Louisville from downtown to underground

Louisville from downtown to underground

– Welcome to Louisville. – I’m Blaze. – I’m Brian. – We just got off a Greyhound
in Louisville, Kentucky. – Can’t wait to explore the city. – Yeah.
– Let’s go. (Uptempo trumpet music) – [Blaze] We’re at the Kentucky
State Fair and they have competitions for everything. Corn, dollhouses, honey, cakes, goats, miniature horses,
roosters, beauty pageants, eggplants, tobacco. It’s incredible. – And here we are at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. (funky trumpet music) (video game announcer calling the race) – [Blaze] I won! (video game crowd cheering) – [Brian] Standing in the Winner’s Circle. – [Blaze] It’s funny, there’s a loser in the Winner’s Circle. Isn’t that weird? (record scratching) This is an oxymoron. – One day I’ll be up in Millionaire’s Row, looking down at everyone else. (whiskey pouring) – [Tour Guide] This is
the still room and this is really where the magic is gonna happen. This is really the
foundation for making bourbon and rye, converting grains into alcohol. (synthesized orchestral music) – The number one rye whiskey in the world, only in Kentucky. We’re about to get on this biplane ride. – I can’t wait. – And tour the city of Louisville. – From above. This is gonna be pretty cool. (Pilot chatter) – [Blaze] Here we go. (plane engine roars loudly) (synthesized orchestral music) – [Brian] The only underground
ziplining in the world. Safety first. (nervous techno music) let’s get it! – The last zipline of the
tour, so we’re gonna race. – [Brian] Let’s go! – [Blaze] The loser buys drinks
for the rest of the night. – [Brian] I hope you
brought your big boy wallet. – [Tour Guide] 3, 2, 1, go! – [Both] Whoo! (upbeat club music) – [Brian] We’re here tonight
at Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen. They’re famous for their fried
chicken, and their tacos. They are also voted,
for three years I a row, the best bourbon bar
by The Bourbon Review. (club music continues) (crowd talking loudly) – [Bar Patron] Cheers! – [Blaze] Cheers! – We’re here at Jimmy Can’t
Dance, it’s a live music venue in the basement of a sandwich
shop, let’s check it out. (funky jazz band music)

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  1. I was forced to take an rfid implant at 316 east chestnut st Louisville ky in July of 2012 at the ccc jail. I've been a test subject for the last 3 years. I have an x ray showing the chip in Louisville. I moved out of ky to avoid being set up.  If your from Louisville you know what I'm talking about….fake cia training center. I know the name of the tech that updated the system in the basement(braingate system)  help me put a stop to this inhumane testing and torture. I have the chip,  I have an x ray. I eyewitnesseed the braingate system being used. My family and friends as well as councilors believe me and know when it started as well

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