Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 28 – Fishing Rodeo & Jamboree | Rooster Teeth

Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 28 – Fishing Rodeo & Jamboree | Rooster Teeth

I Am Ready, Eddie all right? Regt City is unloading angeles a little bit Got some kung Fu fighting over here everybody was Kung Fu’ house They get rid of my shit Jeff you gotta walk back. No. Yes, maybe here ray some interesting additions to your home [I] just noticed yeah, that’s the fence Kevin major Okay, like you know. I [haven’t] [acts] [masterly] constructed. I feel like I’ll leave it there what the hell is Kung Fu house What it’s right here, kung fu house yes this come for us what the hell? Is it? This is a free storage How long has been here Billy the whole time doing your own ever since? This is the first time I’ve seen you’ve never seen comfrey as we talked about [it]. I’m ready. Oh Yeah, this was looking. I know cuz the very first time he did he was inside his house or something you know Oh, you know? He’s Gonna Come house was it really from the beginning ever since we built this place this building was attached And then I put a painting of come through there nope and then I just know the next video Dica house Gavin and I lived In come through houses the house Gavin and I lived in when we were making all And I would actually say judge me since is my temporary house. [oh] one two three four It’s not an obsidian there. Yeah, you feel right So that just looks wrong. Yeah, that looks great right? No [nope] [like] so fucking low and in fear all right that was right at least get a dirt block I did not notice that you stole the Terrapins where you [didn’t] steal it you want it fairly I guess I want a pirate probably beer but also in front of like temporary housing I live in the ghetto of achievement City It’s just happens to be attached out to the [get] house in the world. Oh another act better Well [the] gonna sleep is everyone doing for no no there you go right? Who’s it? Thank you alright everyone ready? Yeah, we’re gonna go to trek to this week’s let’s play Caleb and Jeff who are hanging out on the site Are you guys ready that okay? Here we are nighttime downtown [Agenda] [sword] why uh? you know no reason uh It looks a bit rosy whatever for your flint steel and Ryan has erected the tower of pimps. Yes, right? So we’re gonna go and meet Jeff and [ghaleb] over at our new let’s play this week But before we go array you need to officially start this video um Pink all right let’s go Are we on let’s go let’s play. [oh] let’s say hey. I need my rose back though seriously Around here. Oh honey money [I] think I think Ray might be getting to Hollywood cuz he knows the let’s plays can’t start without him. Yes It’s like let’s play [fucking] red a minute. Only did you have insane [little] wrong strike all right? God damn it Sasha. We Sprint or should we conserve our food [uh] yeah? I know because we on peaceful jeff. Yeah one people Yeah, then you know where it is right I? Got this I got this [alright] keep [fucking] but keep [ups]. I’m a friend of you not running you What are you looking at me right? I’ll what a jump up And I’ve hit the edge of the world brag about it containment like about it. I think raha Oh my legging Oh, you’re behind me on my screens game is flawless and everywhere what he talked about it was hurting you what’s going on? What’s up, right? I’m trying to get up Gavin. Oh wow. Oh what is going on coughs committee? Why are you shy? What did you do is cuz the world hasn’t loaded for me yet it hurt we just witnessed in the exorcism. It’s painful All right, Kevin [I] [was] actually are you sure gavin got stabbed and rectum by a pSychic knife just now? I can’t load anything here. What is I? In the Lava wow okay at me on Fire. [why]? No get away from me What is wrong with [I] have no idea where I need to be uh? Everybody follow Gavin until [the] disability this guy died every did you just would on the map now? I don’t know he’s on fire What what he deserves a big news, okay? Guys here a se right, okay? So you’re basically gonna go over the top of the pyramid and it’s Gonna be a pit stop good stallone movie happens like the Olympic Torch except if the guy lit himself on fire [I] just kept running until he ran into someone I like I wish my world would load everyone Are we good good pretty bad like you can just go right over my mom with everyone. Yeah, don’t you think well? We made it this looks fucking interesting alright. [hey], what’s up? Why not [to] [sweat] [out] your clothes at a yard? Hey, my great stop moving stop moving. I had Gavin no. There’s Gavin Gavin. This is [a] fucking bonfire Manga bonfire Who’s the fucking wrestler? Yeah? Hogan [I] am me with my uh My nurse outfit is missing right now. Good put your nice outfit. So I figure if I can’t be a nurse I might as well be wait. Why