Guess That Exotic Sausage Taste Test

Guess That Exotic Sausage Taste Test

– Today we Guess That Sausage!
– Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Thank you for making us a part
of your daily routine. We taste things so you won’t have to.
Occasionally. Including today, where our
whole place smells like sausage! Yes, it does. But we don’t know
what kind of sausage it is. Why are we doing this now? Well,
it’s October, and that means Oktoberfest! Here’s a little history lesson.
Oktoberfest just means that there was a king who married
a princess back in 1810 in music, nope, in Munich, Germany. He invited everybody to celebrate,
and they did. And, ever since then, they’ve celebrated there
and elsewhere in the world. Here is America,
basically, it just means, “Let’s get together,
drink beer, and eat sausage.” We’re going to do the sausage part,
today, to celebrate Oktoberfest. This is a very simple game,
where we have six — Count ’em– six sausages,
and we are going to… I don’t know what these sausages are,
and I’m not excited about it! – Let’s just do it.
– We’re going to put these blindfolds on– – I like sausage in general.
– You’re not gonna like these. But, something tells me that
I’m not going to like these sausages. If the smell is any indication, these are
not going to be very good to taste. But, here’s how it works. In each round we have to guess
what kind of animal it is–“aminal”– whether that’s mammal,
reptile, amphibian or bird, and then we have to guess the species. You get a point for getting
the type of animal, and then you get a point
for getting the species, – which we think will be very difficult. So…
– Now it’s time to play: (Link) Guess That Sausage! Every sausage will be brought in
on the patented Sausage Plank, which is a lot like the Pizza Plank,
but, it’s sold separately. Well, it’s the same thing. – It’s just got a sausage on it.
– It’s sold separately. – All right, are you all masked?
– I am masked. I can’t see a thing. But, my taste buds
are ready for sausage! – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round One! (yak brays) Bring in the sausages
on the Sausage Planks. Oh, I think it fell on the ground.
Do you want me to find it with my hand? (Alex) Nope. – Way to go, Alex!
– (crew laughs) – Okay, I just caught it.
– Hm. It’s cooled off a little bit. Hm. Slim Jim-esque… For all the odd rounds,
I’ll guess first, and then for the even rounds,
you can guess first. I’m going to say, based on taste,
that this is a mammal. Mmm hmm. Definitely four legs. And, I’m going to say
that this is a buffalo. – Oh, you’re going to say buffalo?
– Mm hm. Yep. It tastes like a buffalo to me.
(makes smacking noise) – What say you, friend?
– Honestly, I was thinking this. – I’m not saying this because you said it.
– Oh, come on. I’m going to be more correct.
I’m going to say it’s a bison. – This is a bison sausage.
– Well, that’s the same thing. Technically, they don’t make
sausage out of buffalo. – (crew member) All right, ready for the answer?
– Yeah. – Slim Jims!
– (crew member) It was a yak. – (buzzer sounds)
– (crew member) So you both get – one point for guessing mammal.
– Hey, but listen, man. That’s a furry, domesticated livestock!
We should celebrate. High tens! (crew laughs) You weren’t going
high enough for high tens. – Yeah. I went medium tens.
– Wow, guys. Okay. You started with a yak?
Where are we going from here, guys? – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round Two! (camel bleats) Something else that you’re now reading
that we still don’t know what it is, and we’re going to have to taste it,
and hopefully not let our minds get the best of us
and make us want to yak! – Oh! Dang it, Alex!
– (crew laughs) Can you– Warn a guy!
Is there another piece? He tried to shove it up my nose.
Like, I just went forward– I got a pro over here.
Boy, I’ve already eaten this. – (Alex) Coming up!
– Okay. – (Alex) His mouth is little.
– (crew laughs) That’s not bad.
(makes smacking noise) This is salty. Mm.
Salty. That’s a clue. This is a fish of some sort. Is that your guess? No. I think this could be
an ocean creature. There’s a lot of grain
and spiciness happening here. – Something’s being covered up.
– (crew laughs) All right, I’m going to pull back
from seafood, ’cause it ain’t seafood. I’m going for snake.
I think this a reptilian snake. Okay, if you get snake
right, we’ll count it. I’m going to say that this is a bird. But, it tastes like this bird
ain’t got no more flight in it. This bird has lost its ability to fly.
It is an ostrich! – (crew member) Well, it is a mammal.
– (buzzer sounds) – Oh.
– (crew member) And it is a camel! – Oh!
– Argh! I just ate camel! – Camel and ostrich are very similar!
– (crew laughs) Camels aren’t made to be eaten.
They’re made to carry stuff – that’s to be eaten!
– It did taste like a water hump – a little bit, now that I think about it.
– That’s what I was tasting! Yeah. It tasted like the desert. – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round Three! (alpaca peeps) Oh. That’s a big one! Uh oh. This one’s got some granular stuff in it.
Woo, this is hearty! Hearty! This is a heart? – (makes smacking noise)
– It’s… Boy, it’s… – it’s dense.
– That’s my technique. You can steal it if you want.
You go like: (makes smacking noise). (making smacking noises)
Come here to me, sausage! Tell me what you are, sausage.
(makes smacking noise) Come on! It starts tasting a little bit different.
(makes smacking noise) This is a mammal.
(makes smacking noise) I tell you, I think this thing can fly. This thing ain’t never flown, man,
unless it was transported in an airplane. – I’m going to say this is a gazelle.
– I think… – It has horns. I taste the hornage.
– (crew laughs) Hm. Antelope. This is an
(Spanish accent) ant-a-lope-ay. Okay. So, are you saying mammal?
That’s your first part. Yeah, I’m saying bird.
