Falling off of a bull. Rockstar Vets.

Sean had been late to work, so I
decided to make him help me personally. Hey Brian.
Hey John. How’s it going dude?
Great good to see you. Likewise. So, what exactly are we are doing over here?
We decided to run Darryl the Dangerous or head steer that we have. And, conned Sean into getting on him. Put your … here on the seat. Will it bite my foot? Just..
You ready?
There you go. And when we open the gate, it
all went south. He buck like a bull. He slapped Sean on the ground pretty
good, but he’s alright. Yeah, I didn’t.. I didn’t think he was going to do that, but I fell up right in front of me. I kind of turned around.
Look at here Sean.
And, was able to, how about that? I was able to, yeah well. I can’t do that… Don’t be late or you have to ride him again.

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