can’t you why depressed man [put] [yourself] on you? I can’t I [don’t] have the download pack on this Xbox. What do you want before? different Xbox you usually Boxes what the hell is dressed like a fucking wrestler. I can’t load. There’s got the salmon get more the fucker [rehan] You’re a piece of shit. Uh could you see me still I see you. You’re right going over here Yeah, everybody just hang out by the fire make some s’mores all right [with] [Jenny] one hang out by the fire I was gonna do the same thing But I wanted to do it too Gavin whoa pretty sure it would Caleb or I know I would know hey Why don’t you jump in the water buddy, but I need iolo Just keep running in surprise gonna. Take fire good job. There’s a cake under water Kevin. Where you h fish rodeo and Jamboree? Baseball Jamboree yeah, I looked at [ha] All right, well fish all right everybody here Welcome to Camp achievement Hunter everybody. Hey Yeah, well I’ve [never] been the camp. This is cheap monterey up [brewery] and today We’re gonna participate as something called the achievement Hunter fish rodeo and Jamboree that sounds and [okay] Hey, let me ask you a quick brief question yeah, what’s a Jamboree? It’s a thing that boy scouts do or they all get together and tug each other’s dicks yep? We’re doing that Dudes, I just love Mondays by the way what tents are made out of wood with these right here asshole Is that real [that] ones you get when you’re looking at Kate upton yeah? That’s a real Thank you. Thank you my that’s my one. Let’s play So you’re gonna do you can work [out] [a] house now what today’s let’s play is it allows for this this let’s play is For the tower of pimps so all seven of us are eligible To win the tower of pimps and the way you’re going to win the tower of pimps if you would like to do so is Everybody’s Gonna come out onto the under the docks and everybody’s gonna get a chair is this like godfather to like a there’s a something In by by the way, this is by the way, I don’t if you guys have ever [been] here This is called the Lake of Pimps Way back when I heared the tower of pimps I created the lake of pimps you can see there’s a wool tower over there It’s been a part of [Chi] minh city for a very long time our wise shown it Okay, everybody grab a fishing pole from your uh grabbing a fishing Rod from your thing I feel like like and uh pick a spot we have to catch that pig. That’s fine But I hit the timer now and uh we are gonna see I throw my pressure on the water I Got it fine, so Joey. I prefer t minutes to catch his mini fishes party serious Yes, and the person who catches the most fish in 30 minutes you wins the tower weight question oh, hey a chair nice wait wait quick question How do you fish [cuz] [berkeley] I thought you read a disadvantage on this Michael rock [I] think we should count Bonus points for cook fish they bonus points for cooked fish what the only way a fish can count is if it is in the chest at the end of the 30 minutes but if it’s so it should Say like a no stealing from chest yeah No stealing from chest Let’s now the assholes here chefs should we say two points for cook fish and one point one point for a raw fish two points? For cooked fish catch. There are as long as [they’re] coal in them There are all that all the furnaces have 64 : you have to go and cook it right. Oh, where’s the Co That’s a good. I don’t like what are their furnaces Yeah, there’s that what else are [we] [do] this. Let’s do this Let’s go fishing so should we sit in the chair can we sit in the chair? No, you can just fish from either all right all right All right guys on the net hold on on the count of three one two three start, okay? Alright with 29 minutes and 57 seconds. I have no idea how she works [it] left, trigger Then went to Bob’s down hit left trigger to pull it back. Where’s my right is it left Trigger right right? [oh]? Sorry you won that one check whole fish like I was good. I fascism Bob fish Is it left trigger to pull it out on you? Yeah, got it? Oh? All right, so how’s everybody [doing]? This is great do but fucking baby get up up got a fish Why don’t we figured an easy way out is right no, but what the hell? What would [her] [is] I see. She Really yeah, [bitch]. Yeah, did happened you just wiped it for a he’s like throwing it towards Ray hurt to have a nice relaxing Let’s play where we just kind of set out? On the water with a couple of beers Just hang out wait, so she wins it talking a life when the fucking thing goes down you pull the left trigger Yeah, when you sit bug Like an honor just wanted. He’s just like a real fishing Did you tap it or just hold it? No? I just have to throw in [Meyer] fish dude I got one I’m catching fish out of my bottle. [I] got why I’ve got none pike out use your butthole [I] have one I’ve got 103 so this is Gonna be the most exciting video questions like I Was waiting [for] something that where’s the bears gonna be dynamite or something is going to go now Terribly horribly this is that’s the this is This is the point of this let’s play Yeah
