Long Range Pursuit | S5 E6 The 8 Year Wait

Long Range Pursuit | S5 E6 The 8 Year Wait

I have
been applying and applying
this is my eighth year of applying and finally
I drew this tag. This is not an easy
hunt by any means. I may have passed a bull I
have waited years for an n opportunity at. Hopefully
here is a silver lining
at the end of this hunt. That is the game you play. I have a little
hesitation but that is it. first
morning we met at 4:30
follow the horse trial or to where
we saddled up and rode
in when you have a hunt like this that
you have waited 8 years
for its easy to be excited about it
and get up at 3:30 in the
morning and to get going. Well Wyoming
has been good to me in the
past I shot the biggest bull of
my life years ago here and
this northern art of the stat I have
been applying and applying
to get a tag to come back this
is actually my eight year
of applying and finally I drew this
tag.no idea about the area
or how big it would be as soon as
the sun came up it easy to
tell we would put a lot of miles on the horses. Riding three
or four miles on a horse
we get a good start when you get
on a horse at 3am and the
first place you stop to glass its already been
light for an hour. We have had horses
up here for a while. There are miles and
miles we can glass. Quickly we
jumped behind the spotted
scope as we were feeding over and
got a good look at him. Obviously i can
see the top of his back
but if he puts his head on. He really is a nice one. Actually
third point that went
out past his main beams. Unique bull. Points are thirds. Garret
is like a brother to me. He is my wing
man, I trust his opinion
on what he says to do. We saw horns earlier
it was really exciting. From
three mile away it looks
like he is the bull we are after. We made a game plan. Follow the trail around. Zach had an idea
where the trail was and
where the bull would go back. Back on the saddle
back on the trail. It
took us a few hours to get
to where this bull was. Time went by and
we had no idea how deep
the camera was we just figured he was going
in to bed for the day. It wasn’t
you know a minute garret
spotted this bull again and he got
real excited when he sees
a big bull I can tell I have hunted with
garret enough to know. When you
come on a hunt like this
you want to see a big one and
a small one so you take
that out of the equation. You either see
the bull you want or you
or break it down and say it’s not what he was. This bull didn’t
do either to us. Beautiful
bull he is not great
anywhere but he is good everywhere. He
is just a solid 6 point. We knew we could
shoot him and take him
if we wanted the set up was perfect bull
was broadside everything
was working for us so there lies
the problem to a certain
degree what do we do you know so
of course we have 8 years
in the back of my mind I waited for
this hunt it was a tough
decision that was a nice bull it was a
bull Craig and I probably
didn’t want to see on the firs
morning I try not to get
too much into the scouting what
he is an what he is that
to me it’s more than that. Day one. Day one was
off course you want to put
meat in the freezer and in the pot but
when you wait that long
you want a good trophy too. After a
consideration and thought
and wrestling with the emotion
you are not going to shot
the big one if you shoot the small
one not saying this is a
small bull its definitely branch
a mature 6 by 6 we decided
this would be a good bull to pass on. Hopefully
there is a silver lining
at the end of this hunt. Hard to watch. Nice to see him go down. Camera light was nice. Proud of him. a lot of people
a lot of people wouldn’t
pass a bull like that he is good at
making a decision trusting
is gut and living with the consequences we
will find a better bull. Have a good evening. Didn’t see anything else. Long ride out. Day two. We gone
through a little motion
we were obviously settled. Day
two felt like week two. Horses on the trail here. Got here
quick we chasing bulls
again so loading up packs getting ready to go. Back up 4:30
next morning on the horses
going up to different draw. High expectation
but we knew we hadn’t
seen a lot of elk we had seen
a couple bulls and however
many grounds we covered. Not a lot of elk
in here right now. I don’t know what
will happen today. Still sore hoping we
could turn something up. We are
told this unit holds great
elk and better numbers then we are
seeing we will trust the
guys we are talking to. We rode to a spot. Set up and glassed and
glassed and glassed. More the same. Big country. Big glassing. Sneaking around
a couple ridge tops as
we tied the horses up we heard
a bugle in the trees. Well it was a little warm. So it was surprising
to me to hear. It was
10:30 when we heard it. This bull is
bugling beyond that. We are going
to try to pull it out
on this knob pull it and turn it
up the bugle sounds big. We got out
the cow call and the bugle
and put a stand on this bull. He wasn’t excited to
come out of the tree. He was content. Bumped him out
over the top but it wasn’t
anything we were going to chase so I think
it worked for us. Small six. We get off glass
go to the next spot we
figured it was an 8 mile ride in one
way to where we finally
ended up tying up the horses for the day. Made it to the
highest point big rocky
out cropping you can look in every direction. Hopefully the
next seven hour daylight
we can turn up the bull in this area. Great
vantage point you can
see for miles and miles. Beautiful vantage
point we are hunting
the prettiest places in the world. It made
the trip worth it and the
long miles in the saddle worth it. Glassed and
glassed and glassed it’s
been hot at the moon has been out things
playing against us but
we were pretty excited to get out here. We really never
turn anything up turned
up one bull all day. Made
the decision that that is
how the hunting would be. Doesn’t take
