Göring, the Stoned Nazi Nut – Doped WW2 Leaders Part 1

Göring, the Stoned Nazi Nut – Doped WW2 Leaders Part 1

He is the second most powerful man in Nazi
Germany, President of the Reichstag, Reichstatthalter of Prussia and Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe.
He is a dandy, with an obsession for garish jewel adorned uniforms, who lives in a palace
inside a park full of wonderful beasts. His hobbies are big game hunting and the collection
of stolen art. He is larger than life, he is Hermann Göring. I’m Indy Neidell; This is World War Two. Hermann Göring truly is a figure of high
magnitude with an impressive career, from famous flying ace in World War One to Hitlers
second in command. He founded the Luftwaffe and set up the German Secret Service as Minister
of the Interior of Prussia, But behind that fame hides a corpulent man with a narcotics
addiction, obsessed with power, prestige and a flamboyant lifestyle. It is that lifestyle
we shall look at today. Göring already became famous during The Great
War while commanding the Flying Circus, The Red Baron’s fighter squadron. Göring was
a famous ace by the end of the war, having racked up 17 confirmed kills. When the war
is over Göring becomes an early supporter of the Nazis. He is involved in the 1923 Beer
Hall putsch, during which he is shot in his leg. While recovering form that wound, and
already a frequent user of opiates since WWI, he becomes addicted to morphine. And Göring had always been larger than life
character, and it is fair to say that he was a selfish, flamboyant megalomaniac. But the
addiction makes him “delusional, untrustworthy, manic, grandiose and insomniac.” He rotates
between all kinds of emotions and is prone to throwing tantrums. The opiates mess with
his hormones which make him gain a lot of weigh, blowing him up to over 130 kilos. He
shakes his addiction in 1930 by going to Rehab in a Swedish psych-ward. Oddly enough, I used
to rehearse with a band in the basement of that now-former psych ward and Sparty once
produced a horror film there. Anyhow, in 1937 Goering relapses during a bad spout of toothache. The time that he is cold turkey is essential
though. It is during these seven years that he is instrumental in establishing the Nazi
reign of terror over Germany. See, despite appearances, Göring is no clown. He is fiercely
competitive, bright, and ruthless. But it is his eccentricity that makes him… let’s
say; interesting. After the Nazis seize power in 1933, he creates new positions for himself,
such as Reich Master of the Hunt and Master of German Forests. With liberal access to public funds, he now
starts to fulfill a dream. The construction of his magnificent country estate that he
names Carinhall, after his Swedish wife Carin that dies of a heart attack in 1931 aged 43.
Now that he has made himself Master of the German Forests, “he felt himself entitled
to the finest territory that could be found within reasonable distance from Berlin. He
chose an area in the Schorfheide.” He assumes ownership of a stunning 100,000 acres (400
km2) which he will forge into a private game reserve to host hunting parties and receptions
in his extravagant forest palace. And when I say palace, I’m not kidding. Like
a royal monarch or Roman Consul, Göring wants this legacy to be a grandiose monument for
generations to come. The entrance hall is 45 meters wide and doubles as his private
art gallery. He has individual rooms to store his most admired gifts and a 25-meter long
attic in which he has nothing but a gigantic model train. And that’s really just the very
tip of the iceberg. The estate won’t survive the war, but it’s still worth to look into
Carinhall online. Anyhow, from 1934 onwards, he starts acquiring
artwork. He becomes a rabid collector, and is not shy to use his powers to obtain the
rarest and most beautiful artworks you can lay your hands on. In 1939, when Poland is
occupied, Göring starts to ‘safeguard’ Polish art treasures. In 1940 he creates a special
Nazi task-force, the Einsatzstab Rosenberg, with the sole purpose of confiscating valuable
artworks for him personally. Many are stolen form private collections of Jewish victims
of the Nazi regime, and Göring is an enthusiastic supporter of this policy. He soon amasses