[bullshit] a we the seven of us can sit together get to know each other talk about great day thoughts Feeling [on] the [15-minute] [more] care. What happened, so you? Start of the Clock [Joe] Yeah, I started the clock okay, so I know you guys get a run off and cook all [your] fish [I] bet I’m feeling good about this. I’ve caught four fish. What already in I have none [I] mean, who’s caught the most fish nibbling on a fish finally? I got one gavin as for yeah for Gavin Yeah, go for it who and I’ve been trying to catch Ray as well, okay? It wasn’t like any catch ray. Did you see my little [plummy] blob? Yeah hold on my right testicle wait. How do you have five? Hello Six [Ray’s] got six [Bryan] it if I just dive into the water and slash my sword around while I catch me Hey, this is my lucky spot you There’s somewhere else there were bubbles next to mine And then I pulled it, and I got nothing fishing no [beard] so let’s try catch me five pixels My eyes are gonna hurt staring at this thing This is fucking insane It [nicely] [slow] Michael. Oh come on Look, what Michaels fishing especially like one block [d]. I did oh Damn it. Oh should I not do that? I have missed quite a few fish. Hey get your shit out of my area I said Near [are] shit. I don’t give a fuck. I was fishing for Jess bajo. Yeah Buddy, you don’t have to go fishing for that that will be delivered to you do we have to fish near our chests I mean, it’s tits. They’re designed for you, but you do whatever you want I caught four fish in the first minute, and I haven’t got a single sausage since well You’re catching how many fish this Ryan have six Serious up fish goddammit. I haven’t got a bite since yeah, mike you got like six in a row you’re like Oh, that’s ten fish there. We go. There’s two stupid. Hey, it’s all about the bait Well you got two you have seven over about a base [two] total not [too] in the same Is that this is torture being on the same [Xbox] is you enjoy watching you catch all these fish I’m not catching you before I had one in the past like five minutes. That’s how many of those whole time, okay? So anybody uh hey have any relationship problems. They want to talk about you. Don’t even want to fucking oh dude I’m feeling real I know right about you. Hey Enjoy the horror Story sort of it. [oh] yeah. Ryan’s at nine. Shut up. I Needed to go in for some high cards. Maybe the air will make the bank cross over in front of me Maybe the air was I just caught my approach that was a secret is different of rain Whoa fuck us that heli am fucking unless you’re ray because ray apparently can’t hate anything in front of Richard taking all my fish That’s okay at [fifteen] minutes the person in first place [gets] set [on] fire Never someone order. He could jump in Oh my God. I was immediate you don’t arrest. How’s the house? How’s your girlfriend, right? She’s good. What were you up to? You know? Things [when] you got cyber, have you guys met yet dude. Aso, what have you bet? Yeah, of course not [good] girls are scary. They already how’s your thing and fucking weird, West Virginia some shit [why] [I] don’t know why [is] west, Virginia [a] different state because it’s in the West idiot oh Damn, [is] there like oh Dude, it’ll fire fish or my way more frequent in the rain, bitch. Oh, man, that [sucks] It’s the most excited about the [facia] agitated wow I must cool. Cake fish love the rain dude It’s true [my] barber’s stop moving like [I’m] gonna fish underwater at least I’m getting rain up. I caught fish underwater That was amazing. How do you do that brag about it what I just [dived] on the water. [it’s] physically possible What’s that from how many fish is Ryan up to Caleb [Nineteen] she’s sir how many? [Thirteen] what the fuck [I’m] too So thank you sex I’m easy. I have my way Michael clearly doesn’t get the point of fishing But now that man is that ah? What’s the clock edge up? Wow, but [bo] actually I didn’t really sit [down] by in is winning the fishing rods happening ever I haven’t heard how many I haven’t Heard of that, I’m really Itchy is the ray you singing fishing in the rain. Yeah. I love it. Nice who sings that funny sing with me Jeff [Fishin] in the Ride do you know in Singing in the rain they actually had to mix milk with the water, so it come across on film They had what they to mix milk with the water to make it thicker, so you can actually see it on screen. That’s us We get in the bill so today. That’s a ginger nice Whoever caught that fish that was me I saw it wow someone’s bloody thing is bobbing away, and then I today he’s 215 shut up God damn it. All I see is fucking lures flying by in front of me. Oh I got fish on [me] young one [oh] wow I got one [too] your three only buddy one of my fish was just sat in my chair shane Hey was that all that what of it? Oh, I [hear] you asshole. [oh] Caleb [God] [damn] it. He’s the one giggling right next to ya fish pie here sharing us You didn’t literally and you couldn’t figure that out fuck Gavin Hemi you have ah you know uh-huh see nobody’s gavin in a screen looker take a look again screen. Yes See he’s blocking with this irene looker yeah. I mean you got I have seven motherfucker. I’m up to five feeling better about myself We just kill Rhino uh It’s Gonna be a long 3000 Someone’s never [-] [why] fish what happened [with] awesome was stolen. It someone stole my fish for the furnace. [how] was your history? Why don’t you leave fish in the furnace [coz] they were cooking jack? Can you wipe this you know there’s no fish stealing fish steve who nicked my effing fish before [I] go mental Who nicked the fish ray what [ray] what give me my face? I’m smelting my own smelting [my] [Dad] cooked fish on five Gavin you you have the our to go back and look and find out who the cheater Oh yeah, well I’ll find it. I knew I’d find it you son of a pencil It’s what I’m added to Gabi really annoyed by it Right a stern letter all right who was it who was [it] own up? We weren’t or not everyone wasn’t me I haven’t moved from my spot Ezra is Ryan up to 20 yet Yes, I think I think I’m getting pneumonia from this range. [oh], you know you’re getting one pneumonia damn it Ryan ha ha Yeah, these are not ideal conditions we’re all gonna have the Sniffles tomorrow a [lot] of nice yeah, we’re gonna both gonna be a lot of sneezing and coughing in our tents tonight Did you guys see where we put Caleb’s tent? that’s a grad that’s a hole in the wall ah Ray, what’s up? Thanks ray, you’re welcome, man What [bob] fish nice very quietly my lure into a fish’s mouth that was awesome Well, you know I threw it in the chameleon that wasn’t the chest. I’m like. Oh well free fish is catching up. Yeah That’s what happens when you leave a hispanic some free good Video pill pill pill pill pill all right now. [he’s] your elusive motherfuckers good. Hey Come on, baby. Come to daddy Daddy needs a new pair of fish There we go, huh So uh what does Evan do for lunch today? Barbecue last night we have some fish jay. You said yesterday you had a pizza and you had rudy’s yeah, it was delicious nice But it loves you we had home slice for my nephew’s birthday [you] had your wisdom teeth taken out as well on Friday. Yeah, I Bet they raped you in your sleep You seen horrible bosses right? I bet they took a dump on your [bed] at him I didn’t watch the out again. [I] know Barbara Barbara had a camera there, so that’s courtesy up. No was Barbara Who did it [uh-uh] why was Barbara that she had the time I couldn’t drive? Ryan what Ryan’s getting he’s getting nervous? Yeah? Gavin’s head, just poked up and fuck. Are you trying to catch my fish Recap no? All right guys [16] minutes and 17 seconds. So not even halfway like getting all jealous Kevin Rambow in front of me Yes, cuz if they’re dead yes, it’s stealing stealing a murder man Yes, it’s stealing if you murder if I can’t take it out of the furnace when it’s presented in front of your talk I just saw a creeper head Wha-wha-what? Gavin what you doing? [what] do you get if you catch that pig the 12 nobody fish flick it all over the play there ah? Right there away right scare all the fish away. That’s game away jump in [oh] Fish you see that fish Michael. I saw it dude. That was a nice catch. Thanks for pushing me in the water [oh], you are good Have you have you tried to catch that cake yet? Okay? No, is there cake [sooner] we’ve been catching the cake will that do something bonus points? Why not? Can you catch a game pressure? I’m Gonna Catch this pig Listen Gavin popping out of the water [come] in peg to the creature from the black lagoon. Hey. What’s up red is gone [you] scared the shit out of it I? Wonder there’s actually like a technique to this Thanks, don’t sweat the technique Gavin is fighting a big long Laughter we go guys. I’m really have gladly opportunity to hang out together. [hey] camp and bond watch me doing Chris big whoop So where do you make the fucking like furnace you smelt it? Yeah? Where is it? He’s [90] [p.m.]