18 thoughts on “Getting Lucky with Oriental 23y Old Big Booty Babe the Same Day | T.H. Signature SDL

  1. 49:50 Oh sheeeettt, Anthony. You’d think she’d take the initiative to reach out to you since she knows where you live. My hunch is that she was one of those girls who get aroused in the moment but attach no inherent value to you as a man, using you only as a means by which to cater to her solipsistic world, and rewards you in so doing. An SDL is effective as we deal with girls that mostly live for the moment.

  2. Would I be right in saying that the fact she’s allowing you you to sit with her , is enough of a sign that she’s into you , it’s amazing how nuanced woman’s signals are

  3. You truly are the SDL king. I like this kind of game, but is it effective for harem building? Do you have girls on rotation?

  4. Great advice thanks! Especially about not burning yourself out with bad leads. Any advice on how to filter numbers? What would you suggest on how to decide when to ditch a number and stop pursuing a girl? Do you spin plates/number farm sometimes or do you usually try to instant date – > sdl/another date lay.

  5. its really cool that you revealed what you want out of this whole journey!

    I think most guys want an 8, who you can build and grow with and make them wifey

    What do you think are the main differences between wifing a 10 instead of an 8?

    Fidelity comes to mind

  6. When you first sat down.
    Your hand posture seems weak how your presenting your self. Is that on purpose to disarm her?
    When your first sat down not later.

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