Iggy Pop talks about his COLOSSAL career | Red Bull Music Academy

Iggy Pop talks about his COLOSSAL career | Red Bull Music Academy

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  1. What a legend, post pop depression was and is an awesome album. Iggy is a great agent provocateur with his music.

  2. W0W!!! Great Question–At 1:22:06  Never Ever heard Iggy talk about Zander!!!  The gig Iggy fired Dave Alexander at, was the Goose Lake Festival. I went, and it was totally weird seeing the sTo0gES playing without a Bass player!

  3. Well, I was No.800 'likes'……
    What a top-fuckin'-Man Iggy turned out to be, a self deprecating, genuinely humble old Punk.
    Good on you Mr. Pop & long may you continue man…..

  4. An insecure interviewer, wrapping his arms around him selv every time hi is talking to the fuck head…..jezzzzezez. This is what we gotta put up with.

  5. I am FAR from being homophobic, but this guy… the interviewer… I just can't stand him and his manerism!!!

  6. iggy pop rocks forever. thanks for being so candid and beautiful! i have always loved you! from the first moments i heard 'search and destroy' and 'tv eye' as a kid… and i still love you. but i feel like the audience and the music critic missed most of what you said. i got it all, and was laughing! they were like, whatever….

  7. The audience is so damned serious…trying to look clever while Iggy talks about playing vacuum cleaners and blenders…how dull.

  8. Can’t believe the number of questions about Josh Homme…? When Ig is so sophisticated and funny and he has so much more to talk about. He’s an intellectual and yet basic at the same time. I had the honor of being in his presence for almost 24 hours and he forgot his favorite glasses (the grey ones he bought in Berlin) at my studio apartment in NYC around ‘82. So JIM if you see this I still have them! When we talk at the night club – wait until the crowd goes 😉

  9. Cry For Love , Isolation , Fire Girl , Hideaway those are great songs from Iggy's most Pop segment in his career and Bowie's best collaboration for a good few years in his mid eighties era … Amazing really , Iggy Pop has a lot of Great Songs … Eat Or Be Eaten , Tuff Baby , Little Know It All , Private Hell , I Wanna Live , Down On The Street , Sister Midnight , Mask , Starry Night , Joanna so many great songs !! Truly Amazing

  10. It was interesting he brought up the Anglo high schoolers, he obviously meant Waspy. It is because he was danish, literally Anglo, but came from the trailer, so it was really in him to rebel against that supremacy

  11. Watching him take those audience questions with such warmth, humility, and a previous user said, "guilelessness", is so moving. What an incredible man.

  12. "What do you get for being some sort of hero? Especially in a free society where there are ten people over here who think you're a hero and then there are ten people over there who think your heroic situation should've never been allowed."

    "There are different points in life. You might be 18 and a runaway or you might be 50 and suddenly homeless or you might be 70 and ready to run off into the sunset, but there are times in life when you all the sudden hit this spot where you say 'I don't have any plans. I don't know anything.' And you're looking. Looking for some sort of paradise that I suppose that I would say doesn't exist."

  13. I think the interviewer isn't much interested in Iggy. maybe it's a respect thing, doesn't respect him, I don't know. the interviewer is talking to him from some other angle, certainly not rock and roll. updated… by the end the love comes out. not sure if it was nerves or what.

  14. Surprised at how articulate and intelligent he seems to be after all those years of craziness and heavy drug use. Would be fun to hang with him a bit.

  15. Iggy, didja read Napoleon Chagnon's study of the Yanomamo when you was at Uni of Michigan? (You or your people read these comments, right?). Was there an Ebene ritual vibe to the Iggy persona? What was the deal with the Rhesus Monkeys? You really do rule, man.

  16. Oohhh my ooo la la !!!💋🎶💋Michigan Native! 1960…Sexy Man.my family story very similar to yours . Hang in there teach us all. “Straight man with a crooked mind “ right?

  17. 1:15:20 “i like perfume genius very much” ugh that moved me to tears as a massive pg fan, nothing can compare to hearing iggy pop praise your fave

  18. One of the last Rockstars standing! Unbelievable, how he managed to survive the most dangerous times of Rock&Roll … and man it looks fucking great, I wish I could reach this age, and look so good. Did what he wanted, live as he wanted … from me, only respect! A legend

  19. My background is far from bourgoise, I admire artists who retain the simplicity of their soul and their upbringing but yet educate themselves.Iggy educates to inform and nourish himself, not to necessarily impress. Iggy is a realist and I suspect a bit of a softie who enjoys his craft, he loves music and unconditionaly accepts the art in all its forms. He loves it as love ,he loves it as rebellion , he doesnt judge.He's ecclectic in his appreciation. But when he speaks on the radio, he speaks from his soul, that is a rare beautiful thing of a jesus baker, I cant do that ! I like to impress people with complicated words . He's a lovely man , with a lovely soul and has my utmost respect xxx

  20. Bowie say the iggy is a intelectual and academic person inside this wild persona… And if David say that you are a intelectual is because you are a fucking good intelectual

  21. I don’t understand any of the questions this guy asked iggy. It was really nice of iggy to indulge this guy, wish I had the opportunity to sit with him for this amount of time and ask anything I wanted.

  22. 17:00 "I think all human beings are subject to the other human beings around you.
    There’s almost a terrorism of environment that is usually unspoken in everybody’s life.
    But there’s a group of people for everyone about whom part of your consciousness is thinking, “What will they think? What will the do? What can I do?”. So there is all that.
    You can flow with it. Or go against it."

    Amazing! I love him more!

  23. I was just going to get this on history and watch it later , she said 57 minutes later . Thx to the whole experience . Never have ever have hearing a iggy song ever .

  24. Wtf who’s the guy at 33:45, some kind of time traveller in disguise? Most of the audience looks weird or bored. They need more Iggy in their life. Thanks for sharing this interview, Iggy is such an interesting personality!

  25. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  26. One of the most intelligent guys in rock.
    Warning: Turn off the video when the moronic audience starts asking their pointless questions.

  27. Bands Iggy is listening to at the moment (at 1:14:27):

    Sleaford Mods
    U.S. Girls
    Derek Miller
    Gold Panda
    Perfume Genius

  28. If you want to know more about Iggy Pop and the Stooges’ Early Experimentation ► https://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2017/04/iggy-pop-early-experimentation

  29. Iggy was one of the pioneers of industrial music. From " I want to be your dog" and "TV Eye" with The Stooges through "Funtime", "Baby", "Mass Production", "Bang Bang", "Dog Food", "Bulldozer", "Run Like a Villain", and others from his solo albums, Iggy definitely helped lay the foundation for industrial and other forms of rhythmically aggressive, abstract music.

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