[ENG SUB] [TCO EP8] Unaired Cuts: HuaChenyu Tutoring ZhangYuqi

[ENG SUB] [TCO EP8] Unaired Cuts: HuaChenyu Tutoring ZhangYuqi

Hello, teacher Hello, teacher Have you two communicated? Teacher Zhang said she wants to do a cover And then you two adapt it together We have not discussed so much Do you have any ideas, teacher Zhang? We are still in the stage of trying to get to know each other And we don’t know what kind of style can be sung by both of us So do you have some ideas about the song already? That is Not yet I’m thinking Today is the 23rd, and there seven days If we take out the two days for song arrangements and recording harmonies It’s better to have four days It’s not hard to write a song within four days I feel otherwise After Zhang Yuqi becomes familiar with Cai Weize Then you write a song After you write it You listen to it Rather than rearranging others’ song Why don’t you adapt the song that Yuqi writes for you in collaboration You can adapt that song to how it suits you That would also work Are two days enough for writing the song? Or you can try to first listen to all the songs written by Cai Weize To see if you have a special feel for any of the songs, or if any really suits your style I feel that you can first take a good look of the videos live performances I feel that this would be faster than listening to his album Now you can stay alone without any interruption from others You just talk to each other to know each other If you feel that you can’t talk You can save an hour To stay in a room, write a letter to each other To express it using written words I feel that we need to first We need more time to To know each other Right Then we can find a better way I really want to write a song together That I will be okay One day… I feel that for two outstanding song composers, it’s enough They can do it You two keep it up If you have lost Lost the initial intent of this journey Started to think about the ending Holding your hands Without the need of a helmsman Float as fate dictates Let it wander on thousands of rivers and seas And still return to the harbor in the end Yet I and you Will still be there So good -Right
-So good I don’t have much to say There’s just one place where I want to discuss with them That is when you sing “And you” I feel that you waited too long Cut out one beat Teacher, could you play it to let us try once? Along gradation’s of mountains and peaks Limpid or murky, the boat will sail through As if few days are left We indulge along the way Not dwelling on the past Wish us a full night of wonderful dreams The time is envious of eternity like a foe Sifting through the what-ifs that could ensue If With you I feel it’s okay There’s no need to sing it again It’s so good This song sounds so nice Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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  1. 花花♥️♥️ Yes! this song is so good 👏🏻
    (^♡^)👍 YOu GREAT! 花花💕
    👍YOu've very sharp eyes. 👁"
    YOu' saw the abilities of them and
    YOu believed they could done.Ü✌Nice!

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