Farm Animals Surprises in the Barn For Kids – Learn Animal Names

Farm Animals Surprises in the Barn For Kids – Learn Animal Names

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today we’re going to have some farm animals surprises in the barn Okay, let’s get started! Let’s open the barn… Here are the animals! We have a horse And, it is the Rocky Mountain stallion Next we have another horse and it is the Andalusian stallion Here we have the Texas longhorn cow And we also have the Texas longhorn bull Next we have a Ewe, a female sheep Here’s a ram, a male sheep We also have a lamb, or, a baby sheep Here’s a nanny goat, or, a female goat We also have a Billy goat, or, a male goat Here’s a kid, or, a baby goat We have a donkey Here’s an Alpaca Here’s a piglet Here’s a sow, or, a mama pig We have a llama Here’s a mule. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse Let’s close the barn and now let’s check out the loft Oh, here’s some chickens We have a rooster Here’s a hen Some chicks and hatchlings And a hen laying some eggs Here’s a turkey Here’s a goose And mallard ducks We also have some ducklings They’re cute! Now let’s check out this little house Oh we have some Bernese Mountain dogs Oh, look at these puppies they’re so cute! Now let’s open the hutch and see the rabbits Here they are. Oh, these are cute! Now let’s set up the farm (Horse whinnies ) (Cow goes “moo”) (Goats bleating) (pig squealing) (Rooster crows) Okay, well I hope you guys have enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments which animal is your favorite in this video Do not forget to subscribe! And also click that bell icon to get notified every time we upload a new video Before you go click on those thumbnails on the screen to watch more fun videos here on Racetoytime channel Thank you for watching and stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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