Lies and DAMN Lies About Pit Bulls

Lies and DAMN Lies About Pit Bulls

American Pit Bull Terriers, and so-called
Bully Breeds all around are perhaps the most misunderstood of all dogs. They have been vilified in the media, glorified
by those who dare to defend their honor, and are the subjects of tall tales and urban legends. Well, we want to dispel the myths and cut
through the “bull” with our list of lies and damn lies about Pit Bulls…Keep watching
if you can handle the truth! Pit Bulls are mean and aggressive That’s a lie. Any dog can have aggressive tendencies, just
as any human can—especially if they are mistreated. But as a whole, Pit Bulls are no more vicious
than any other breed. Overall, Pits are affectionate, loyal, and
maintain a playful, puppy-like demeanor well into adulthood. That said, they are extremely devoted to their
humans, and will do everything in their power to defend them. Pit Bulls have jaws that lock That’s a damned lie…and we need to find
out who told it, like seriously. Now look. No living creature is born with a jaw that
locks. Well, not one that actually lives more than
a few days. Yes, Pit Bulls have really strong jaws, but
they aren’t as strong as some other breeds, like the Rottweiler and German Shepherd. The “locking jaw” is a myth born in the
seedy world of dogfighting that has been perpetuated by the media and given credence by those who
claim to have witnessed it. Hash tag fake news. Pit Bulls don’t get along with other pets That’s a lie. There may be some exceptions, but it has little
to do with breed. In fact, most Pitties love to hang out with
their animal brethren, big and small, including cats. But it all depends on their personality and
if they’ve been properly socialized. Like humans, some Pits like to party—and
others are wallflowers. Early socialization (the younger the better),
and exposure to different environments is the key to bringing up a pup that is comfortable
around other animals in any situation. Aggression, in any dog, is almost always born
from fear. A confident, well-socialized dog will be trust-worthy
around others of its own species. Did your pets hit it off immediately? Or did it take time for them to “warm up”
to each other? Pit Bulls don’t like being indoors Wait, what? That’s a damn lie. Truth is, Pit Bulls are content being inside
as long as they get sufficient time outdoors, like any dog. They can be an energetic breed, so moderate
to intense activities like hiking, running, swimming, digging, and playing Frisbee or
fetch, are great ways to curb restlessness. Daily walks lasting a minimum of 30 to 45
minutes are also a simple way for both the Pit (and its human) to burn off excess energy
and calories. But, your Pit Bull will also very content
to snuggle up on the couch with ya for some quality lap dog time. A Pit Bull’s behavior can’t be changed Yet another damn lie. Contrary to popular belief, the behavior of
a Pit Bull that has been rescued from an abusive home or fighting ring can be changed. What many people fail to realize is that dogs
that have had to live in horrendous conditions do whatever is necessary to survive. So, an inherently mild mannered dog that is
forced to fight may have had to become vicious to defend him or herself. That doesn’t mean that the temperament they
were born with is lost forever. With a hearty helping of love and lots of
patience, most dogs of any breed can become less fearful and thus, less anxious and aggressive. It doesn’t matter if the dog is a Pit Bull
or a Yorkie. Ofcourse, the help of a confident dog behaviourist
may be necessary. Pit Bulls are great watchdogs In a sense, this is actually true, but not
in the way you might think. A Pit Bull will watch someone open your gate,
stroll up the walkway, jimmy the front door and look around the house for goodies—then
they’ll watch the thief walk away with your stuff while trying to show them a little love
for visiting. Yes, Pit Bulls are so affectionate that the
excitement of making a new friend might alert you when someone is approaching your property,
and just knowing that you have a Pit may be enough to intimidate would-be intruders. But if you expect your Pit Bull to attack
trespassers at will, forget it—that’s another damn lie. Which type of dog would make you more comfortable
in your home? A watchdog or guard dog? It’s all in how they’re raised There’s actually a little truth to this
lie. “duh duh DUUUH….” The natural temperament of the Pit Bull is
gentle, friendly and affectionate, but how they ultimately turn out depends on their
nature and how they are treated, trained, and what they’re exposed to. Like children, dogs are influenced by their
environments and their families. A dog that is mentally and/or physically abused
will likely have behavioral issues, as do many children who come from dysfunctional
families. But remember, as previously mentioned, a dog’s
behavior can be changed, so an aggressive Pit Bull that is born a sweetheart will always
be a sweetheart—they just need to be loved, so they remember how to love. A Pit Bull will turn on its owner That’s a damn lie that probably came from
someone who’s never owned a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are playful, so it is inevitable
that they will occasionally nip their humans. All dogs nip, but they usually do so in the
spirit of play and is rarely a mean spirited nibble. Simply owning a Pit does not put you at risk
of being attacked, but mistreating one just might. Remember, a Pit Bull Terrier is an animal
and when animals are forced to defend themselves…they will. In a 2014 literature review of dog bite studies,
the American Veterinary Medical Association states that breed is a poor predictor of dog
bites. And furthermore, controlled studies have not
identified pit bulls as disproportionately dangerous to anyone. Except for maybe the credibility of the media. A Pit Bull with cropped ears is a fighting
dog Yep, that too, is a lie. This is a lie that has not only affected the
way people view Pit Bulls, but other breeds as well, especially Doberman Pinschers. Some owners crop their dog’s ears to make
them look more intimidating, but for the most part it is simply a grooming choice. One that I’m not particularly fond of. Cropping a dog’s ear effectively cripples
its ability to communicate with other dogs. A huge part of a dog’s communication with
other dogs is how it’s holding its ears, called ear carriage – dog communication is
a whole body ordeal. Dogs with cropped ears may end up in fights,
simply because other dogs can’t understand what your Pittie is trying to say. But this doesn’t make him or her a fighter. The pup’s ears may look different, but its
personality —be it friendly or aloof—will remain unchanged. Pit Bulls are not good with children Kids and Pits are a natural fit. Like cookies and milk, mac and cheese, peanut
butter and…well you get the picture. Pit Bulls are particularly gentle with little
ones, and are not above putting themselves in harm’s way to protect their human siblings. In fact, Pitties have oft been called nanny
dogs. Both children and Pits love to play, so it’s
only natural that they would get along well. And Pit Bulls are a sturdy, breed with a high
pain threshold. If a child gets a little rough, they can tolerate
it better than most dog types…another damn lie down the drain. What’s the takeaway? Simple. Pit Bulls are not the snarling, vicious, sociopaths
that some would seemingly want you to believe. The average Pit is not a dog to make headlines. Despite its history, the modern Pit is a well-rounded
and stable breed. All dogs are individuals. And as individuals, we should all be judged
by our actions, not by our DNA or our appearance. This is the best way to ensure that people
and our dogs continue to share safe and happy lives together. Need a good way to run some energy off your
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20 thoughts on “Lies and DAMN Lies About Pit Bulls

