Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park Elk Rut

so it’s elk season. Get a way from me. Get away from me. You darn bull it’s a beautiful fall day in Rocky
Mountain National Park and you come up to the mountains to take pictures of
beautiful elk its rut season and the elk are everywhere
what is rut? Rut is when the males and females come together and they make babies my favorite time of year to come to the
Rocky Mountains is fall the colors are beautiful the aspen trees are starting
to change its october right now right in the beginning and you can see the
beautiful colors behind me and they just get better and better the greatest thing
is estes park which has considered the doorway to the Rocky Mountain National
Park if you’ve never been to Estes Park I highly recommend it the elk love
coming down into the town this time of year because the males and the females
come together and they fight over the harems but no matter what time of year
you decide to come to the Rocky Mountains they’re absolutely beautiful
wintertime is a lot less crowded this time of year in the Rocky Mountain
National Park there’s tons of people because they all come up to see the elk you can also find bighorn sheep and wild
turkeys so as you’re driving down the roads in Estes Park in Rocky Mountain
National Park go slow and look back and forth and you will find wild animals
everywhere so when you start seeing traffic jams like this one in front of
us that usually means that there’s animals nearby usually elk or bighorn
sheep so we just kind of wait our turn to take pictures there’s one bull right
in the middle maybe we can hear him few bull rut stems from the Latin word to war rut
is not only the mating season of health deer sheep camels goats Kong horns
bison giraffes and antelope also have a rut season even skunks and elephants do
the elk rut depends on where the elk lived in the northern hemisphere it
occurs between mid August and mid October in the southern hemisphere it
occurs between mid February and mid April and it tends to last anywhere
between 20 to 45 days males are called Bulls and females are
called calves there is usually a dominant pole with in the harem called
the herd bull other mature Bulls called satellite Bulls will circle the
perimeter of the herd the Bulls will often let out a bugle in call a pool
that has the ability to have a deep bugling tone is associated with the size
of the bull the bigger the bull the deeper the bugle and is often used by
the herd bull to express his dominance over the herd and to bring the harem
closer together it is also used by the satellite Bulls to challenge the herd
full when viewing any wild animal it is
important to keep a large distance from the herd and especially the Bulls they
will attack if you are too near a telephoto lens when taking photos and
videos is highly recommended make sure to check out the links in the
description they help support this channel and thank you so much for coming
by you have no idea how much we appreciate it

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