[Hacked] “Phobos” (Extremish Demon) by KrmaL! | Geometry Dash (260) ElBrocasYT

[Hacked] “Phobos” (Extremish Demon) by KrmaL! | Geometry Dash (260) ElBrocasYT

It can’t be No, no, I’m gonna throw me out the window It can’t be I leave… Oh shit It can’t be I just beat it Is this a freking joke? I’m dreaming It can’t be 10000 stars and I beat this one moment… and as what is promised is debt it’s past-midnight I’m really tired This… no one would believe it seriously This is “Calm down”, the phobos curse this suffering ended… 18450 let see I have to calm down this will end as the old school days… seriously One moment, you know what? Right now, I go, I will open Excel, and I’m going to count all the copies and I leave you guys with the result well guys, I returned I gave me a break of 10 minutes, I put my T-shirt back, because literally my head was gonna explode so well I already count them, I leave here a screen capture of the Excel here… and so well and the final result was… 3… 34700 attempts It was a little bit more than panasonic I can’t… I still don’t believe it, seriously it’s over is that… I don’t know what else can I say… I’m crying, literally no one else would tell me: “Beat Phobos” well In any case… What I promised I have to do the youtuber blogger thing… hey, put the camera well, or If not I will kick your *** and what do you see on me? No, talking seriously, I wanna talk about… Today, we are gonna talk about a guy called Ale321sp**** No, seriously, what I’m gonna do is… I have to get serious (x2) for the last time… ahh, I left the webcam recording that hurt me Seriously, I don’t know how to start this, seriously, I have to concentrate I have to relax, I have to say what I have to say and that’s it, is a piece of cake I mean, how difficult could it be? look, I was just walking around here and I realize that I have a lot of hair that I can do a braid on my head, like this… no, just joking it is so hot, don’t you think? not even me… well… I knocked down my house Look guys, I have a clock what happens is that I don’t know how to turn it on… let see, I gonna open it ahh, It doesn’t open… I have taken off my shirt because it is very hot and so today… we are gonna talk about my body… now seriously, if this video reaches 500 likes and everyone, but everyone suscribe to my channel including you, who is watching my videos and doesn’t suscribe I beat Phoins now seriously, if this video reaches 500 likes and everyone, but everyone suscribe to my channel, to reach 3000 subs, and surpass the f**ker of Ale I will beat God Eater I wont say anything else… and so well guys… I don’t have anything else to say, I reached the 10000 stars, I beat phobos I can send this to f*** off I can send this to f*** off already It’s done, I don’t know what else can I say,
I’m digressing I don’t know if I get a quest done, no and so well… well, the videos return and everything that I’m gonna explain in another video well, I just wanted to say it see you, next time bye (x2)

27 thoughts on “[Hacked] “Phobos” (Extremish Demon) by KrmaL! | Geometry Dash (260) ElBrocasYT

  1. Yo siempre te apoyare brocas no importa los 700 exposing q te hayan hecho XD , yo numah kiero la vato culero de la bandana q se parece a Ricardo Milos todo sepsy XDXDXDXD , jajajaja saludos

  2. Yo no se porque tienes más dislikes que likes si eres muy buen jugador, ya dejé mi like para poner parejo el marcador 😊, por mi parte GG 🙂

  3. Brocas porfa fíjate en gd la solicitud que te mande te dije algo que quiero que me confirmes si te podés fijar o algo no es spam ni nada

  4. No me gusta que siempre critiquen al brocas por un error del pasado el ya lo acepto y confío en su palabra 😀

    Brocas para cuándo mi nivel XD

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