking of the next ones

  15. If I were into making my own guns, I could defintely see spending 2100 bucks. But I'm not, so I can't. Also, in reference to new gun content: 704 Tactical is a great channel that I've been watching and following for about a year now.

  16. Hey John, what did you think of the silencer co hybrid suppressor that came out a few years back? Anyone else that has one or shot one wanna chime in?

  17. Greetings from Kentucky….1911 thru and thru but haven't and don't see any reason to consider Kimber. They're just not in my thought process what-so-ever.

  18. The first pistol I bought when I was 21 was a skinner Ultra carry 2. It was a giant POS and would rarely make it through a magazine without a malfunction. I haven’t owned a Kimber since.

  19. I have a 1911, it's a Taurus. No way would I spend $1500 on one though. As for up-and-coming creators, check out C4 Defense, TheGunSnob , and OBNXS1 .

  20. Yes I have a 1911 and I love shooting it but it will never be my carry gun. It's a Taurus that I paid $600 for and once I ditched the garbage Taurus mags it has run flawlessly.

  21. New you tube gun content, for me anyway, The honest outlaw, HarleyWood23, Guns and Gadgets, TwangNBang. I'm also subscribed to the standards like Hickok45, TnOutdoors9, Iraqveteran8888, Military Arms Channel, Paul Harrell, Mrgunsngear, and 22Plinkster. For some excellent non gun content, check out Project Farm. He is like a one man Consumer Reports, only a lot better, heh.

  22. Check out backyard ballistics. I stumbled on his channel (only 21k subs) but he does a lot of in depth data driven tests. A few highlights are how corrosive is corrosive ammo, black powder in semi autos, a glock malfunction that made it go full auto. Very interesting and diverse channel

  23. I own a few 1911's , 1 raptor II that i carry. Ya its heavy but i like it. With that said i am looking at a few different other carry weapons.

  24. Ok, give kimber some kudos here for even thinking about some new colors and frame changes. Tells me that some gun companies are listening to customer wants and thats a GOOD thing. Love that rapide…..

  25. Everyone has, or will have, a 1911. If you don’t have one yet, you eventually will get one. It’s just the evolution of handgun ownership.

  26. First, and only 1911 I own is a Kimber. I figured if I'm gonna own a 1911 it's gonna be a nice one but not kill my wallet. The ghost Gunner 3 is actually a decent price if you look at comparable desktop cnc machines. If all you plan on doing is finish 80% frames then go for it, bit if you ever want to do more(slide serations, slide ports, rmr cut), spend a bit more for a full-on desktop cnc machine.

  27. Feel free to check me out, you have commented on a few of my videos in the past. I also appreciate Ghost tactical, 704 Tactical, KrisAnne Hall JD

  28. You should check out The Kommando Blog! Excellent reviews and helpful information, great little slice of the 2A community.

  29. I own three 1911’s. I carry a G26 or a G19. Most of the time, but do throw a SIG P226 or SIG P220 in the mix. The P220 is the 1911 killer. I prefer it in every way.

  30. I own a Remington R1 Carry excellent 1911 only about 200 rounds through her total but it’s a great 1911 no malfunctions at all.

  31. Has anyone actually used the ar 9mm adapters? How reliable are they? Is it a replacement for a dedicated 9mm lower, or just something to use until you get a dedicated lower

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