IF MY HORSES WERE DOGS // Versatile Horsemanship

IF MY HORSES WERE DOGS // Versatile Horsemanship

I have something a little different planned
for today’s video and you won’t want to miss it so stay tuned for today’s video
we’re going to be using my smaller equines so we have my two miniature
horses Rosie and Daisy two Welsh ponies bear and lucky a Welsh cross muffin a
mule Sally and my two pintos Miss Kitty and Annabelle while everyone’s sort of
running around and getting some energy Out I want you to kind of watch them
and see if you can sort of figure out their personalities within the herd
we’re gonna play a little game here in just a moment but I want you to watch
them first yep you heard that right we’re gonna look at each one of these
ponies horses and mule and we’re gonna try to figure out what their
personalities are like and which dog breed they would be similar to so I want
you to really pay close attention to each of them as they’re running around
see how they work within the herd and see what you feel their personality is
really like the reason I’m making this video is because I frequently see people
getting horses that are absolutely not the right personality for them for
instance if you live in an apartment in New York City and spend a lot of time at
the office working you probably don’t want to have a border collie cooped up
in your apartment all day long so the same goes for horses some horses need a
little bit more than other horses do so getting the right breed of horse is
important if you’re new here my name is brandi and this channel is all about
horses and my journey with horsemanship so if you want to learn more about
horses or follow my journey you can start by knitting that subscribe button
and be sure to turn on notifications so you never miss anything here’s what
we’re gonna do okay so I want you to leave a comment below you can do one
horse if you want you can do a few horses all the horses it doesn’t matter
but I want you to leave a comment with the horse’s name and what breed you’d
think they’d be I also would like you to go through the other comments and if you
agree with somebody else’s comment make sure to hit that like button okay today
we are gonna start with day see this is Daisy she is a miniature
horse Daisy is very very sassy and she pretty much is certain that she’s oh I
don’t know about 2,000 pounds and in charge of the entire herd so if Daisy
were a dog what breed do you think she would be
leave it in the comment below this is Sally the mule and Sally is very loyal
she prefers a small group of people to be close to and she is the protector of
the herd so if anything is different within the herd Sally will let you know
first so if you can think of a breed of dog that sounds like Sally be sure to
leave a comment below in sally’s all ears this is a pretty big
deal Sally wouldn’t let me hug her not too
long ago the next horse in the group is Annabelle Annabelle hasn’t buried
Annabelle has a very laid-back personality and it’s kind of like she’s
like whatever Annabelle gets along with pretty much
anybody he’s just a very unique an odd horse she likes to do weird stuff like
lick people and she she loves to roll and takes forever when she drinks
so she’s just kind of a goofy horse so if you can think of a dog that kind of
sounds like Annabelle leave me a comment below now this is muffin and muffin is a
type of pony who knows her job she pretty much thinks she does it better
than everybody else and she kind of and a lot of times I feel like if muffin
could talk she would say you’re doing it wrong muffin doesn’t really like to be
fussed over a whole lot she’s a pretty simple horse and easy to get along with
so if you can think of a breed of dog that sounds like muffin leave a comment
below this is Rosie Rosie’s very sweet and she loves to have a job to do Rosie
pulls a cart and she is you can tell she really loves doing that she’s just kind
of like go go go all day so if you can think of a dog that kind of fits Rosie’s
sweet little personality leave a comment below this is lucky lucky is not so
lucky he only has one eye because he had an accident when he was young
lucky has a very determined personality he’s an opportunistic and when I say
that I mean like if there’s a gate left open
will absolutely take the opportunity to leave or if he thinks he can go through
the fence he will lucky is a little horse with a
big attitude he doesn’t put up with anything from anybody
lucky is also very energetic and he likes to have something to do this is
bear bear has a very chill personality and he loves attention he’s super super
friendly and he’s always the type to follow you around bear is very cuddly
and he’s really playful so he’s always the one that’s kind of stirring up the
rest of the horses trying to find somebody to play he’s also the kind to
run out of energy relatively quick and he’s always looking for snuggle this is
Miss Kitty miss kitty is an absolute princess she is highly opinionated and
knows exactly what she likes and is a little on the demanding side if you can
think of a dog breed that kind of sounds like Miss Kitty leave me a comment below I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you
did please be sure to give it a like if you’d like to learn more about horses
and follow my journey be sure to hit that subscribe button and don’t forget
to turn on notifications so you never miss a video thanks so much for watching
bye you

100 thoughts on “IF MY HORSES WERE DOGS // Versatile Horsemanship

  1. Sally would be a Doberman. They are known as Velcro dogs. Always near or touching you. They take care of you and protect you.

