22 thoughts on “Jay Electronica Lecture (London 2010) | Red Bull Music Academy

  1. super intelligent individual, I really don’t need him to drop an album for me to figure out he really has some top 3 material.

  2. If you didn’t catch it jay is sayin if we question jfk’s assassination there’s a WHY is reason things keep getting brought up

  3. You guys know he prefers to be called "Jay ElecHannukah
    Jay ElecYarmulke Jay ElectRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Subhanahu wa ta'ala", right?

  4. Man, y'all cut the full interview… 2 minutes in and it ain't even worth watchin'. Saw the full thing years ago here on Youtube, and now it's all chopped to hell…smh

  5. This man is no scholar. He's not that intelligent. There are people far more impressive musically. Violinist for example. Your Mom & Dad are more impressive than this guy. He said, "assalamualaikum" and all of a sudden he's a sage? This is embarrassing. Listen to Leon Bridges.

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