18 thoughts on “Fluffy Olive Oil Scrambled Eggs

  1. Why do people clap when he pours the eggs in? And Rachael says, "Oooh, good job!" Have they never seen this done before?

  2. You don’t touch the egg until the egg yoke starts to look white from the edges then you start to scramble the egg

  3. I gave my dogs raw eggs and they got works . So broth them worm medication for it . So what do you think what happens when humans eat half cooked eggs ? They also can get worms . I tried this experiment 2 times but the first time it was by mistake listening to a stupid TV dog food commercial telling me raw eggs in pet food gives dogs a shine coat . And it was clear to me raw eggs can give dogs worms . Every athlete I know that eat raw eggs for health mixed with beer or orange juice is dead right now . All of them but Stallone .

  4. Cooking in a Teflon coated skillet, and using olive oil at high heat???!! This is a BIG no no! Olive oil should NEVER be used for frying, cooking, baking. Do the research and see why. Teflon . . same thing. Do the research, it alarming! Coconut, flaxseed, hemp, or avocado oil for cooking/baking at high heat, olive oil for drizzling (never heated), stainless, glass or cast iron for cooking/baking are good basic rules to follow. Cheers! 🙂

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