Known Snitch Tim Allen Don’t Play Spades | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

Known Snitch Tim Allen Don’t Play Spades | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

Yo while doing press for “Toy Story 4”
a reporter asked Tom Hanks and known snitch Tim Allen about their connection
to the culture. That’s right! Let me just backtrack if y’all don’t know Tim Allen
snitched on a lot of people to avoid a lot of jail time.
Look at this — look at his mug shot. He’s like “yo” That’s a snitch mustache. Fam, he’s like yo he’s
smiling, he’s like “Yo, y’all all going to jail” I want ask you a couple questions. You’re
playing spades, you got four and a possible your partner says he got four
in the possible what do you do? Do you bid nine or do you bid ten go whales and
go all out for it. Ten. Go all out. I’ve been working Vegas 30 years, I don’t
gamble, I don’t play cards. He’s like, “I would have learned how to play spades if I went to jail!” HA HA! But ya’ll motherfuckers did instead! HA HA! I throw deep baby, I go deep. Why is Tom Hanks like a light-skinned auntie? MERO:Yo I don’t know
what you guys you’re talking about. I don’t have any idea what you guys
said. You don’t know how to play spades? I’m gonna say I do just because I want
to move on. Now when I was in Oakland, California– He’s mad uncomfortable! Kids were playing
whist man but that’s that’s like a version of Spades… What, Tom Hanks is like from Oakland or something? Barely. Let’s relax. Come on. Yo he has a very long arc on Empire dog, I’m very surprised he’s on that shit. Yes yes– I’m still watching Empire! I’m very surprised you’re still watching Empire! Yes I’m still watching Empire! Only people still watching Empire are you Lee Daniels and Jussie Smollett! I mean yeah by obligation. No, I didn’t see any of the previous ones so I wouldn’t know the backstory. Didn’t something really sad happened the last one? Mike knows
come on Mike. [SINGING] Mike’s on [SINGING] He’s ready to go! Oh wow, damn. Wait the show is dark like that? Shout out to Disney! Oh you didn’t tell me it was like dogs killing themselves and shit Damn yo Mr. Potato Head like taking his eyeballs
out, like ahhh

97 thoughts on “Known Snitch Tim Allen Don’t Play Spades | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

  1. tim allen should have got some pay back for ratting…… I hate rats. was a time when he would have to disappear to survive, I miss the old days.He would be dead or living in a cabin in Wyoming

  2. Toy Story 3: Hamm walked into a microwave, set the time, and closed the door behind him. It made the show Chernobyl look like House Party 2

  3. Toy Story 3 SPOILERS: "The toys were huddled up next to Andy's death bed as he's reached the tender age of 37. afflicted by a rare testicle enlargement disease cause his nuts to inflame and grow to the size of pineapples. As he takes his last breath all the toys begin to loose sentience in the order of which they entered Andy's life leaving Woody to watch all his friends cease to exist. In a last ditch effort to avoid the pain of seeing his entire existence simply just blink out he takes his own life with his voice box cord off the edge of Andy's bed with one last sentence "To infinity…and beyond"

  4. “they all accepted death as inevitable” sounds fake but like that is actually what happened in toy story 3 djejsjaja

  5. Tim a snitch hahah he got caught wit some bricks and folded like a lawn chair smh makes sense he acts

  6. im patently waiting for desus to address ms purpose teeth,, bout her breakfast club interview… brand stay strong af..

  7. Just because Tim Allen is pro trump they call him a snitch .. if he was pro dem they would switch it around

  8. Im so so glad someone else acknowledges that Toy Story 3 took a hairpin hard as fuck left turn midway through act 2 going to 3 🤣🤣🤣😯😯

  9. Lmfao ; who else remembers the segment on the original Desus and Mero (Viceland) and they ROASTED and TOASTED Tim Allen?

    No, just me? Okay…

  10. How dare she insult the dad of the year asking is he gonna see toy story 4!! Mero always does it big on family night 💪💯

  11. My respect for Tom just grew 10 fold. He said, “kids was playing the whist”!!! look all I play is bid whist, spades is for children. But unfortunately here in Texas finding people under 60 that know how to play is rare🙄

  12. Man, Toy Story 3 made me cry. I'm not gonna see Toy Story 4 cause it feels like a needless cash-in. 3 was the perfect end for that franchise.

  13. Bruh he ain’t racist he just said he didn’t know how to play spades idk how to either and just because he’s a felon doesn’t mean he’s a bad person that was so long ago man leave the man alone

  14. I don’t never comment on shit on YouTube, but I feel like I got to say something about this one. White folks come in a lot of different flavors. I am one. Lol I got friends from up north of all colors. Damn near none of them know what spades are. My Puerto Rican friend did but he called it something way different. Depending on where you come from folks don’t play certain stuff. Tim Allen is the kind of white dude that gets it. His whole career is based off blue collar down home values. The kind of stuff them rich ass stuck up people don’t get. And the man is almost 70. You got to give him some slack on this one. He’s one of the realist dudes in Hollywood and he done time, and came out of it on top. We play Tonk down here, and Ceelo. If someone don’t know what it is it’s all where you’re from.

  15. Yeah this show will be over soon, then they can laugh themselves in obscurity. Keep doin your song and dances for white man. Fucking sell outs

  16. Desus and mero should be disallowed from calling people a snitch. We know damn these two clowns would be first to snitch they pu$$y

  17. Weakness pure weakness, u two punks suck it, ur not so bright either. I suspect inbreeding, yo momma got wit her brother.

  18. Big ups Tom Hanks! Never liked Tim Allen when I was a kid then when I grew up and found out he was a rat I really wasn’t feeling him

  19. (1) I have no idea how to play Spades
    (2) Y’all still gonna watch Toy Story 4 anyways
    (3) who the hell cares?

  20. If someone asked me a stupid question like that I'd have the same response. What did that have anything to do with the movie? These fools mocking Tim Allen like he's the butt of a joke because he didn't get the race baiting question

  21. Tim Allen literally barely even spoke in this interview. You are digging and digging and reaching and reaching for racism. This interview was extremely forced and unnecessary.

    “Yeah, I guess I’ve played spades before.”
    Was that a racist answer?

  22. Damn you people literally have nothing better to do than to try and fuck a mans career up. How pitiful. That’s why he’ll make more money than ANY of you. He supports Trump and you spineless idiots can’t swallow it

  23. who gives a flying fuck if he doesn't know how to play some wack card game? is this honeatly what were supposed to give a shit about now?

  24. Race baiting liberal blacks. If Tim Allen had known how to play spades they'd be crying cultural appropriation……while enjoy all the benefits of white inventions and society. Retarded liberals.

  25. gonna go ask black women from detroit what they know about Xianqqi (a board game popular in rural china) and if they can't answer, then they are racist.

  26. Im black and i dont know how to play spades, im more offended with ignorant people who thinks that all black people play spades, kinda stereotyping and racist; like assuming we all love watermelon and chicken. In Tim's defense, he said that he doesn't gamble, that means he also doesn't play poker, black jack, roulette, mahjong, Russian roulette, etc…

  27. not trying to defend tim allen but he wrote about going to jail in book form it has its own chapter it’s supposedly how he found his gift n ended up in comedy

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