Family Credits Pit Bull for Saving Boy’s Life From Snake

Family Credits Pit Bull for Saving Boy’s Life From Snake

this puppy is being hailed a hero Zeus an 8 month old pitbull lost his life after coming between a poisonous snake and two boys Georgina Richardson says her kids were playing in the backyard of their home in Sumter County Florida when the coral snake made its appearance Zeus protectively went after the reptile which next to the black mamba is the most venomous in North America Zeus was bitten four times around his leg neck and mouth Zeus just started to roll over and as he rolled over I could see that the snake was dead as mom rushed Zeus to the Animal Hospital she called 911 my car I’m trying to find what the nearest Animal Hospital is something really bad Zeus died 12 hours later the family is now sharing video of Zeus as a little puppy just a few months ago do you think Zeus saved your son’s life had it not been for him my son might not be here right now [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Family Credits Pit Bull for Saving Boy’s Life From Snake

  1. Random thought, if there were two boys, the title should be BOYS' (with the apostrophe after the "S")
    Anyway Zeus is a hero

  2. in all my years of conquest… violence… slaughter…. it was never personal.but I'll tell you now… What I'm about to do to your stubborn, annoying little snakes… I'm gonna enjoy it…very,very much.

  3. In the thumbnail, that snake is a milk snake. Not a coral snake. A milk snake is non venomous. It was not the snake that the dog killed

  4. Venomous not poisonous.

    That thumbnail is also NOT a coral snake.

    Zeus was a dog hero. I'm glad he was so protective.

  5. Poor Zeus,bless his heart.I love him.My Blue Doberman killed a snake just like that saved my life.Luckily she did not get bit.RIP Poor Zeus.GOD BLESS 👍👍👍👍💋💋💙💗💖🐩🐕🐶💋 The furbabies always protect sad.I'm so sorry.

  6. Now that's a good boy! Good dog!
    " RIP ZUES" goes to show that dog is truly man's best friend! Spell dog backwards and what do ya get? Give a thumbs up for "ZUES"

  7. Rip pup u in a betta place I love u so much thanks for saving them kids men god truly blessed y’all with that pup

  8. I'm terribly Sorry of your loss of y dog Zeus May he be in heaven w all the other pet's & our doggies as well as we loss them along the yrssss…I HOPE he meets u @ the rainbow bridge in heaven…What an amazing dog 😭😢🐶 "am glad y son is okay" I feel your saddness & hurt that y feeling😭🙏 Zeus fought hard to stay alive he gav it all he had he was bitten to many x's for them to saved him tho…Sooo sorry hon, this broke my heart 💔💙💙 He was a (Hero) of a 🐕 dog "God Bless y family"😢🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. I feel so bad… I have to correct one thing, it's venom, not poison. I give the family my wishes. That dog gave a life for a life, and that is the best dog ever.

  10. My friends dog just got murdered and I feel terrible the person that murdered him basically tortured it and drowned it In a hot tub 🥺

  11. That's not a coral snake in the thumbnail I can tell that coral snakes red bands touches the yellow bands and if red touches black bands it's nonvenomous

  12. It annoying because my mom always tell me to close my door just so the dog won’t get in beacause he’s a pittbull, she says he’s dangerous because he bites ,well yea every dog bits even humans, my opinion about dogs is that I love dogs .

  13. What brave soldier 😖 R.I.P ZEUS. Some people say that pets alot of times will give there lives to save there owner.

  14. I also think the picture on the thumbnail is incorrect because the snakes in the video had red a yellow next to each other (red on yellow will kill a fellow) and in the thumbnail it’s red and black (red on black is friend to jack)

  15. I commented on a other dog vid and it was a happy dog vid and on it I said there’s always a happy ending but I’m wrong and 😞

  16. This is sad this kids dog Zeus died the kid goes to my school ssms and his name is Orion he is in my 4th period and is a really nice kid I feel bad for him but his fog Zeus was a soldier

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