so many statues and paintings that he plans to build a Herman Göring museum on the Carinhall
estate as soon as the war is over. And that’s not the only extravagant idea for
his park. Göring is an avid hunter and wants to populate the park with wildlife, big game
of course. He keeps a lion as a pet and imports animals like bison and elk from Scandinavia
and Canada, hoping they will breed and populate his park. He even has Berlin Zoo director
Lutz Heck experiment with cross-breeding new species. Well, old species to be precise.
He wants Heck to recreate extinct species like the European Aurochs. The goal is of
course to eventually hunt the animals, for “recreating mythic scenes from the German
epic poem Nibelungenlied, in which the Teutonic hero Siegfried kills dragons and other creatures
of the forest.” And killing he does. For instance, he has Lutz release animals, confiscated from
the Warsaw zoo into the nature reserves, and then goes after them in extravagant hunting
parties. He makes it a special reward for his Luftwaffe flying aces to come to Carinhall
and shoot something big. His parties in general, like his lavish housewarming
and birthday parties, are of legendary proportions They often include multiple costume changes,
grand tours through his house, driving fast cars through his estate, and luxurious dinners.
Guests are required to bring expensive gifts like artworks, marble statues, or solid gold
bars. One ambassador describes how “a big, fat, good-humoured man who loves display above
everything, displayed his vanity at every turn, often causing his guests to glance amusedly
at each other.” Oh yes, while we’re speaking of costume
changes – Göring was incredibly vain. With every new title he created for himself, like
Master of the Hunt and Reichsmarschall, he designed his own special costumes. For his
Reichsmarschall uniform he a golden, jewel-encrusted baton. But it went beyond uniforms, he dressed
like you might expect from Caligula. He was often spotted hunting in a medieval garb,
and liked wearing things like Red Roman togas. His eccentricity, his bodyweight, and his
garish public behavior caused him to be subject to ridicule. Many jokes were made about the
man who knew no shame and took everything far too seriously and seriously too far. Hitler
loved cracking jokes about him, once recounting how Mrs Goering found her husband waving a
baton over his underwear in the bedroom and asked him what he was doing. “He replied:
“I am promoting my underpants to OVERpants” He was known as der Dicke Hermann – Fat Herman.
He was in fact one of the few things in Nazi Germany that it was acceptable to make jokes
about. Because almost anyone found it impossible to have sincere respect for the indulgent,
loud and attention-craving man. So was Göring just a joke then? Absolutely
not! Göring was one of the most powerful men in
the Third Reich. He was smart, a master of manipulation, and prepared to do anything
to achieve his goals. He had enormous influence over economic, cultural and military policy.
He orchestrated many purges in the early years, such as the night of the long knives, commanded
the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain and would be complicit in the Nazi’s ruthless
war against humanity. It’s easy to forget that this clownesque man
played such a big part in the Nazi system. It’s equally interesting to think about what
impact his lifestyle and drug addiction had on all of his official business. More importantly,
under all of this veneer, this baroque comedy, this perhaps charming eccentricity, was a
man that performed unfathomable evil. His Luftwaffe dropped bombs on hundreds of thousands
of civilians. The lands he occupied were stolen from the German people. He lived at the expense
of the nations occupied by Germany. The victims he stole art from were sent to the gas chambers.
Göring was a funny man, but he was no laughing matter. If you’d like to see how the nazis invaded
Poland on the 1st of September 1940, you can see the first episode of our Weekly World
War Two series right here [point]. We make episodes like this every single week, so make
sure to subscribe and ring that bell. See you next time!

