How to Participate in the Running of the Bulls

How to Participate in the Running of the Bulls

How to Participate in the Running of the Bulls. If you’re heading to Pamplona, Spain to take
part in the running of the bulls, bone up on these racing tips. You will need Bravery Sobriety Alertness Comfortable
clothes Running shoes and common sense. Participating in the running of the bulls
can lead to serious injury or death. Step 1. Get the background. The running of the bulls is a half-mile race
through the streets of Pamplona, Spain to the town’s bullring, featuring the 6 bulls
who’ll be fighting that evening, and anyone who dares to run with them. Runs take place every morning during the annual
8-day festival honoring San Fermin, the town’s patron saint. The festival runs from July 7 through July
14 every year, and anyone over 18 may participate. Step 2. Understand what you’re up against: 6 1-ton
bulls that can outrun most humans, and 8 oxen that herd them along. Different breeds run on different days; some
are considered more dangerous than others. The website “”:
lists which breeds are running each day and information about the history of injuries
during the running of the bulls. Step 3. Get a good night’s sleep the night before
and stay sober; otherwise you’ll be a danger to yourself and others. Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes,
and don’t carry anything. Don’t run with friends; they might distract
you. Step 4. Enter the Plaza Consistorial before 7:30 a.m.
via the gates on the square. When the police barriers open to the bull
run route, go to any spot you like to await the bulls. The Santo Domingo and _callejon_ sections
of the route are considered the most dangerous, as most fatalities have occurred there. Step 5. Listen for the sound of the rockets. The first one indicates that the gate to the
corral is being opened; the second alerts runners that all the bulls are out of the
pen and on their way. In other words, it’s time to start running! Step 6. If you fall, stay down, cover your head, and
remain still. If you remain on the ground, the bulls are
likelier to just run by or over you. If you attempt to get up, they may try to
gore you. Beware of pile-ups around turns. Bulls are most dangerous when they separate
from the herd, either by running in front or lagging behind. Step 7. If you make it to the bullring without getting
gored or trampled, fan out to its edges as soon as you’re inside — running to the middle
of the ring is like putting a bull’s-eye on your back. Did you know The running of the bulls, called
_el encierro_ in Spanish, has been going on informally since the Middle Ages, but was
regulated in 1867.

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  1. you will need
    Bravery [x]
    Sobriety [x]
    Alertness [x]
    Comfortable clothes [x]
    Running shoes [x]
    Common sense [ ]

    A waiver
    A good lawyer
    a pair of replacement balls

  2. You will need: Common sense?

    Surely if you've agreed to be chased by a few thousand pounds of very rare beef, you haven't really got any.

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  8. Its certainly interesting that they think common sense is needed to do this but I did actually find this interesting. Pretty good for a Howcast.

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  11. I have lived in Pamplona for more than 7 years and I have witnessed to too many deaths and too many serious injuries in this "age old" tradition. The number one rule about running with the bulls is NUMBER ONE – if you are a foreigner like me, NEVER RUN WITH THE BULLS – you are a danger to yourself and anyone else running with the bulls because you need SPECIAL TRAINING THROUGHOUT THE YEAR before participating. End of story…. hope I saved some pretty meaningful lives with this post!

  12. Actually I prefer rabbit runs… so tasty after the "rabbit fight" in the "rabbitring"…. so much for the rabbit's foot!

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