  1. Know any more lies about these awesome dogs?

    A great way to get your dog exercise is the Chuckit! Launcher!
    My German Shepherd absolutely loves hers. Check it out! (Chewy Affiliate Link)

  2. 2:47 My friend has like 12 dogs and some of them are pits, 1 staffie, and a few other breeds most of them except for the staffie like the indoors.

  3. You just validated why I subscribe to your Channel with this awesome video they are damn lies people need to get to know these dogs instead of believing all the fake news about them any other dogs it's all how you train them it's the person's fault .Rottis get a bad wrap too. Mine waa the sweetest and most gentle do I have had. I miss her. I have her adopted baby who is a pitbull mix who is also a sweetie. My pit has lots of buddies. If you got bit by your own dog it's probably cuz you're treating it like junk. my dogs have never bit me in fact they're very protective of me. I always hated that people will crop dog's ears or cut off their tails! How would they like it if somebody cut your ear because they don't like the way it looks .I didn't even know that it affects them like that that's so messed up. No matter what dog I have I always train them especially in the way of how kids like to touch dogs because I have a lot of kids in my family. so I hug them and get real close to them and do stuff that kids would do so that they're used to it .all my dogs love hugs from kids the most they get is a slobbery face.

  4. go look up the government incident list of dogs that have bitten or killed. no it isnt all pits but the majority are and yes many owners have neen mauled.. have respect for the breed and no your limitations.

  5. I encourage everyone to do their own research. When your small dog or child is mauled by a pitbull you will feel differently about the breed.

  6. Hi animal facts. I have to disagree with you on this one. I'm a dog trainer and I have owned two pitties. One of them was about 2 and 1/2 years old it was raised with love and confidence she was calm and sweet and one day a woman was walking her baby in the stroller and I was walking my pittie and all of a sudden the dog just lunged and started growling and wanting to tear apart the baby in the stroller. After that I was very concerned. The next thing that happened is my other dog was just laying there in the living room and the pittie jumped off the couch and took the ear off of the other dog. Never had this dog shown aggression before it just all started at around 2 years old. I also know a woman who raises pitties and has a dog adoption Foundation. Her own pity turned on her bit her in the arm and she got a very serious staph infection and almost died. And people say oh pitbulls are great it's just the owner's fault it's the way that they were trained. I don't believe that because of my own experience and my friends experience. There's other things I could say about the aggression of pitbulls and my own involvement in that aggression. Thanks for the video Even though I kind of disagree with you on some of these points.

  7. Pitties are amazing and wonderful dogs if given a chance I've known chiuahuahs more viscous than a pit bull and bs on that pit bull and kids thing over 100 years ago they were called nanny dogs I had a pit mix named Leroy once that was amazing and the biggest wuss he thought he was a Pomeranian and he was almost 100 lbs and hed bring the burglar to the best silverware he was that friendly and wussy but if anyone messed with mom and me it was go time he wouldn't attack he just looked intimidating and his sister an adopted white red nosed pit named snow white snowy for short she was such a ditz and goof ball like the Jessica Simpson of the dog word or something cute and pretty but such a ditz lol but a. Wonderful dog just like Leroy and all dogs are amazing and wonderful if given the opportunity..pits aren't evil the jackasses that misuse and abuse them or any dog are but not the pup

  8. Thank you for telling the truth about this very misunderstood breed. Is the thing that I can recommend is realize pitties tend to be a very high-energy breed when they are younger, and if you adopt one, be sure that you're capable of doing activities to help run off that energy. Otherwise, they are very sweet and loving dogs and make very good companions.

  9. Pit bull isn't their actual name it's American Staffordshire and pit refers to the term on the dog in the ring meaning any medium to big dog can technically be mis used and called a pit the German Shepherd could be one if made to fight and I used to work for animal rescue and I never got aggression from the pits it was the bull mastifs or Sheppard's they wernt angles but definitely not dog Godzilla's and I'm sorry if ppl met awful pits but the so-called govt stats on pits they get the majority of their info from the news and that's pretty self explanatory and guys it's the us govt take that info with a grain of salt and just get your research like from the akc or ASPCA and vets or a reliable no kill like I was in and I'd still be doing that work and no a pitbull didn't disable me a spine surgery did and keep your hate to yourself please I'm just saying this from the pov of a dog lover and someone who used to work for animal rescue that's all

  10. Thank you very much for this video! I have never owned a Pitty, they are too high energy for me. However, I have been around quite a few and love them! They do need a wholesome outlet for their energy but the ones that I have known are sweet and friendly to everyone that they meet.

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