35 thoughts on “How to Instant Date Russian Women

  1. Great music, although your concepts are complex, at the end of the day your just being a fun guy , would it be fair to say that all models are , is an attempt to replicate what a naturally confident guy would do ?

  2. "hot cakes" lol. good video thanks for sharing. I'm going to guess Tony that, and I hope you can honestly comment on it, that you're a relatively handsome guy. You often get really good initial interest with only basic talk so I'm guessing this is the case. I'm not saying guys can't have good success with average looks too. But just saying, I'll bet you're a good looking dude which is helping some to get your foot in the door.

  3. whenever you go up to a girl, is your end goal sex, a fuckbuddy or a girlfriend, and does your goal make a difference in the way you communicate with the girl?

  4. Great infield, very nice escalation. But sorry to break that to you…she's not a 9 by all means. She's not that hot…If you guys are honest, it''s solid 7 in any ratings, her face is not that attractive, she has like flat chest. She has nice legs and nice personality though. I'm kind of suprised to see that you get easily excited by a girl that many of us wouldn't normally have any interest in. Anyway, i really like your game&style and looking forward to purchasing your book.

  5. Nice. She was super into you the second you approached, as all the girls seem to be lol! I want your face!! haha. Good stuff though.

  6. Nice video and good game. But honestly she was a Yes girl. She was sitting there all alone just waiting for someone to approach her. And she was open from the first moment.
    You are also lucky to come across the right girl.
    But maybe you found her after long hours or long days of search and attempts.

    In addition, Russian girls in general are family-oriented, which means that they seek long term relationships in general.
    And they are not usually open to foreigners, especially that they don’t speak English well.
    But you can find some girls here and there which are open for free dating.

    And actually she’s hot. At the park she didn’t seem that hot. But maybe she’s a bit skinny I guess.
    and she kept laughing at the park even at moments when you didn't say anything funny. well that's a good IOI. she was Yes from the beginning. maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend

  7. Hey Tony, Do you hold hands when walking? I always feel like I’m sinking into friend zone when walking with a girl I just met. What physical sexual spikes are there if you can’t rely on your verbals, like me

  8. Russian women are so beautiful! The dumb Russian men only know how to get drunk and beat their girlfriends. Russian women should date European men.

  9. Great game as always. I have a question. Let's say the instant date is not possible and you have to time bridge for the next day, do you ever pick a girl up at her place or does she always meet you at the restaurant/coffee shop?

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