Jurassic Park Bull T-Rex Kenner Toy Review Compare To Jurassic World By WD Toys

Jurassic Park Bull T-Rex Kenner Toy Review Compare To Jurassic World By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys guys it’s great to
see you again I’m so glad you came back gonna have another all some drastic Park
show today I’ve done reviews on pretty The Lost World Bull T-Rex Kenner Toy Review Compare To Jurassic World By WD Toys much all of the Jurassic World Toys you
could check my play list and I get a lot of comments from viewers that they would
like to see the Jurassic Park toys reviewed also so I bought a lot of the
Jurassic Park toys and I will be reviewing a lot of them in the next
couple weeks but this guy is really awesome this is the bull T rex from
Jurassic Park and the best part about this guy is he could eat a lot of action
figures I mean this guy could fit three action figures into his stomach this
here is a full sized action figure me you can see it in my hand here so this
guy’s ma through open way up and he could eat three of these guys won their
got another full sized action figure here 13 are in his stomach has a stomach
slick here you can see all the guys are so this guy will hold three full-size
action figures in its stomach and that is also also eat a couple his whole good sized velociraptors and
you can see there i mean he can eat these guys whole check this slide right
down his throat the whole thing just slides right down his throat and then
you could take him out from the stomach that cool this is the biggest T-rex you
could get in either drastic world or jurassic park I’ll show you a size
comparison of him with this time and roar T-rex which is the biggest one from
Jurassic world this guy is quite a bit bigger the only thing I don’t like about
him his lakes are solid so you can’t move from upper down i mean basically
he’s stuck there in a running position ok well let’s take a closer look at this
guy he is and also looking dinosaur as you can see I mean they did a great job
with this teeth here and you could open his mouth way up son he could swallow a
lot of characters if you there and then I mean I really like the job they did
honest teeth a lot of individual teeth their data like they are individual and
they did a really great job painting immediacy that paints feeding on some of
them because this is an older toy that has been well played with but it’s still
in great condition f your ass is probably about 15 to 20 years old and
they they did a great job on this guy’s eyes and they put actual class size and
here so I mean his eyes look really cool and the paint job they did on this guy’s also ahead ever gonna go ahead and take
a look at his whole body first and then we’ll take a look at his articulation
and other features ok well there is his mouth again going down and did a great
job with like a bluish green and like greenish brown with black stripes I mean
did a really good color combination and then he’s got the little spindly t-rex
arms which to articulate and his whole body here his whole upper body is rubber so it is
flexible so you could do a lot of different things with him which you
can’t do with a lot of the drastic world diahann source and it does make it look
and feel a lot more authentic and going down and then these these guys do suffer
from the bed tail because they’ve been their tails when they were in the
package because their packaging was too small his legs did a really good job with the
stripes on his legs and the clause or phenomenon this guy I mean I love the
job they did with the clause me take a look at that and legs I mean
the individual plates and everything that they put on there in like did a
great job coloring it looks really cool and then here’s the bottom of his feet unfortunately somebody put a stripe on
there cuz im not the original owner of this guy as you see I mean they did a
great job with strange destroy nations even on the bottom of his feet so minute
detail they put into these guys is really cool and here is a top view is
really like to coloring he does have a really nice long robert l
so it’s great for dinosaur battles and then with with these guys just like the
Jurassic Park Wednesday did go ahead and brand the legs of GDP 28 so you could go
ahead and identify these guys even if you don’t know exactly what they are you
can look it up on the internet the number and it would tell you and then
just like a lot of the Jurassic Park ones actually though the white on the
bottom of this guy is really good phone lot of them that white beads
really easily and peels okay then we’re gonna go ahead and open this guy up this
guy’s really cool because of the slick he has on his stomach guess said I mean
he could halt 34 action figures in his stomach and you could pull them all but
inside there he has a battery compartment which controls the sounds
yummy he does have sound too which I will be showing you very shortly and his
best feature is he could swallow who action figures I mean fit right into his
mouth and take a look at that there that is cool which you don’t have that was a
lot of dinosaurs and then this guy also does have a thinner roar but before we
go there let’s take another look at his head because I mean I loved the job the
detailed job they do on these guys with their teeth and their heads down to like
a bunch of little individual bumps in everything to give his head like a more
authentic look here you’ve got all kind of ridges on its head and then here also
feel like he’s got like dick orig play above his eyes which are really like and then let’s go ahead and listened to
the roar his role in older toy well let’s go
ahead and listen to it by pushing down on his better I mean my opinion they are both
fun but they did make the Jurassic Park ones a lot more durable and because I
mean this guy’s probably close to twenty years old as you can see I mean he’s
been played with and he’s still in great condition with regard to look at his
arms are so this is the only place that he is articulated is his arms so you
could turn his arm around and like I said I’ll be doing a review on a lot of
these jurassic park toys and make sure you leave it in the comments down below
which ones you’d like to see bad I mean they could battle either other jurrasic
park toys or drastic world toys and here he is in size comparison to the end
Armas wreck so you can see he is quite a bit bigger than the end ominous Rex I
just wish they would have made his legs more flexible so he could stand up i
mean this is hard plastic in it is molded together so you can’t stand him
in any other position if they would have done that I mean it would it be would
have been a lot more fun toy to play with today’s secret word is dinosaur
make sure you leave me a comment if you watch this whole video make sure you
leave me a comment down below with the word dinosaur in it and I will know you
are a true drastic World Jurassic Park fan and we will have a lot more fun
together with a lot more Dino battles guys was so much fun well and card lot more drastic world
Peppa Pig billions Star Wars include dinosaur

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  2. did u hear that Mattel now has the jurassic world license and they bought it form the evil forces of hasbro? hasbro made garbage and now us fans can give Mattel a chance!

  3. My childhood toy… *sniff*… I was playing with this T-Rex with my 1998 Ultimate Godzilla toy. I was making them to team up to eat people, then have them starting to fight each other whoever gets their share. Yup, good times.

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