How To Rodeo Team Rope : Choose a Horse For Heeling

How To Rodeo Team Rope : Choose a Horse For Heeling

This is Randall Powell for Expert Village
and in this clip I am going to talk to you about selecting heel horse for team roping.
Heel horses for team roping, you generally need a horse that is what you would call cowie.
A horse that has a lot of cow bloodlines in his pedigree that really takes to a cow. They
will pin their ears and run at one and try and bite one or something like that. You can
usually tell that they are a cowie horse and they try to get after them. He needs to be
shorter. It is usually better to be a shorter horse because you are closer to the ground,
closer to the feet, make your shot and see your target and deliver your shot a lot easier
if you are closer to the ground. A short horse but you also need him pretty squatty and heavy
in the shoulders and also in the hips. They need to be pretty muscular and stout in that
hip so that when they sit down, they can withhold the jerk that the header is going to pull
on them. Whenever you take your dally, that header is still going to be moving down the
pen and he is going to hit the end of his rope before his horse will face. So you need
a heel horse that can really get in the ground and hold on to him while that all goes on.
You don’t want to injure a horse that is not big framed or something like that, if that
jerk is pretty hard on him and it will pull him right out of the ground. So you need a
horse that can really get down on the ground. It is also important to find a good heel horse
that has a good stop. You want them to stop on their back feet, on their back end. You
need them to get their back feet under themselves when they stop. You don’t want one that will
stop on its front because it will jar you too much and cause you to loose feet or miss
your dally or something like that. So you need a heel horse that is short and fast and
cowie and muscular that stops really well on his high end and that is what to look for
when selecting a heel horse.

5 thoughts on “How To Rodeo Team Rope : Choose a Horse For Heeling

  1. is she wide enough to drag? how does she drag? I prefer a larger horse for heading but I've seen some short horses drag well

  2. Who is this guy!? A rope horse needs NO cow sense at all. All he needs to be taught is where to be, what to do and he will do it. He just has to be athletic, know his job, LIKE his job, be able to take the pull from the rope and be quiet in the box. Size means nothing. If he is strong (small or big) he should be a head horse. If they are not so strong but quick, they might make a better heel horse.

  3. Put a horse in the sweet spot over and over. Make it consistant, your cues and directions clear and he will learn where you want him to be at all times. Horses are creatures of habit and they like consistancy. They want it predictable. That's why with new rope horses, you track steers and put them in position for weeks. This teaches them to F-O-L-L-O-W the steer. No cow sense in that. A cutting horse needs cow sense because once you drop you hand, they are all on thier own till you tag them off.

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