. Ah [there’s] like eight of them. That’s pretty hard to miss. I was just that you know what you don’t gonna be an Asshole Caleb Sorry guess. I’m a simple question so we passed and the fucking you do indeed Fish you can’t steal fish. No fish. I’ll catch you this pig. Look whoop. Oh Someday your charity excess at 30 shut up. Who’s the 30 Ryan who you think’s a third? Hey stop try catch My pig is mine, no Come in pick. How much time we got left? 15 minutes, we’re halfway done. No pigs is getting [spike] like it some people have started playing a different game Fishing [is] a as a war of attrition. Oh, I bet my butt my royal shit Gavin Gavin screwed. I’m out of Rod a Gigantic your Rod. Oh so pull him this pig around seriously Well hmM guess. I’m done Is there no extra fishing Rod your gab rating like a mugger. Hey serious our campsites Gonna get flooded I’m furnace number one two three four five six anybody fucks with my furnace. [oh] [my] [God] are you? What sits at home on I’m getting nothing now. How many fresh [young] Michael? I’ve 355 wolf wolf, huh get out of here. Ha ha ha I’m a fish right you lose all your fish yeah all three home phone [oh] ah Ha ha yeah, fuck you [alright], so we’re in agreement. If you throw your fish into a furnace no one can steal it. No yeah steal it man Yeah, otherwise. I’m gonna [place] [a] [three] in there. [oh] what who does knock me off the edge? You God damn it Gavin You you literally I wonder if it’s Gonna stop raining [I] a swamp underneath Caleb’s little [pierre], and I do mind the wood out from under All right number four has 25 in it those are all mine. Oh, I’m I just [watched] Ryan get fish and it pisses me off Yes, so easily. It’s just like his thing goes down [six] times the time like the right picture once Come on. What if it helps come on, baby water daddy’s hungry get must I think I’d hungry for some juicy goodness I’m in the shallow area and I’m complement 28 Jesus yeah are we feeling right no? You have the 28 [Caleb]. Yeah, you catching a fast. [I] don’t know about that Ryan’s probably felt like 40 but you’re not looking at Ryan screams is like the most he’s serious this time I’ve ever seen a let’s play Good to see Ya fishing is about focus [we’re] just a bunch of lads having a laugh last love lads laughs yeah this reigns needs to suck and suck a dry dick Whoo-hoo this weekend hard [Jeff] is all about it Come on Doo-Doo-doo Daddy needs a new pair of fish. She may catch a Gavin [oh] He swallowed it who here had that relationship [with] their dad. I love hooks for breakfast Nice nice. Jeff. Can’t uh can’t leave my area now um. Why is my fishing pole most broke Kevin oh yeah? Hey? So I stopped right anything wow it looks so different. I’m gonna bite in so long neither nibble little dumb Little oh does it break [oh], [I’d] even notice that oh careful duck. Oh fuck yep. Take care of your equipment guys well Pal My mind’s not breaking do I need to spend time polishing my Rod? So once your rod breaks you’re out right? Yeah, unless you brought a backup [I] did Are you serious? Walsh in here Ryan’s looking in Michaels chest no that’s my chest uncle’s fishing off my minds the first 2500 [Ya] went for a swim. They’re not meant to do that fuck that one up [Ryan]. Yeah, I did oh what? Ryan fuck you pulling yours in made me pull mine [Chris] and then we touch dips oh Ryan’s winning right yeah, right mastery. Yeah I’m not winning. Go under whoa. Whoa. What’s going on? Jesus? Hey get away from me So if Ryan dies we take his fish, right? Absolutely, we like kings if Ryan guys. I I can’t put fish in my chest anymore. They’re here. It’s on fire [ah] This is the life got trees Yeah, I got a fish and it didn’t fucking fall in my hand let it go it fell in the water [uh] I’m going for it Okay, if does that is it still there? You know did it go that it swam away? I don’t know Ryan is not fishing from the dock right now. Can we disqualify him hey what hax now it’s fun I said arvind uh-oh said earlier. You could fish him anyways, ooh bad fish gone. What someone’s nicked every single cooked fish go ahead Come on Ray what Ryan right don’t jump it around with you? You’re jumping around with me. Yeah, don’t lie to me, [bo] I think knows me. That’s gonna kind of Did he see you with the back? Yeah? That was not intentional. [it] wasn’t a bow as my fishing Rod I’m not getting it right in front of me Place at what point do we Jamboree? This is the Jamboree we make Macaroni pictures What’s doing [alright], and then after the rain stopped [at] 7:00 p.m. As the lion Jizz the mandatory whittling class I guess damn it I miss a fish I can tell you folk songs by the fire That’s any cool or something [ice] nine o’clock. We paint our nails in day, but summers oh great Okay, what okay? [where’s] hey right painter, but [Sam] [neill] right man [tan] like yeah like black to black Did you take home my face right? No logo bloke? I haven’t needed to take all your fish oh Fucking fisherman bird and see fern it’s my Laura hawkins over here. How much time we got Jeff checking? 