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  1. Though this episode is mostly about the lifestyle of Hermann Göring, we will certainly get back to his more serious impact on the Nazi party, Germany and World War Two. For those of you who are new here, we are following World War Two Week by Week, in which we do pay a lot of attention to all those smaller but still significant events. If you would like to watch the series, make sure to subscribe and to click here to start watching from episode one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-A1gVm9T0A&list=PLsIk0qF0R1j4Y2QxGw33vYu3t70CAPV7X

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  2. If you pronounce the e in "Hermann" like you pronounced the ö in "Göring" AND if you pronounce the the ö in "Göring" like you pronounced the e in "Hermann"… then your pronunciation will be quite good. 🙂 So just swap it^^

  3. What an interesting person, I can't help comparing Goering with Idi Amin, with Goring being as flamboyant as Idi Amin.

  4. Herman G. Was nog always dat, in fact he climbed the grossglockner via the Palavicinni route. That must be around the first world war! Hoe weight must have been quite normal at that time, he was a pilot then.

  5. Why are the thumbnails so often referencing current events? i thought the show is to tell the old history like it happened week by week.

  6. Great content as usual. However, the clickbait and current pop media references cheapens the episode in my opinion. The comments are just 99% Joker memes now. The image and title looks so juvenile. The Great War series didn't need this to be great.EDIT: Just to be clear, Göring's life has no resemblance or tie to the Joker, at all.

  7. Goring did not build the estate he lived in . It was build by the excess of the corporate elitist ruling class. He was merely the curator.

  8. Goering liked his food and drugs yet he did have an extremely high IQ. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/09/15/nuremberg-trials-several-nazi-leaders-achieved-genius-level-scores-iq-test-highest-result-143/

  9. YouTube Channel: Mark Felton Productions, did an episode on Hermann Goering's uniforms. The channel also covers history from both World Wars and many lesser known historical events. I would highly recommend Mark Felton's channel.
    Keep up the great work Indy and the WW2 team!

  10. Herring, herring fat like Göring!
    I hoped you'd include his yacht Carin II, a gift for his second wife (and named after his first), which was even involved in the Hitler diaries affair in the 80s.

  11. Is it just me or why are all Nazi government officials complete psychopaths and wanna be cultural lovers while in reality they destroy cultures and are quite the opposite of cultured people. God seeing my countrys culture used by these idiots is very painful, reminds me of that scene in the movie Django where the southern slave keepers play Beethoven while selling slaves and the german headhunter freaks out.

  12. Last time i comment on this channel, also because you erase comments for nothing.

    But you have become the clowns. If we compare the coverage of Hitler or Goering in The Great War channel with this one we see the absolute lack of professionalism in favor of some type circus freak presentation format.

    It is so revealing how you won't make the same "haha fat" childish jokes on Churchill, a very fat man himself.

    It is also hysterically inflaming how a skinny fat Indiana Neidell that has some hippie tattoos on his body can say anything about physical fitness, can you even bench your bodyweight bro??? Did you ever lift or did any physical activity? Or did you kill dozens of men in the air becoming one of the top aces in war? No, i bet you just have some cringe druggie stories of your lame younger years.

    Stop denigrating men obviously more MAN in every sense of the word than yourself. Go give some sweet love time to "Sparty" (an obvious homosexual) you fairy!

  13. No less ridiculous than how a king or queen dresses and yet some people take them seriously… Makes you wonder.

  14. Dear Indy and team, you have been doing a great job being impartial (and I thank you for that) please stay in that way, the title you put in this video it is not, and plays against your work in impartiality speaking. I hope you will return to your previous line or speak about the allies the way you did in this videos…

  15. Goring also collected knives, which he kept at Gutersloh, ( a Luftwaffe base, only found after a plane crashed into 1 of the hangers, the runways when not in use, had water over so they looked like canals, after the war an RAF base) he had a room there that the roof came down on hydraulics, he used to have new officers there, and say if we are to lose this war may the roof fall on our heads, then he would push a button and the roof would come down

  16. It's funny how Indy switches the vowels in Herman Göring. The way he says it as "hUrrman GErring" whereas if you switched the urr- and err sounds you'd pronounce it perfectly. But hey, that's German for you. I think you're an amazing job Indy. Love the show!

  17. Adolf help I'm trying to steal up on this endangered species but I'm dummy thicc and the clapping of my buttcheeks keeps alerting the prey.

  18. Göring was also no coward. Ive read elsewhere that even the people who guarded him while he was in custody were impressed with his resilience. He was not like the other cowards & didn't use the "I just followed orders" excuse.

  19. I bet Göring and Hitler used to listen to "Richard Wagner – Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla" all the time while they were stoned and pretend that they are in Valhalla! ^_^

  20. Thank you Indie and team. (Danke?) This needs to be said and explored in our modern age so people cannot claim it is merely propaganda.
    I think Goering, Hitler etc didn't really amount to all that much and they couldn't handle it. Kaiser Willhelm also.

  21. speaking of WW2; I live in Goettingen, and apparently, a WW2 bomb was discovered in the middle of my neighbourhood and I'm gonna have to drink the next Sunday morning off somewhere while they defuse it XD

  22. When I saw a picture of him playing tennis, I could only think of him looking ridiculously like an adult Spanky of the Our Gang/Little Rascals. https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/7f2wai/hermann_goering_playing_tennis_in_the_garden_of/ .

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