Hulk & The Chihuahua With The Pit Bull Attitude | DOG DYNASTY

Hulk & The Chihuahua With The Pit Bull Attitude | DOG DYNASTY

MARLON: Hulk is probably about 181 pounds. MARLON: Mami is 5 pounds. MARLON: So, got about 176 pounds difference. MARLON: We breed and train protection dogs. We’ve been doing this for 15 years. Our
most famous dog is The Hulk. He is 180 pounds. He is the poster boy for everything, worldwide. LISA: Not all of our dogs are pit bulls though. One of our dogs is a little bit different than the others. MARLON: Mami comes from Springfield, Massachusetts. I’d seen a video of this other dog doing
protection work, a little chihuahua. So I was intrigued, I wanted to have a go at it.
So, I went on Craigslist and I actually had Lisa look for chihuahuas and I got her, I
think I had her the next day. Like, maybe like 20 minutes from my house, went and picked
her up, little thing, put her in my jacket, I got her in the winter, and I got her home
started to do basic, just basic stuff with her. And about a month later I found out she
had a very, you know, significant birthday. She was actually born on the anniversary of
my father’s death, you know, so she became a pretty special piece in the house. LISA: She’s got a really good drive. Yeah, she thinks she is a big dog. She is tough.
She holds her own in the house. Mami’s got a pit bull attitude. MARLON: And it’s going to take a lot of attitude, if you’re gonna hold your own
with one of the biggest pit bulls in the world. LISA: Hulk, come here. MARLON: It could be unusual for some people, but it’s not unusual for me to have a chihuahua
amongst my dogs. I mean, they are dogs to me, so I don’t look at dogs as, you know,
races or anything like that. Chihuahua, she is just, she is just part of our family. LISA: I don’t think Mami’s really in danger playing with Hulk. He is very aware of her
size, he is very gentle with her. MARLON: Oh, you stepped on her toe! LISA: They play really well together. MARLON: Hulk and Mami have a great relationship. You know, I mean they spend a lot of time
together. She comes on group walks with us. LISA: I’ve seen them curled up sleeping
together. They’re really cute. I’ve come in the kitchen before and seen Hulk lying
on the ground with a tug toy and Mami at the other end of the tug toy and them just playing
together, him rolling around on his side and her pulling as hard as she could.
MARLON: It’s pretty remarkable to watch, you know, such a small dog and such a big
dog. MARLON: She grew up with Hulk, they are about the same age actually. They are very close,
about a month and a half apart. LISA: We’re here at one of our waterfalls that we do walks to, and we’ve never seen
Mami swim before so we figure because her and Hulk are best friends that if he can, we’ll see if
he can help her swim. MARLON: I think having another dog around will be helpful for her to see if she wants to
give us a paddle. You know, show you the bond between two dogs, you know, show you that,
you know, pairs of dogs can accomplish more together than alone, I guess. So little dog would follow big dog. LISA: Mami did really good for her first time swimming. Hulk was right there beside her
the whole time and helped her right to shore. MARLON: Felt like he was a little bit more pushy than I would have wanted him to be so…Didn’t
go as I thought it would go but, you know, it happens, man, I’m not always right. MARLON: So, these two don’t just play together, they have their meals together too. Although their appetites are little bit different you could say. LISA: Hulk’s food size could probably feed her for the year. LISA: That’s funny. I’ll walk in my room sometimes and they are both eating out of
the bowl the same time. MARLON: Something else that they do together, but I’m not sure that you could say that
either one particularly likes it. MARLON: So here our friend Wilma comes over and she grooms them and something else that
she does is she cleans their teeth. Wilma has no fear at all, sticking her hands right
in giant Hulk’s mouth. WILMA: No, stop licking. WILMA: And these are dangerous weapons here. My weapons, not yours. We have five dogs of
our own. One’s a Rottweiler and we have three little Yorkshire terriers and a three-pound
Yorkshire terrier who rules the roost. WILMA: That’s my finger in there, son. WILMA: And I’ve met this guy before. His are really
good, but he can sit here while we do this one. Come here there, Matilda.
INTERVIEWER: You’re not afraid he’ll take your hand off then?
WILMA: No, got them. This one might, this is the… these little ones. I know, life. Are a
little more sensitive. LISA: Cleaning Hulk’s teeth was one thing, but Mami was a little bit of struggle, but
she got through it and she is really a good girl.
WILMA: Don’t lie. Stop lying. And I’m actually a licensed dental hygienist for people.
I know, I know. MARLON: Your foot is the size of her head. These two dogs are great together. They spend
as much time together as they can. MARLON: But sometimes we have to keep them apart for both their sakes. LISA: When Mami goes into heat, we do need to keep them separated, just for his sanity,
‘cause he’ll go crazy. LISA: She will too with him trying to get to her own, and being nosy, and we do keep
them separated, just to be fair to them both. MARLON: Well, they are so comfortable in each other’s company because of the way that
they are raised, they’re raised with rules, boundaries, limits, balance. When you insert
balance into a dog’s life, you know, anything is possible. It’s all a matter of how they
live together, and the order in which we live, you know, we’re always leading the way and
as long as you lead, dogs follow you. You lead with a calm, firm energy, dogs follow you.
Dogs, they don’t follow anger, dogs don’t follow weakness, you know, they follow calm,
balance. That’s how we’re able to have the relationship with them and the relationship
with all the dogs.

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  1. 1:48 I would’ve crapped my pants
    Not that I’m scared of pit bulls in general I’m scared of anything 200 pounds with a gold Cuban link charging me

  2. I am owned by a 120 lb American Bully and an eight lb Shih tzu.She puts his big behind on the go when she has had enough playing.She growls,he get's out of the way.

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  4. What kind of Law Enforcement dog is the Hulk? From the thug apprahension practice filmed we can see he faces dangerous thugs. What kind of job does Hulk hold? Harriet Seibert

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  8. I’m sorry but if you break in there house and see hulk what would you do comment I would run as fast as I could but mummy is the scariest

  9. I have a 10 month German shepherd and a 6 month kitten and they play together so much like hulk and the chihuahua, my German shepherd can obviously see how small my kitten is and he can get hurt easy and my shepherd also obviously knows what he can do and the strength and power he has so he is extremely gentle when they play😂💕

  10. Hulk is so big because he eats more than a horse does. in one sitting. People think their dogs need as much food as people, but really, for a large dog such as a boxer, they only need like a cup of food twice a day. A dog Miami’s size only needs a 1/4 cup maybe if that twice a day. Hulk is big, but all that weight comes from his portion size. He is fat, he need like way less than half of what he is eating. Ugh 😑

  11. Just please , don't be one of those people who blindly trust their dogs with the baby , no matter how much u love them , they are still dogs ,
    Just say'n

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