Hoof Trimming a Bull in a CowTipper crush

Hoof Trimming a Bull in a CowTipper crush

This is the rollover squeeze side cowtipper crush from Northern Engineering. It’s the only crush on the market with the extendable rump rail to guide in even the most stubborn of bulls or animal. To use it; simply set it up as a quiet trap so that the animal isnt frightened to begin with Whenever the animal is in the trap you
can then turn the machine on you can you see extendable
rump rail to guide it in the last few feet. Again it’s a lot less stressful on the
operator and the animal. You can then use the neck lock to keep the
animal in place and the squeeze sides to make a V-shape The V-shape will vary based on the animal in the crush and is adjustable using the controls. When the operator is happy he simply closes the gates and tips the cow to get access to all four hooves at once whenever the cow is tipped you can then clamp all four hooves in place and inspect and treat all four hooves This makes it easier and quicker
for the operator and the animal in the crush. As you can see the animal is at ease and in comfort. There is a shoulder pad support for the animal. For the operator there’s a good working
height and easy access to the electricity points and a linkbox for your grinder or tools. When all four feet have been treated you simply remove the
clamps; then squeeze the animal to raise it up the crush slightly So that when it’s lowered, the animal will get to its feet and can be released using the front
or back gates depending on your yard. For more information contact us at the following details Thank you

46 thoughts on “Hoof Trimming a Bull in a CowTipper crush

  1. Now that's about the slickest thing I have ever seen. There's no way for the critter to drop and choke itself to death, no way to get stomped or kicked in the head. very cool.

  2. шешеңді сгеин осылаи соиама малды мал деп аиамаи қотақпастар

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