  2. I keep equating your horses with the dogs I have had over the years. Have had one kind of dog or another since I was born. Am now 73 yrs old. Haha

  3. Sally is a mastiff. Big loyal follow you around but protect. Just like my big baby 😁 miss kitty …great Dane .mine is sassy and stubborn knows what she wants , but active. 💞💞

  4. Annabelle would be a goldendoodle. They are super friendly, hyper and weird lol. Anatolian Shepherd for Sally. Lucky would be a Jack Russell terrier.

  5. Here goes:

    Sally~German Shepherd Dog
    Muffin~Border Collie
    Rosie~Bernese Mountain Dog
    Lucky~Jack Russel Terrier or Irish Setter (they can be escape artists!)
    Bear~Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Ms. Kitty~Pekingese

    This was fun!

  6. Lovely and thoughtful game, and thanks for warming up my brain today… 😊
    Rosie- Malamute
    Daisy- Leonburger
    Bear- Chinese Crested
    Lucky- Chihuahua 🙂
    Sally- Doberman Pinscher or, Anatolian Shepherd

  7. Daisy – border terrier
    Sally- German shepherd
    Annabelle – Labrador
    Muffin – border collie
    Rosie – jack Russell
    Lucky – Dalmatian
    Bear – Yorkshire terrier
    Miss kitty – chiwahwah

  8. I say Annabelle is a labrador as they like to chill and rosie is a French mastiff de Bordeaux as them dogs like to do things and be active.

  9. I know about dogs but don't know anything about horses, but when you describe your horses, they remind me of my Belgian Tervuren.  Muffin is a Cattle Dog. So Rosie should be a Bernese Mountain dog.  Bear looks like an Afghan.  Miss Kitty sounds like my Malinois, LOLA

  10. Daisy- Corgi (small but tough)
    Sally- German Shepard (loyal and kind)
    Annabelle- Great Pyrenees (a gentle giant, doesn’t like to be too involved but enjoys attention, quirky)
    Muffin- Border Collie (hard working and intelligent)
    Rosie- Labrador (energetic, super sweet, likes everyone)
    Lucky- Shiba Inu (high energy, stubborn, sneaky but smart) (Trust me, I know. I have one😂)
    Bear- Golden Retrievers (super friendly, always loving and in need of love, high energy)
    Miss Kitty- Chihuahua (the queen, sassy, small but tough and not afraid to hold her ground, reminds me of Beverly Hills Chihuahuas)

  11. Lucky: border or Aussie collie.
    Sally: golden retriever
    Rosie: a grateful mutt!
    Annabelle is a nut! – could be a standard poodle.

    A word about poodles (my breed)- they are not necessarily prissy. While they definitely show off and know when they have a sharp new haircut, they are also loyal as tgg hg e day is long, and they’re usually clowns. Brilliant, but never a service dog, because they get bored and make up games, like cats do. Couch potato and athlete, the standard poodle is the dog for me! (I just lost my dog, Lily after 13 years. 😿

  12. Also wish I boarded with you as my place they can’t be off a lead, can’t roll. All we can do is ride or lunge our horse. I love to see your horses running and rolling. Have a great day!

  13. The little Appaloosa pigmy is a Rottweiler . I’ve seen her work before. Lol. I actually had a Shetland pony named Maybel, for my sons. She was very sweet.

  14. Daisy would be a Yorkshire terrier, Sally would be a St Bernard; Annabelle would be a Basset Hound; Muffin would be a Cocker Spaniel; Rosie is a Border Collie; Lucky is a Miniature Poodle; Bear is a Lab Retriever; Miss Kitty is also a Yorkshire Terrier.

