100 thoughts on “How to Defend Yourself Against a Pit Bull Owner Attack (ft Vinny Guadagnino)

  1. Can't you guys just accept the fact that pit bulls have aggressive instincts? That doesn't mean every single one will attack somebody, but when some do, don't act so surprised and blame the owner for it. It's just the dog's nature.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised that some people out there "buy" this "Misunderstood" Breed just to show
    off like they are some kind of animal advocates and shit (Annoying).
    They also ironically contribute to the problems associated with the breed.

    "OMG pitbulls are amazing! so lovable, Other breeds are more dangerous! etc"
    that leads to: More people wanting the breed, More people breeding them for $, More people who can't handle the dogs buying them, More unprovoked/random attacks on people and other animals.

    All this leads to more Pitbulls ending up abandoned in shelters, Abused, Lost causes and then finally euthanized.

  3. OMG this is an actual thing and it's so annoying. Like, everyone knows pitbulls aren't evil and if they aren't convinced already then they'll never be convinced. chill tf out y'all

  4. Thought the video was gonna be about all the psychos in constant pitbull protest online. Look at any shelter that adopts out pits, ridicule all day, open your eyes.

  5. Yeah, it's funny but in the same time …not that funny.i am like that very protective with my pitbull…not a rescue though…but only because I love him so much…and somebody asked me:is he a good pitbull?I wanted to answer:yes,but I'm vicious!!or when I was looking for rent and I was being told sorry but no vicious breeds,or when I was walking my dog with my kid and a guy from a car stopped and yelled:are you insane having that dog around a kid,or when I was told that my dog is not safe because after 5 years pit bulls go crazy,or when a guy took his dog in his arms stateing:she is afraid!or when a little dog attacked my dog and when my dog just barked back not even showing teeth or trying to bite ,just barked,the owner of that dog said:see that was what I m afraid of,we've been attacked by a pitbull before or when people look at me like I'm some criminal even though I'm honest ,college,making more then 10 k a month…and the list just goes on and on….sorry…i am defensive…11 years later after I got my pit, no attack no bites ,8 yo who consider my pit his brother,they sleep together he don't like to sleep by himself. Yes…im that agressive pit owner..you can run but you can't hide!!!

  6. So the FACT that around 70 percent of deaths caused by dogs every year happens to be by Pits is just some coincidence huh? Sure buddy, sure. You keep on dreaming and making yourself believe that Pits are great family dogs, whatever helps you sleep at night works for me.

  7. bitch please I've raised pit bulls fight them no more training them I had four in one house and they all drank water from the same bowl and eat from the same bowl

  8. Pitbull are not bad I am only ten I have 6 Pitbull I rasde them since they were puppies they are really good gard 🐕 so people how think pits are bad their really good dogs they will guard you with their life and they are very good good dogs

  9. https://local.theonion.com/golden-retriever-mauls-5-in-huge-victory-for-pitbull-ap-1825397926?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing
    Some dog racist statistics here:

  10. Ha Ha Ha…. prejudice against breeds of dogs…. very funny!!!

  11. I own a pit. My mato with my pit is as fallows. ( MY NEIGHBORS AND THEIR KIDS AND PETS MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL TIMES.) I love my pit but no other person or their pets should feel threatened. I dominate my pits ass and I make him obay me at an instant comand no exceptions. He submits to my every whim. It is a breed that needs to be dominated by the owner for it to be a successful pet/owner relationship. It seems odd to most other dog owners but on walks he is to sit or drop when I comand him at an instant and never ever goes off leash or mingles with other dogs ( no dog parks). He does social with other dogs but I am ready to snap his brain back to reality in an instant. Pit owners must be tough and diligent at all times. Good fences that are locked and many walks to expend excess energy. Bottled up energy is a prescription for problems. And we have a happy dog home.

  12. One million Pit Bulls are killed each year? We can do better than that people! Let's shoot for 10 million by the end of this week.

  13. Pit bull owners like to say that misbehaviour of dogs is the owners fault. But in the case of dangerous dogs the problem lies at both ends of the lead.

  14. I've honestly come to the point where I believe pit bull owner should get a bullet between their eyes the same their dogs

  15. "Above Average" stands for stupidity ya dumb cunt.
    Pitbulls suck hippo cock after they kill it of course.
    I'm getting my CCW just because of dumb fucks like you that surround my home w shitbulls after 4 attacks on me my son and my dog and a dozen or so too close calls.

    I'd rather have neighbors with cobras – way less dangerous and owner a shit ton smarter.