No! Mammal. – (crew member) Okay. You are correct.
– Hold on! Oh! – (crew member) It is a mammal.
– Yes! And it’s an antelope? – (crew member) It is an alpaca.
– (buzzer sounds) Oh! I can taste the weight
that it was carrying. So, it’s a furry camel. Wow. Y’all got some weird stuff! – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round Four! (pig oinks) All right. Here we go. – Woo!
– (shivering) I’ve tasted this before. Ugh.
There’s something that keeps bursting out. There is a flavor that
keeps bursting through, as well as something physically
that keeps bursting through. This is an animal that should
only be eaten in sausage form. – This is, um…
– (Rhett makes smacking noises) Whoa. That really breaks it up. I’m really sensing islands.
I know what this is. I’m talking trip to the Galapagos.
This is reptilian. This is a reptilian tortoise. – This is tortoise, man.
– (Rhett laughs) This is like giant, frigging
Galapagos tortoise. I was going to say this is reptilian also.
But this is not a tortoise. – This is a turtle.
– What? (crew member) Well, I’m sad to say
you are both incorrect. – (crew member) It is a mammal, kind of.
– (buzzer sounds) (crew member) It is pork blood sausage.
Emphasis on the blood. – Ew!
– That’s Round Four? (retches) – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round Five! (snake hisses) – How many rounds are there?
– Six. (Link) Really? (makes smacking noises)
A little slower on that one. This one is gelatinous. But, it’s lots of layers.
(makes smacking noise) – This one tastes like pizza.
– (crew laughs) – It does, doesn’t it?
– Yeah! It tastes like a pizza combo. Boy. I need to swallow this
before you tell me what it is. – Go ahead and guess.
– Well, it’s gotta be… I know how you guys think.
You like to escalate things. So, it’s got to be crazier
than blood sausage. I want to say it feels,
it tastes like a bird. Nope. Nope.
You’re right. It does fly. But this is a bat.
This is a mammal. This is a freaking vampire bat. This is the opportunity
for one of us to pull away. I didn’t tell you that the consequence
is eating a horrible sausage, the whole sausage at the end. So, the pressure’s on.
(makes smacking noise) Wow. I really want to say that– I’m going to go with reptile again. I feel like there’s something
that’s got to be a reptile. And, I’m going to say that this one,
friend, is the snake. Rattlesnake, to be specific. – This is a mammal. It is a bat.
– (crew laughs) What are you laughing at? – (crew member) Well, it is a reptile.
– Oh, snap! (crew member) It is not a rattlesnake,
but it is a python. – Yah ho! One and a half points!
– (crew member) one and half points for Rhett. Yeah! (rapping) Guess what!
I tasted a python! – (boxing ring bell dings)
– (Rhett) Round Six! (bull snorts) – Uh. Gosh, talk about squishy.
– (crew giggles) Uh. (makes smacking noises)
Come here, little boy! Come here.
Tell me what you are! Ew! Ugh! I don’t know what it is,
but I’m afraid that it’s nuts. You’re afraid that it’s nuts? I think this is a cow’s– I think–
Oh no, guys. – I think this–
– You think this is a testicle? I think this is a cattle testicle. It tastes like it’s
hanging down there. – (crew laughs)
– You know what? You’ve never been more right
about anything in your life. You can’t copy me! No! I took a stand.
You can’t copy me. All right. Give your final.
You better guess something else. Oh, gosh. Uh– Come on, man. I mean, just so that
we make this interesting. Because I think you’re right,
that it is a testicle. I’m going to say that
it is an octopus testicle. – What? Okay.
– I’m just kidding. I’m going to say
that it’s a mammal. But I’m going to say that
it’s Mountain Oyster. It’s a pig testicle. (crew member) Okay, so we have
mammal, cattle testicle from Link. (crew member) And mammal,
pig testicle from Rhett. (crew member) Which means that
Link has gotten it correct! – (bell rings)
– Yahhhh! – (crew member) Bringing the total scores…
– (retching) Ew! I just saw it! It looked like…
It did look like an oyster! (crew member) Rhett, with 4.5.
Link with four. I knew you guys were going to…
That’s not a sausage! I never saw such cheating! But, you still have to eat
more testicle, because you lost. – I lost?
– (Rhett) Yeah. – I just won!
– I got mammal correct. – (groans)
– (crew laughs and claps) What? All right.
Bring it out here. – Let me see that thing.
– I mean, you’re not gonna to get it down.
I can’t get it down. (spits) Gosh! – Again, tasting things–
– You know what? Okay, here’s the deal. – So you don’t have to.
– Link will eat the testicles in Good Mythical More and so will some of the crew,
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Check it out! Get a free trial–courtesy of us– You know what time it is. – Hello from Saint Petersburg.
– I am Wadda and this is Slawa. (unison) And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! It’s Friday, and we’ve got another episode
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we have our first guest, from Episode One on the fifty-second episode.
Grace Helbig. A great conversation with her.
Also, click through to Good Mythical More where we make everyone,
besides us, eat some cow bits. You gotta eat them.
Relax, man. (reading) Overly competitive
old ladies at Bingo Night. (old lady voice) Martha? (old lady voice) What, Cindy? – I hate you.
– (crew laughs) I hate that I have to sit next to you. But, you know how I’m
going to express that? No. By beating you at–
What did she say? (crew member) B-7! B-7, she said.
L-3. And, she said B-7. L-3. I bet there’s another one
coming right now, any second. (whispering) I’m going to
murder you in your sleep! (crew member) N-14! She said B-12. Bingo! Bingo! You can die a slow death, little woman,
because the Bingo Woman is me! [Captioned by Kell:
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