Lots of Cows Goats and Sheep Toy Collection

Welcome to racetoytime! Hi kids, racetoytime here today I’m going to show my complete Schleich cattle
sheep and goat collection. First I’m going to show you the holstein cows here they are I’m going to show them to
you one by one these are my Jersey cows we have three
of us going from dark brown to light brown color next I’m going to show you my Texas
Longhorn cows so there was the Texas longhorn cows and
here’s Braunvieh cow and here’s the angus cow I have
another batch of cows I have the simmental this is the old model here is
the new similar model here’s the hereford and brown cow here is my bull collection here I have
my Texas longhorn bulls here’s another batch of bull collection
here’s Brown rodeo bull Angus bull and another black rodeo bull here are my young cattle or calves here are the simmental calves Here’s a holstein brown calves….. a jersey calf I have three angus calves here’s a hereford calf another simmental calves a texas longhorn calves now I’m going to show you my sheep
collection here are the lambs or young sheep here are my goats okay one of the guys have enjoyed my
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