Drift Racing in Jordan – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

Drift Racing in Jordan – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

The feeling you get when you’re in your lap is one of complete happiness. When the crowd starts screaming and cheering, you know that you are giving them a good and unique show. When I’m drifting, I’m really focused on what I’m doing. I love the action. Drifting lets you push yourself and the car to its limits. I am in my happiest moment. It’s the best feeling you can experience. To the point where we can’t sleep at night. We start to think who is going to compete with us. The event is bringing in a huge crowd and what the guys are doing is crazy, what’s happening is crazy. It is like that day is every competing drifter’s birthday. When we smell rubber burning we get really excited! This is the first time I participated in CPD. It’s a great event, very organized. Thank God I qualified as part of the 20 drivers participating. We were 50 drifters, and now we’re down to 20. And the next round they are going to choose only 10 and hopefully I will be one of them. I believe that even without me telling you where we are, from the sights and sounds, the massiveness of the crowd, the professionalism of the drivers and their cars, everybody should know that we are in Jordan. It is known that in Jordan, from drivers, cars, to spectators, that is something to be proud of. We as judges, which there are five of us, are having a tough time because the difference is only one point that can advance or eliminate contestants. When we as brothers are taking part in this competition, before we get here, we are brothers, but as soon as we’re here, we are enemies and compete with each other. We are participating in a competition, so any competitor taking part is in it for first place, not second. First place. I’m going to wrap up this thing from now. Last time, I let it slide by letting my brother win. But this time I wont. In the end, we both root for each other to win Im going to burn the floor right now. Who’s Abdo Feghali? Nobody. I’m going to show you who I am now. This is the final round. Thank god I am part of the top four. Hopefully I will be part of the top two. I feel amazing. Success is a great feeling. I won 1st place in the regional final in 2012, and I promised that I would do the same in the 2013 final. It was my gift to everybody in Jordan.

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  1. This flies very, very crazy videos of him, youtube.com /user/Alphadrift/videos, will he flies? , Redbull has to patronize and come up with events here in Brazil, and one hug LIKED to see the face

  2. Its amazing to see how drifting connects people across cultural lines. All of these people were in one place, laughing, cheering, and having a good time. And nothing bad happened. This should be on the news.

  3. Redbull, We don't watch these videos to listen to people talking about nothing. If you make a drift video, make a drift video.

  4. Down force for a rear wheel drive car, when you are taking a huge corner (large radius) which requires a larger centripetal force to keep you on track of the corner. Without it, if you're going fast enough, the car won't wrap the corner as they do in this video and the car would lose control. Plus they are made to be as light as possible. That's why. Unnecessary on front wheel drive cars so next time you see one on a front wheel drive car, point and laugh at them.

  5. Its funny because shut up. Stop complaining via the internet and go and do something about it if you care so much you annoying little sh*t.

  6. and now arabs? have you not seen those crazy hardcore videos of them doing ridiculous things on the highway? posted years ago and recorded with toasters basically. but they always had style driving.

  7. yes i have and that is not drifting. its just going in a powerslide with normally a fwd car, it has nothing to do with this 🙂

  8. most popular cars to drift with, considering they are the easiest to learn with at first(availability) therefore it carries on to the competition. But its not all bmws, i've seen mustangs, mercs, nissans and other cars compete, its just easier to maintain a beamer since the parts are readily available =). This is coming jordanian who attended multiple events!

  9. what you talking about ?? he kiss his brother they are a brother's and driver in the same event , so go fuck your self

  10. what you talking about ?? he kiss his brother they are a brother's and driver in the same event , so go fuck your self

  11. to who talking about the kiss in 5.22 ,, he kiss his brother they are a brother's and driver in the same event , so go fuck your self

  12. The guy with the black, white, and green e30 is my neighbor in Jordan. he parks it outside of his apartment sometimes.

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