long when you are chasing
elk in country to start wearing down a bit. It is physically
demanding emotional
and at the end of day two it’s exhausted. Again settle
sore the elk aren’t moving
so we thought we have some other
priories and things we
can do and lets come back after weighing
our options we will
pull off oyu ant control the weather or
moon get out and go back
and get a couple weeks of
work down and then we will
come back up and roll into November hopefully
weather comes in and
moves the animals around the reality of it
is we may tag soup. I may have
passed the bull that I
waited 8 years to have an opportunity at. That is the game you
play when you hunt. (Music playing) A little hesitation but
that is it not regrets. we are rolling
into November hopefully
weather comes in and we may be
in the snow or the fog or rain one
thing for sure it won’t
be 65 degrees and t shirt weather. Obviously
the weather changed. Second part of elk hunt. It is 50 degrees colder. It was below zero
for a few days. We got what we wanted. Plan was to
go back when we got colder
weather one of those things that is be careful
what you wish for. Because this weekend
we got 6 or 8 weekends
of snow I think it hit negative 30
in a couple areas. Part
of me wondering why we
didn’t pull the trigger. Today is
a down day we are spending
the day looking at the axis we have. Our first
trail head we rode out of
on day one is snowed in. there is
no way we are going to get
the horses to the canyon. Make a few extra miles. We had
to break a few snow drifts
with my truck to get us in there. Found big horn sheep. The animals are out. Antelope are staying out
all day deer are down. Feeding all day. Real good. Great time of the
year to be out. Late season cold weathedr. Saw
a couple real nice rams. Got us fired up for
turning up some animals. 3:30 we met Zach
and we made the long track
up there to the trail we had
and we will get everything
settled ad ready to go for the day. So as we are riding in. it gets light. We have been on the horses
three house at hits point. Right in
the burned area and and we
see a bull down below us. Small five
points we knew he wasn’t
a big bull but the way he reacted
this is a good sing of
what we might see to come. You know he was
a small enough bull that
we didn’t give much we knew we had to keep going. It was motivation in the
saddle in pushing forward. I wasn’t long before
we saw a few more. We tied the
horses up and we got off
and it was 10:30 at this point. This is the first area
we decided to glass from. There wasn’t much a few
bedded and miles away. Is this
the one with potential? He has decent mass. On his thirds we chatted
about what to do next. Most area
we could see we couldn’t
access too far to go and there was no trail. Like I said journey
continues hopefully
we turn something up. Go down
the ridge and see if we
could turn up elk lower. Spotted
a bull few and far between
only a few hundred yards they will
appear out of nowhere he
is only 300 yards off the trail but he is in trees
can’t tell what he is. Craig will
run and grab the scope
come sweep the bull we are looking for. Nothing
great or what we are here
to shoot not this far back in anyway and he
were a five buck six. Really neat
looking bull but didn’t
have that wow factor we were looking for. Weather was
cooperating enough if we
got to a point persistence would
pay off at one point. We got maybe an
hour left of light. And we decided
to come look down this
same drainage to where we saw the bigger bull from
our first go around. And
on top of this drainage
there is a 6 by 6. He is the best bull
we have seen for sure. We could tell he is a
good mature 6 point. Tall just had
all the makings of a bull
that we figure he is one of
the top higher end bulls
in this unit we have seen. He is 935 where
he is bedded we had the
gas in these guns to be able to make that shot. The
wind has a little right to
left but the wind started kicking
up on that ridge back. Maybe we can
get just a little closer
to these bedded and make sense
maybe slip down this ridge
a bit and get closer. Especially
when gust were going
5 to 15 miles an hour. We go through rain
and wind and set up. And everything
was perfect now we
needed a bull to stand up. 694. He stood up right
there stretched up. Perfect clear shot for me. He is going down the hill. Yeah he is down. He walks forward and
then he just tips over. Well his trees the
trees right there. Just propped his horns up
when a bulls head is up. You think maybe
I have to put another
in him but get ourselves a hidden perfect. Straight down
and of course I didn’t
see him go down sure enough he went two or
three steps and was done. This hunt had become
a group effort. We were all
invested we were all this
was this bull as much them Paul
behind camera or garret
or Zach a it was mine the difference
between making that shot
at 935 yard versus what is hot at 700
that is a six minute wind
call down I held three minutes of wind. Just by moving closer. We still
had to hike to the horses
and go around the canyon and ride
out took us thirty minutes
to find them and by that time
it was pretty much dark. Made it difficult
and we are not going
to have a lot of that awesome
hunt at 2014 all the hunts
I do this will be one that will be one
of the top hunts I have
ever been on or been part of there
may be some bigger bulls
out there but this is the new that
left us with no regrets at
all being able to share it and pull it
out the way we did and be
able to get our tag on a bull like this
it just kind of wrapped
up those loose ends for us.

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  1. Great video!
    is this rifle based on a Remington700 system?
    What cal. and ammo are you using for this hunt?
    regards from Switzerland

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