Los Hermanos | Hola Soy German

Los Hermanos | Hola Soy German

Hi! I’m German, and I bet a metronome that the sun raises every day The topic of this week is: Brothers Hi, today I’m a little downhearted, a little tired.. So, I’m having an energy drink, to see if that helps OKAY! THIS VIDEO WAS SUGGESTED BY IVANNA! HELLO IVANNA! SO LET’S TALK ABOUT THE BROTHERS BROTHERS THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF BROTHERS BROTHERS 1- THE BIG BROTHER 2-THE MIDDLE ONE 3-THE LITTLE BROTHER BROTHERS BEING THE BIG BROTHER…the effect is over Being the big brother has a lot of advantages Whatever you say, the others have to do it You’re the most manly, of all of the manly males of the manliness You have all the control in the house Uyy, I have been playing this game for 7 hours One level more, and it’s finished… Just a little bit to finish it… Excuse me! It’s my turn! The reason why the big brothers are the bosses, it’s because of their strength and obviously they take advantage of that You’re only there to serve them And poor of you if you say no to your big brother Brother! Bring me a glass of water! Hey! Bring me cereal! Hey! Bring me ketchup! Hey! Bring me an orange! The guitar! Clothes! Microwave! Bring me…! I don’t want to! No? Well, you’re adopted then! (Crying) If you never said to your little brother that he is adopted, you failed as a brother The worst thing is when your little brother is VERY little when they are in that time when they go to the bathroom and don’t know how to wipe He’s sitting in the toilet and suddenly the brat yells REAADYY! And if your mom is cooking or she’s busy… Guess who will have to clean him? Being the little one has a lot of advantages, too You’re the baby of the house The little one The cutie The needy And your mom is ALWAYS going to believe you And to not take advantage of that will be… a sin Brother, give me chips No Just one I said NO Oh, I see. So that’s how it is? What the hell? Mom! My brother punched me!! German! Stop that! You’re punished! Shit head! Let’s just clear something The little brother will ALWAYS get a lot of gifts While the big one luckily will get one and most of the times is just a sock Literally, A sock, not even the pair Despite that, being the little one has disadvantages, too for example, you can never have new clothes basically, all of your closet, its just old clothes of your big brother Mom! I want new clothes! Okay! sweetie! Hey you! What? Take off your clothes! Another disadvantage, is that your parents, especially your mom Will never stop seeing you as the little brother You can be a 40 year old man with a beard But for her, you´re still a baby How is life for the cutiest thing in the world? mom Who is the cutiest thing? Mom, I’m old now! You’re so pretty, my sweetie! I have wife and children! Where’s my baby? I have a job mom! Where’s my baby? Mom, I’m a adult now!!! Where is German? PEEKABOO! Something very common Is that your big brother is working with a hammer And for curiosity you go to check You put your finger there and BAAM! you get your finger crushed Here’s my scar Classic As I said before, there are big brothers, little brothers and the middle ones The big brothers are the bosses The little brothers are the spoiled brothers And the middle ones are…. nothing They are not old enough to have duties Neither young enough to protect them It’s like they’re invisible or something Mom Should I use my invisibility power for good or for evil? To the women’s dressing room! Having brothers can bring good or bad things But having a sister? Especially if she’s hot Because you will always, always, always will have a friend that wants to bang her And will take any small chance to remind you that This orange is delicious! (Like your sister!) I love playing guitar! (And me your sister!) The weather is super hot! (Like your sister!) I did so well in the test! It was so easy! (Just like your sister) And finally, during every brother’s life, there is a very important moment The climax of the story And that happens when the roles change That moment when the little brother, grows And he becomes taller and stronger than his big brother So it’s time for… Revenge Hi Bro! Hi It’s been so long… Exactly, remember when you used to hit me? Well… Remember when you forced me to bring you things? Well, it’s time to fix some things Question! How many brothers do you have? I only have one, I’m the youngest And you know what they always say about the second ones! nothing End… The And this was the weekly video! If you like it please give it a like And If this is the first time seeing my videos, please subscribe YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT Don’t forget to follow me on my beautiful Facebook and of chicken on twitter! The links are down below in the description! Have a
psychological hug! Under the table… And I’ll see you in the next friday! And if you see Santa Claus around, ask him why I didn’t get the bicycle that I asked for That son of a b… BYE-BYE BROTHERS

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  1. Yo soy la única mujer de mis hermanos y la del medio y básicamente te prestan atención pero también te ven como un niño

  2. German,yo soy la hija menor pues mi hermana la mayor yo tengo 10 y ella 15(los hermanos mayores se aprovechan de nosotros)😢😢😢

    2017:nel perro :v
    2019: mmm… y si lo ponemos en recomendados?
    se da autolike para no desaparecer

  4. Yo tengo 3 hermanos con migo son 4 y 2 de ellos son gemelos y son los mayores y luego soy yo y por ultimo mi hermanita chiquita

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