  15. Daisy – Jack Russell
    Sally – German pointer
    Annabelle – Beagal
    Rosie – Cairn
    Lucky – Healer
    Bear – Labrador
    Miss Kitty – Poodle

  16. Bear. Golden retriever
    Lucky sheepdog
    Rosie Bernese mountain dog
    Miss kitty poodle
    Sally Collie
    Daisy mini Australian Shepard
    Annabelle pug
    Muffin Doberman

  17. Bear-Laborador
    Sally-German Shepherd
    Miss Kitty-Poodle
    Rosie-Australian shepherd
    Lucky-hmmm—-still thinkin on that one

  18. I can tell you really LOVE your pets because u take really good care of them. I am really enjoying watching your videos. Where r u guys located? I am a dog groomer near mpls mn and i have 3 cats and 2 dogs.

  19. Watching them come in the arena is just the best!! Those horses love you, no doubt!

    Sally- German Shepard
    Annabelle- Golden Retriever
    Miss Kitty – Poodle
    Bear- Saint Bernard

    Gosh I just love them all ♥️🐴♥️

  20. Your relationship with your horses is precious, and they are all adorable! I absolutely love watching the little ones run and play amongst the bigger ones.

  21. Daisy- not sure

    Sally- German Shepherd
    Annabell- Golden Retriever
    Muffin- not sure
    Rosie- Border Collie
    Lucky- Jack Russell
    Bear- not sure
    Miss Kitty- chihuahua

    Love you Brandy!

  22. Daisy-Jack Russel terrier, Annabell-golden retriever, Muffin-Standard Poodle, Rosie-Border Collie, Lucky-black Lab, Bear -French Bulldog, Miss Kitty, Afghan Hound.

  23. Sally would be a German shepherd, Annabelle would be a Golden retriever, Muffin might be a Beagle, Rosie would be a Corkie, Bear is probably a Chihuahua, and Miss Kitty is a Poodle

  24. Daisy: Jack Russell
    Sally: German Shepard or Border Collie or Puli (herd protectors)
    Annabel: Saint Bernard
    Muffin: Boston Terrier
    Rosie: greyhound
    Lucky: fox terrier
    Bear: golden retriever
    Ms. Kitty: Afghan hound

  25. Don't know about dogs although I like them. Always had cats and love watching yours. Also thought it was wonderful to watch you cuddle up and love your horses. I love watching Sally and her bucking friend, a pinto? White with brown, Cinnamon? She loves to buck.
    Also would love to learn how to gauge the temperment of a horse you don't know but will be riding (like on vacation).

  26. That was fun.
    Daisy; Rottweiler, Sally: Great Pyrences. Annebell: Great Dane, Muffin: Pekingese, Rosy: Samoyed, Lucky: Siberian Husky, Bear: Vizsla. , Missy Kitty: Poodle. Showed Samoyeds years ago….enjoy dogs, as well as my horses. ( one is a Persheron…little different from miniatures, ha) More fun, love your herd. And you're absolutely right, right breed for right environment and the person's personality.

  27. Daisy- Jack Russell
    Sally-German Shepherd for sure! Even the radar ears like a GSD!
    Annabelle- bulldog
    Muffin- belgian malinois
    Rosie-border collie
    Lucky- labrador
    Bear- golden retriever
    Miss Kitty- poodle

  28. Daisy: bulldog, Sally: German Shepard, Annabelle: Labrador, Muffin: Frenchy Rosie: Pug, Lucky: Beagle, Miss Kitty: Poodle

  29. Daisy is a Chihuahua with small dog syndrome.
    Sally is a German Shep.
    Annabelle sounds like a Lab.
    Muffin would be a mutt with strong terrier bloodlines.
    Rosie is a Pomeranian!
    Lucky sounds like a French bulldog.
    Bear looks like a saint bernard, but as a puppy.
    Miss kitty is a Yorkshire terrier. Or maybe a maltese XD

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