How-To Make Really Good Scrambled Eggs

How-To Make Really Good Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs are one of these dishes that everybody no matter how old or how young seem to enjoy pretty much any time of the day breakfast lunch or dinner an egg will not let you down so it only makes sense to learn how to get really good at making them I’m Danny’s peas and I’m showing you how to make really good scrambled eggs now I’m not claiming that making scrambled eggs is rocket science but there’s definitely a handful of tips worth knowing to ensure that you’ve got yourself some effortlessly delicious eggs here’s what I do I’ve got two eggs in a bowl into that I’m gonna add 1 tablespoon of water then using my fork I’m just gonna lightly mix it together you just want the eggs and the yolks to co-mingle but you don’t want to beat it to death the water is gonna help to make the eggs nice and light and fluffy now if you prefer a creamy custard egg skip the water add some cream now if there’s only one thing you’re gonna remember about making really good scrambled eggs it’s that they need to be cooked low and slow so I’m gonna turn my heat on to a medium low and then I’m gonna add about 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan now you could use any fat that you want here butter works olive oil works but I personally love that sweet flavor that the coconut oil adds to the eggs now once the oil has melted and you’ve got a nice thin coating on the bottom of your pan you’re gonna add in the eggs I like to give them one last mix and then in they go and this is when I salt 1 pinch of salt right over the top now remember you’ve got to be patient here guys so this is our chance to reach in and find that inner Buddha because you don’t want to touch them until you start to see the outside of the eggs set it once you see that you’re gonna poke take the spatula and gently pull the edges of the egg towards the center of the pan and you’ll see the uncooked egg loses out and these light fluffy curds of eggs start to form mmm just keep moving it along then right before your eggs are where you like them shut off the heat because eggs will go from light and fluffy and delicious to a Robert just like that look at that gorgeous so now that you guys have got this basic technique down get in your kitchen and start cooking and you’re gonna quickly see that scrambled eggs can be a clean eaters best friend for more simple and nutritious recipes tips and ideas be sure you check out clean and delicious com I’m Danny speeds and I’ll see you next time with another how-to mmm I mean you’re good you’re good when you’re good you’re good my eggs good my eggs are good your eggs are gonna be good – whoa whoa

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  1. Water? No. Also, she waited too long to start stirring them. You only want it to just start forming, then stir, wait a little more, stir, then take it off the heat, and let the heat in the pan slowly cook it through, occasionally stirring.

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  3. hi there here is the best how to make the best scrambled eggs by Gordon Ramsay

  4. Thank you for this, I’ve always made scrambled eggs but they never turned out fluffy and never tasted right, this helped a lot

  5. This is hands down the most entertaining comment section I have ever read. All over cooking scrambled eggs. Who would have thought.

  6. I always make mind with tomatoes, onion cilantro damn so yummy. Guys try it and u will eat it everyday. Not Cherie, the tomatoes should be cut in big slices. Remember is not egg sauce is scramble egg 😉

  7. Dear god, those eggs are knackered! Poor eggs, shame you over cooked them so badly 😭😭 cook them like British chefs, properly, butter and salt, then finish with pepper. Much love x

  8. Thank you very much, haha, for from Brazil I've learned how to do it, and believe me: I had no idea how to do it, but that's changed.

  9. Guys I figured out how to make a sandwich that I'm definetly gonna use when I'm in college, use this egg recipe, butter some toast and put some honey, and these eggs in the toast, it's pristine.

  10. I'm 13 and omg this is great food I love cooking but my brother always hated it but now hes saying it's good but I said I couldn't take all the good work because it's not my recipe so thank you I might be a little kid in 8th grade but I should still learn how to cook and your the one who helped me do thank you

  11. Comparing my one to the one from the tutorial, I think to myself – what a terrible first try. However, it does taste great!

  12. There was an unnecessary extra wooh! to the already existing equally unnecessary wooh! preceded by an unequivocally unnecessary song, coupled with unnecessary shoulder and neck movements. This was all after an okayish recipe

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