37 seconds Jesus really yeah, wait so does that be in your box yeah, man It’s gotta be in your chest or does not count no. God damn it Oh Christ that if we come on one more fish someone’s hoarding Mike’s such one loses this one [45] fish. [who’s] this that’s mine get away from it Oh what you do fish deal them all [deal] them all no. No you got fit through this one wait Michael Where did it dickie you took all my fish [no] I can absolutely not take hey Michael No shellfish Michael has been artificially in bloody let me ask you a question michael. Yeah, did you take my pen? Yo, I know who took your fish who did ray took your face. [hey] look at my chest Yeah, stop [rollers] down ray take your fish and put them in. I just yeah cook your fish I have to fish up stop Stop everyone should let physically put your fucking control okay, okay? I’m gonna put out this fire first, okay, wait [alright] Let’s be the bicycle [Jack] Ryan needs to get his shit back And then we need to tally no no no I didn’t get no one took my fish someone gave me all right Well, you need to take it away fine. Well who would advise qualified come on you agree to receive these so ryan’s disqualified no Let’s accurate let’s accurate the shit, okay, okay? How many fake fish does Ryan have right has 14 fake fish everybody stand on what the [jazzy] did okay? I put a 40 in mine, but it’s sure I’m out. I’m okay. I’m so what the ridore fish in mine already I put 55 in there what I don’t know where they came from but did jack just add fish [why] are you guys make it? So how hard is it to stop? I don’t know I lied I’ll pop mine hit y, and I realize there’s already fish in mine, but there I’ll take I’ll take out 40 Why are you such a bitch alright alright? Okay? There? I’m sorry I got [somebody] someone [slightly] Gavin Ro Gavin Gavin you’re gonna be you’re gonna be the tally man. Oh, okay, okay? I have 35 cooked fish hello or raw fish, okay? That’s Jeff has 74 fish Okay, 74 points what how 35 points okay? Just 94 points. I’m gonna write this down hold on everyone hold on okay Ray I have 20 [ray] has 20 points [red] 20 cooked fish 20 cook fish so 40 points on the right fish Gavin has one cooked fish, so two points Yeah, Gavin Whatever the rest of Gavin’s fish all right Ryan has 59 cooked fish, [so] that’s also that’s a hundred and eighteen points so today I Know legitimately. I really only had 45 though okay, so no Ryan as 90 points No, legitimate college intimately someone stole all my fish where [ichael] has to know the ocean to cooked overall no bullshit bullshit Michael had about fifty cooked fish and someone stole them all Who said? Oh my I don’t know I’ll cancel the fucking recording and go back and you can see [the] fish I have in my [case] I Have of Joe. I have two uncooked and somewhere between 45 species of this is for the damn tower of Pimps 45 [and] a Fuckin cheaters if all right so jack has a hundred as 55. Oh no those aren’t mine, okay? I will not claim those I have 40 on me that I didn’t get in the case. So okay, so Jack had 80 this person’s Ear oo0 okay, okay? uh Gavin the other one Caleb has 38 cooked fish 78 points So legitimate winner is I know [rile] one check my fucking fish. They were stolen wait I didn’t write down a school for Michael How many that’s because someone? Fucking took so am I gonna put down on my little school shoes well if you want me to cancel my [cops] [turn] the [ones] The ones I stole from him are in Jack’s crate, but that doesn’t fucking tell me shit. [oh] wait wait wait wait Wait Caleb you say you stole fish. [I] took 55. Are you say different great come there [dude]? I had 55 you at 55. I stole a key from your club Michael. You bad bitches. I was silently fishing like over boss Oh, you were always jerking off haven’t gone Michael has fish so Michael had 110 [derek] [looks] like one day the winner 112a [to] wash a burrito ever this is cool. Michael. We got to the bottom of it [Kaleb] was a thief I win, everyone sucks my car, but [I] want the fucking tarp in my house. I caught a thief I was a relocator Michael. You haven’t won in a while. How does it feel to have it feels prayed? Hey [Michael] [ready] good Yeah, congratulations [on] winning the inaugural achievement Hunter fish Rodeo object. Yeah, we’re doing this again champion right on shower of Chemical he’s the champ for one believe me He smells like scaly fish oh Do it bears love water hey by the way uncle Timmy Ferry mushroom, so is this the last h fish rodeo and Jamboree because oh gone no? God, you can someone just burn down trees all we’re doing this once a month That’s way over Finally [waiting] [all] goddamn [week] for this So all right my first tower of pimps Alright, so right right? We’re right, but now it’s my tower [you] take your money city a block I get to keep the ball He does get to keep the block Ryan’s new it’s okay this tower pins right, okay? Right, but I’m gonna put on this this lovely stand I have a tower of Pimps banjo replica stand with the achievement on her logo to display It courtesy of Dylan and kelly so shout out to them for [this] lovely [boat] play Gavin missed knocked over the soda But that’s okay Hit me raise your banter the tower and the slap ban is still all in the shot And that’s a victory that done righted Caleb, all right?

