100 thoughts on “Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Black Prince, Pt 2

  1. Typical British strange Heavy tank:)
    6 inches is like 150-160mm?
    0:37 Anyone notice that box can possible stop Heat ammo?.)
    Around 4:08 This is like siting in Lancia Stratos:)
    9:10 Worst desing ever:):)

  2. Would have been interesting if the Challenger 2 had instead been Black Prince. I think it's a fantastic name that's been underutilized.

  3. So, what romantic things did you do on Friday?


  4. I wonder if the oddly positioned roof sights and machine gun feed were based on an original plan to put the gunner and commander on the left a la Churchill. When that changed, they made some changes, but the turret has already been cut. On subsequent vehicles, they would have corrected this error.

  5. you'll have to imagine an enraged Black Prince driver
    who has been brewed up out of his tank,
    emerging fuming, with a machete in each hand

  6. Churchill, always one model late. Imagine if they had the Mk7 instead of the Mk3. Black Prince arriving when the Mk 7 did. Any time manuver warfare was breaking down due to heavy resistance they would have provided the armor to lead the "lesser" tanks. Yes I know they are the end result of the dead path of WWI thinking on tanks, but so much armor on a platform that cares so little about what terrain its crossing….

  7. I am pretty sure the gunner in the AC-1 Sentinel fought kneeling on the floor given the levels of the sights and controls. Also the gun was free in elevation like other British tanks the Australians had access to. Kneeling, the sights would still likely be too low for you as normal height was shorter then. Not saying it was a good design but fighting from the seat was impossible.

  8. Very interesting. I have seen a picture of a German sailor (?) standing beside a knocked out Churchill on the beach at Dieppe and he is waving a machete. I took it to be a weird one-off but maybe not. Were Churchill’s also equipped with machetes?

  9. You would think a tank built to mount a powerful gun would be built around the gunner and commander's position, but I guess you would be wrong…. It's a pity, neat name, poor tank!

  10. The music that overlays the narration in this video makes it very hard work to listen to. I gave up by about a third of the way through.

  11. I really like the "Black Prince" and personally believe it is what the "Churchill" should have been to start with. That said 20/20 hindsight is no basis for academic critical engagement.

  12. Watching this video and seeing how much sheer room the smoke launcher took up, I completely understand why modern tanks have them mounted on the outside and just have a small switch system inside. You could put another 6 or 8 boxes of coax ammo for the room that smoke launcher took up. Or another 8 rounds of main gun. Every inch of a tank interior is needed room.

  13. Hey Chieftain should I bump my head against the wall a few times and bang my knees on something to get the feel of making these videos ?? Next level tactics. 200IQ . Brave man to sing gj.

  14. Chieftain you ever break anything that was VERY important or not fixable ?? Strange question I know . Next inside tanks batchat vive la France : ) . Next very important question how do you do number 2 in old tanks ?? Old casings ?? Escape hatch ?? Your buddies boots ??

  15. Dual wielding machete driver is an interesting surprise in the crew stats. Could be useful in a jungle warfare situation, or to give some melee options if the crew has to fight dismounted.

  16. My theory on the periscope is that the loader has a lot more time for observation than the gunner does. The gun is already loaded and ready to engage, this vehicle is lying in ambush. The gunner is adjusting the shot off of the loader and commanders instructions when a target appears. Loader only has to stop observing when rounds start flying and the main sight is already on target.

  17. All these people bitching about the music, if ya focus on the chief talking you won't really hear the music, so shut up and focus on the chieftain!

  18. Major Moran, I really love your reviews. I have never seen a real AFV, as of yet but when I finish at university I will try to visit the Bovington tank museum. Your work demonstrating vehicles gives us who have no concept of what it requires to use these vehicles at least a bit of insight. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  19. Seriously, the background soundtrack is absolutely not necessary. In fact, it's goddamened annoying. Everything else is awesome.

  20. @The_Cheiftain or anyone who can reach him. I'd like to see a video about tanker head gear of WW2. Was looking at some photos of Soviet tankers with their padded ones & I know he's gone off on berets but seems like in addition to Oh my god the tank is on fire a bit about Oh my god this terrain is rough or I'm just trying to do my job here but banged my head & got myself a concussion would be fun. Well maybe fun isn't the word I'm looking for but you get my drift right?

  21. Have you ever thought of revisiting some of the tanks from your first videos to give them an updated microphone and visual quality, the difference between your Comet video and this one is night and day

  22. Not a bad design really for a tank that nobody wanted. It should have had the Meteor, but they were obviously earmarked for the RAF.

  23. I remember i talking with the Tankcrew and playing in a FV432 during the autumn manouvre of the BAOR when i was a boy in early 70s and this vehicle had a Machete mounted on the Troop exit Door, i played with it too

  24. I had a machete on my ASV 436, in the early 2000's. They're there for work rather than warfare. If you want to camouflage your vehicle, they're excellent for hacking away at branches. Though I admit, in a divisional headquarters, they were mostly sat idle.

  25. To be fair the machetes were probably for use in cutting down bushes and branches to clear an area, an obstacle or create camouflage

  26. The philosophers song! Back in my misspent youth I would test how drunk I was by trying to sing it fast as I could without error.

  27. So this tank, was just a failed experiment. Well, better to test these things out, for when you discover things that actually work effectively in practice, hence Centurion.

  28. The machetes are there for the day Danny Trejo happens to be at Bovington when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. They were just thinking ahead.

  29. Contact Brin Symons on ARRSE. He was a (the?) gunner on the Black Prince test team. He even "forgot" to return the tank blue prints and has them as a PDF

  30. Will you do a history video on prinz eugen and please can you explain if german ships were hes or shes please trying too settle an argument

  31. Okay, wasn't expecting to discover the Philosopher's Song at the end.

    (also wasn't expecting to discover I still knew all the words!)

  32. So the turret crew were issued Stens, but the bow gunner had a Thompson? Oh… and two machetes.

    So… at a quick count:
    2in smoke
    7.92mm (Besa)
    .303 (Bren)
    .45 (Thompson)
    9mm (Sten)
    .38 (revolvers)
    two machetes.

    No wonder this tank was underpowered! 😛

  33. Right hand drive – problem on the Continent?
    While plausible, I am absolutely sure that it is not 50-ton beast that sees any problem in it. It is always right 🙂

  34. Why would you have text both in English and Russian? https://youtu.be/RI4ELANK2xw?t=177 Was it supposed to be Lend-Leased to Russia?

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