Lady Of The Hunt: Alpha Male Comes Out As Transgender Woman

Lady Of The Hunt: Alpha Male Comes Out As Transgender Woman

COMM: As master of the hunt, Graham Pascoe was the embodiment of the red blooded alpha
male, with a lifestyle to envy. But the married father of two was living a lie. Inside, he
was a woman. SUE: I was in constant conflict with myself. I wanted to be Sue, but I needed to be Graham.
Inside I was dying. COMM: Finally at the age of 54, Graham had gender correction surgery to transform into
the woman he’d always been. Sue. SUE: The anaesthetist stuck the needle in and that was it, I was gone. Then I woke up,
and I smiled at Dr. Kaushik when he came in, and he said what does it feel like? And I
said, if I die tomorrow this will have been worth it. COMM: When I made my decision to become Sue I thought that I would lose my family, I’d
lose my farm, I’d lose my business, that people would ostracise me. DAWN: When Sue was Graham, Graham was Sue. What I’m trying to put across is she’s always been Sue. SUE: My first feelings of being in the wrong body were between being three years old and
five years old. I just didn’t feel like a boy. COMM: As an adult Sue fought to become more masculine. Even qualifying as a pilot and
becoming a hunt master. In 1985 Sue married and went on to have two sons. Eventually though
the marriage faltered. For Sue it was a release. SUE: I had been in prison. I had kept my promise, and my loyalty to my wife and to my children.
And once I was freed, at last in my life, I could start to become who I really am. COMM: Finally, in 2014 Sue was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and approached her doctor
about gender correction surgery. But was told she would have to wait over four years. SUE: I was utterly devastated, if I’d have had to wait for four and half years, quite
frankly, I’d have been dead. COMM: Sue didn’t want to waste any more time so she headed east and paid less than £10,000
for full gender correction surgery in India. In November 2014, Sue had breast augmentation,
botox and stem cell injections. Her second visit in March 2015 saw her have facial surgery
and genital reconstruction. COMM: Sue’s now back in the UK. Beauty specialist Diane has been helping her achieve her look. DIANE: Your face is healing nicely now, it’s not swollen now.
SUE: That’s right, it’s going down quite well. I think he’s done an amazing job. DIANE: I think it’s really nice actually because it seems to sort of transform, and one of
my things is trying to make you look even more feminine isn’t it really? And sort of
bringing out the natural features in her face. She’s got fab lips. I’m jealous! COMM: As Graham, one of Sue’s biggest passions had been hunting. And she’d ridden to the
very top, becoming master of the hunt. But Sue was nervous about how the hunting fraternity
would greet her decision to transition. SUE: After my family, my greatest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to hunt. I was dreading
the first day I went out. A woman who’s now into her early seventies, and she rode over
to me, and she said “Sue darling, how are you doing?” as though I’d been Sue all
my life. What a class act that lady. COMM: Looking to the future Sue is planning on setting up a charity to help other transgender
people seeking to travel abroad for surgery. And she’s not ruled out finding love. SUE: I would love to have a long term relationship with a loving partner who I would regard as my friend and soulmate. Yes I would. Wouldn’t everybody?

78 thoughts on “Lady Of The Hunt: Alpha Male Comes Out As Transgender Woman

  1. i really don't understand it, people work so hard even spending 1000's of dollars to be in the sex they feel, but that guy voice just blows it all within a second

  2. It's very sad to think she spent so so many years pretending to be something she is not. In the end, we're all just trying to be happy, yknow? Ultimately we are all in the same boat.

  3. "to make you look more feminine and bring out the natural features of your face"
    apparently, wearing makeup brings out the "natural feminine" features of the face

    Graham Pascoe was the embodiment of the all-action, red-bloodied alpha male. But the 55-year-old had a secret he carried around with him every waking moment – inside he felt he was a woman. 

  5. this is pretty stupid, but if the people are happy fuck it its their life, but remember just because i feel like a squirrel on the inside doesn't mean you are one

  6. "Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand why she walked like a woman and talked like a man la la Lola, la la la la Lola"

    "Dude looks like a lady da na da na dude looks like a lady"

  7. Looks like a guy with a wig on. I'm sorry, but I just can't wrap my head around this. If you are born a man, you're a man.

  8. I will never understand why some transgender people – before they have transitioned – have gotten married and had kids while living such a huge lie about themselves.

  9. Transphobes. Transphobes everywhere.


    She is awesome, brave, and prettier than a lot of other women.

  10. Hoped a life of silent suffering would grant her the empathy to turn away from tearing apart foxes with hunting dogs for thrills. But unfortunately she still engages in such sadism.

  11. Married, two kids, and talking about a soulmate after a gender transition, brutally hunting foxes and then talking about finding a soulmate? This is the definition of sociopathic selfishness.

  12. She looks great in the photo at 1:53, makes me happy to see beautiful trans people blossom into who they really are.

  13. I dream of one day living in a world where people in the LGBT community will not have to live in fear. Judging from some of the insensitive, heartless and ignorant comments below, it won't happen in my lifetime 🙁

  14. Look at me look at me ooo plz look at me I am me or no I'll change me but don't stop lookin at me 👎🏼

  15. I don't care he wants to change his gender, but really? charity to help other transgender travel aboard for surgery. that's a joke for me. I better donate my money to other charity.

  16. Transphobes – "Oh, HOW DARE SHE! he is a liar, he was a man this entire time and now he thinks he can walk around and be a women!? This affects my personal life, I don't know how or why, but it does affect my life!"

    see how childish and stupid it sounds? don't be a transphobe.

  17. You know deep inside your still a man , you where born a man, you will never have the qualities of a woman no matter how many operations you go through but you deserve to be happy If that's what you think makes you happy.

  18. Gender doesn't even exist. Biology is just racist hate made up by the white patriarchy, it's not real. We're all identical. People who don't agree need to be put in re-education love camps.

  19. That's sad he waited 50 years to do it. Sad to endure an entire life of frustration. She's happy now, that's the principal.

  20. Someone was miserable, now they're happy. And people hate them even though how it happened has abso fucking lutely nothing to do with them

  21. Barcroft, please stop these insane propaganda videos. Transgenderism is not something to encourage or be proud of. It is a mental illness, whether our culture today wants to admit it or not. You are not helping people with gender dysphoria; instead you are condemning them to continue to believe a lie.

  22. No matter how many surgeries he have he will never be 100% women and same for a woman no matter how many surgeries a woman have to look like a man she will never be 100% real man ijs, 💯💯💯

  23. You are a lovely lady Sue. I wish you a beautiful and bright future may you always stay true to yourself.

  24. How much did they pay this man to put on this dress?!?! When are we going to hear from the abandoned spouses and children? I bet the story is and “Sue” aren’t so lovely if they got to tell their side.

  25. Society is not required to participate in these men's delusions and sexual fetish.    Protect the rights and privacy of women and children, especially in women only spaces.    Trans "women" are men.   They say this never happens:

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