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  8. This is the first video I watched. I remember it was a suggested video in the widget of my youtube widget on my old samsung S3. The widget was broken so it always showed the thumbnail for this video at the front. after a while I thought id finally click on it. Thanks buggy widget!

  9. Caleb was annoying at the end of the episode. He should have just left the fish alone instead of confusing everyone.

  10. I know another way Michael could've easily won. He's playing as a bear, he can just jump in the water and catch salmon.

  11. I just wanna say, I love how Gavin's​ fish was stolen too but he didn't make to much of a fuss and let Michael win

  12. I LOVE how Gavin steals Michael's fish from the water.. and then suddenly…

  13. Geoff: "Anybody have any relationship problems they want to talk about?"
    Michael: "Oh you have no idea…"
    smash cut to the dozens of photos of baby Iris.
    If Michael did have relationship problems they were definitely resolved..


    There's a place I know that's tucked away!
    A place where you and I can stay.
    Where we can go to laugh and play,
    and have adventures every day!
    I know it sounds hard to believe but guys and gals it's true!
    Camp AH is the place for me and you!
    We'll swim through lakes and climb up trees,
    catch fish, bugs, bears, and honeybees!
    There's endless possibilities,
    and no that's not hyperbole!
    Our motto's "God Dammit Gavin" and that means I'm telling you…
    We've got:
    search and rescue
    training that'll save you from a heart attack
    scuba diving
    keeping up with rhyming
    treasure hunting
    bomb defusal
    no refusal
    circus trapeze
    and fights
    and ghosts
    and paints
    and snakes
    and knives
    and chess
    and dance
    and weights
    it's Camp AH!

  15. I'm really happy Gavin isn't like this anymore. I know some people find him entertaining, its just not for me.

  16. Didn't Ryan win? Gavin's fish went into Michael's chest, Michael's went into Jacks. So, if Michael had 55 and Gavin had at least 15 then Michael really only had 80 or so points which would make Ryan the winner. #FishingGate.

  17. This video was funny. But seriously, no one should've won, since everyone was moving them around and taking each others. It was a bit of a disaster.


    Me: oh you sweetheart, wait until a little thing called camp camp is born

  19. Throughout the whole playlist up to this point, I couldn't figure out why Michael's voice seemed familiar. Then, he mentioned cam anD I JUST- WAIT A MINUTE

  20. did michael really win? I feel like something fishy happened. like maybe all of gavins fish ended up in michael's chest.

  21. Ryan looked so sad at the end just putting out fires and then in the outro, Michael just took the Tower of Pimps from him :') Aw.

    To be honest, I still don't actually understand how Michael won. He was doing so badly.

    Or was that an act?

  22. This Episode is a 3 Way-Tie for being the funniest People in the " Let's Play " they are: Gavin, Jack, and Micheal.

  23. Michael reminds me of my friend in this episode: loudly complaining about how well another player is doing and then winning in the end.

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