    Hope ya get eaten by your cunt shitbulls.

  16. Eeh, I think it's those cattle dog and golden retriever owners that are the issue. How many more cattle dogs have to attack children before we start rounding them up and euthanizing them? Those retrievers too, they get pretty ball aggressive at the dog park they're next on my list.

  17. me and my friend we're recently taking a walk in town and this guy across the street has a pitbull and when we got parallel to the dog and the owner the dog started tugging the owner and looked like as if his owner wasn't a big dude, the dog would have just tried to attack us. It was barking and tugging I was actually kinda scared after we got far away from the dog I said, man I hate pitbulls and my friend who had just witnessed this dog going crazy looking like if it had no owner it would have just attacked us, said "how can you say that, they're the best dogs ever, I use to walk one and it never did that, and that guy must abuse that dog day in and day out for it to do that and that owner should be put down for making you think pitbulls are evil" he just went completely off the deep end cause I expressed I didn't like pitbulls and had just had experienced a reason to keep disliking them. Like because of that dogs actions he wanted the owner dead and the dog worshiped like a god. I've tried to talk to him, but he says he doesn't want to speak with someone who is DOG RACIST. Yup because apparently disliking a bread is worse than disliking a whole race of people to this pit creamers.

  18. My girlfriend insisted on a pitbull rescue which is just a powder keg in my opinion. Eventually the dog attacked our golden retriever and my toddler. Put down immediately. Shame on me for acquiescing.

  19. Pitbulls should be banned, they have too much power to be around on street never really knowing when he can attack or even kill another dog or person, specially when they don't have the correct owner strength AND reaction AND chain length.

  20. Two more dangerous dog deaths in the past few days. One year old killed by Rotweillers and an owner killed by her two pit bulls.

  21. Damn, the comments here are really disappointing. This video is clearly satire and some people are taking this video seriously.

  22. Pit bulls are great you just have to treat the dog with love and respect! Honestly pit bull owners are definitely more aggressive because they have to put up with so much shit from ignorant people 🙄. Like Great Danes were used to hunt big game like lions and they are the sweetest gentle giants it’s all about socialization which is why chihuahuas are assholes most of the time the owners never socialize the dog with new people or animals. I had a pit bull growing up the sweetest thing the most dangerous thing about her was her tail honestly it’s like getting bitch slapped 😂 my sister used to ride on her back like a horse it’s just how you raise them and socialize them. Dogs are incredibly forgiving and with some effort anyone can raise a great dog.

  23. Pit Owners before the attack: "My pittie wouldn't hurt a fly! He's so sweet and gentle."
    Pit Owners after the attack: "Oh my god! He would never do that! Your stupid fucking toddler provoked my dog by breathing the wrong way around him. Shame on you!"

  24. I'm here laughing at both sides. My girl is a shelter rescue (not shocking huh). pits can be really dangerous dogs. They're high drive and fearless, and pound for pound, they're the strongest breeds on the planet. With competence, a lot of research, and proper care..pits can be amazing dogs, but even as an owner..I fear them on the street because so many dogs are improperly bred (meaning they have an unstable temperament) or they're owned by the "pit bull owner" stereotype seen in the vid. Honestly as someone who advocates proper care and responsible ownership but sees what those dogs are supposed to be as human friendly dogs. Please just give our dogs a bit more respect before deeming them a murderous beast, because I know between the 5 breeds, a lot of them are really unstable and truly aggressive…but not every single one of them is.

  25. Pit bulls aren't even considered a dog. They are more like a wild animal. Best thing you could do is never consider owning one. They are not pets!

  26. As a pit bull owner I have to agree w this lol! My doggos are so sweet! one of them is so fat he has a hard time rolling onto his back for a belly rub. 😂

  27. I'm shocked sooooomany people take this video way too serious. This is obviously a joke.

    This is why social media isn't four everyone……

  28. Damn it I don't know if I got clickbaited or it's was just my fault for not reading the whole title before clicking the video that said pitbull owner

  29. Pits are a freak of nature and all turn a some point!!! Owned a few and showed them nothing but love and they just turn!!!!

  30. Why the hell are pit bulls still allowed for people to buy. Pit bulls are breed for dog fighting and strength. I believe that pit bulls should only be trained before being sold. And after a video like this all of the damm pit bull lovers are going to post how cute and loving there pit bull is to hide up the fact that pit bulls are crazy and hard to control. If you damm pit bull lovers want to prove to everyone that pit bulls are good and safe to have beat kids then put them on a leash and not let them stroll around freely.

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