Intense Staring Contest Between Gabriel Luna and Lilly Singh

Intense Staring Contest Between Gabriel Luna and Lilly Singh

-Y’all are on this
crazy press tour where you’re traveling
to all these different places. Mackenzie, are there
any memorable moments that have happened on the tour
thus far? -Well, we went to China
recently, which was so fun and great, and everyone
was really hospitable. And we had the premier
and then this sort of, um… Well, I’m not sure what is was, but we were on stage
for quite a while. And at a certain point,
they rolled out a drum, and we all had to beat a drum
to the beat of “Terminator,” which I’m — I — [ Sighs ] I have no rhythm. And it’s — I’m, like,
an excellent solo dancer. I could really
knock your socks off. But as soon
as somebody else just, like, comes into my force field —
or, if I have to sing along to an instrument, um,
I just panic. And so we all had to beat
on the drum to the tune of “Terminator,” and
I was the one that went last, and it was just —
just a horror show. -It was
the best part of the show. -It was the cutest thing ever.
-Is she exaggerating, though? Was she actually off?
-No! -She was off.
-Okay. -She was off.
But the best part was, at the end,
it was a contest about, like, staying in
the “Terminator” franchise. And at the end,
she was just begging Arnold, “Please don’t take me
out of the franchise!” -Gabriel went
after everybody did it. And then Gabriel just like —
-Gabriel crushed it. -You — unh!
[ Laughter ] -Just no words.
[ Laughter ] -He was all over the —
-“Mortal Kombat.” -He was so good at it. -I’ve seen YouTube videos of,
like, Shaolin monks doing… and doing all that stuff. And they have these big drums,
and they’re just like — Their whole body’s into it,
so I was like, “Man, I’m going all the way
with it.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Speaking, Gabriel —
Speaking of — ♪ Dun dun dun ♪ -Yes.
-Let’s talk about your body real quick, okay?
-Okay, okay, okay. -Because you had quite the
interesting first day on set. Is it true that,
on your first day, they made you shoot
a naked scene? -Yes, yes, yes.
-That’s tough for a first day. [ Cheers and applause ] So, I mean yes, correct.
“Whoo” is correct. But is this kind of
the introduction you had to your castmates
is you just being naked? -Uh, well, it’s — it was the
introduction to my entire crew. It was like, “Hey, hello, guys.
How are you?” [ Laughter ]
“Welcome to, uh — Welcome to work.
First day.” -That’s confidence.
We love that. [ Cheers and applause ] Here’s another question I have,
though. It’s, it’s —
It’s difficult for you, but as castmates,
were you there for this? -No.
Didn’t go that day. I was — I was there.
-We shot right before. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We were there and he was — -How are you supportive
castmates when someone is literally naked on a trapeze? What do you say
to encourage a castmate? [ Laughter ]
-You look great. -Because I can’t imagine that
goes like, “Good job, champ. That’s good.
You look great.” Like, what do you say? -I mean,
that’s pretty much what I did. I remember, I think,
walking, uh, wearing a robe. I was just —
You know, I think I did that, and I was like, “Dude, thank God
it’s pretty hot outside today.” You know?
[ Laughter ] -So, Gabriel, what I love
about you is that, in true Terminator
cyborg fashion, you went to great lengths
to not blink in your scenes. -Yeah.
-Even when you’re firing a weapon, you’re not blinking.
-Right. -How did you learn that?
What’s the trick? -Yeah, I’ve —
I was trying to, you know, just maintain, just very precise
focus, obviously, but, you know, you’re firing off
an automatic weapon, and you gotta be prepared
for that first round to go. And, uh,
my friend Gabby Sidibe — Gabourey Sidibe — once we did
a film together called “Gravy.” Directed by James Roday.
Thank you, James. And, uh — And she had
to play dead with, like, the dead-eye stare, you know? Just her eyes are open,
and she’s sitting there dead. And she just wasn’t blinking. I’m like, “What? How did —
How did you do that?” And she’s like,
“I just wiggle my little toe, and I just think about that.”
-Wait. -Really? -“Then I’m not worried about
what my eyes are doing.” So, whenever you see me
in the movie, and I’m just, like, blasting off some rounds
at somebody, I’m just literally just wiggling
my little toe, thinking… [ Laughter ] -And you know what’s
so interesting is literally every person in the audience
has wiggled their toe. Literally, all of y’all
were just like, “What is he talking –” So you’re telling me that–
Can we try? Can we do a staring contest?
‘Cause I wanna wiggle my toe. -Is that what’s happening
right now? -I wanna see if this works.
Okay, hold on, hold on. You guys can provide commentary.
Please, help me make him blink. D.J. Daniel —
I’m gonna wiggle my toe. Hold on.
DJ Daniel, give me some dramatic staring-contest music.
-Drop that beat. -Here we go.
Ready? One —
Let me get my blinks out. [ Laughter ]
Okay. Ready? 1, 2, 3. -Oh, wow. -That’s good with
the raised eyebrows. [ Cheers ] -You know this could go
for a whole segment, right? Are you prepared…
-I’m in so much pain. -…for your show to run
four hours long? -My mas– Aah! [ Cheers and applause ] -It is a little —
-To be fair, you good. To be fair, the whole time,
I’m like, “My mascara’s not waterproof.
This is gonna be real –” That’s a pro.
That’s a pro right there. That hurts. That hurts.
[ Cheers and applause ] So, this is obviously a very
demanding shoot for all of you. Physically, I’m sure.
Mentally, emotionally. Was there any scene that
was particularly strenuous where you’re like, “Oh, that was
the toughest scene to shoot”? -I think that week or two weeks
that we were in the South of Spain
was really, really intense. -It was gnarly.
-It was 115 degrees outside. You know,
we’re shooting on a highway, so the pavement
made it even hotter. We’re in a pickup truck
with no A.C. The three of the us,
just like this… -In a agricultural zone
that can be seen from space. -Full of flies.
-Fly-infested. -So, yeah.
-Wow. -Literally all the movie’s
CGI budget went to taking all the little flies
away from that sequence. -From our face.
-From our faces. -I think we actually have
a video from this moment. Check it out,
because it looks fun. I mean —
-Oh, yeah! ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -You are just over it.
You are so hot. [ Applause ] -I’m from Canada.
-You’re from Canada? What part?
-Vancouver. -Toronto.
What’s up? What’s up? That was a weapons-training
high five, for sure, because my hand done broke.

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  1. This guy is about as intimidating as my grandfather wearing leather pants … can totally see why he was cast to be a Terminator 丹儭

  2. Licence plate states Texan! Girls love the way I be dressing! And oh yea I hope D…. gets the message! Shot out to everyone, who's with me! That's what I yell, whenever I drive off, in the Bentley! Na Drak. doesn't spend like me, but I'll give it to him! He does work out; Bill Gallispie!

  3. Lilly got her own show now? Thats awesome! She always grows with her growing audience! Thats what i like about Lilly; creating new content.
    But please, don't forget to have ur parents on the show. Well, it will be you impersonating them…however, it would be nice to see them as the audience, laughing at what you'd do…

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