Dogs Killed for Leather

Dogs Killed for Leather

This may be the worst video you’ll ever see. But for dogs killed in China’s leather trade, this isn’t a video. It’s reality. Dogs are snatched from Chinese streets. They are bludgeoned to death for meat, fur, and leather. The terrified dogs you see here are just a few of the individuals victimized by a business in which inflicting pain and suffering is the standard operating procedure. For dogs, the slaughterhouse is truly hell on Earth. After seeing other dogs killed ahead of them before their own turn comes, they are dragged or dumped into a room in which they are bludgeoned and their throats are slit. After that, they are skinned and dismembered. As you’ll see here, the process isn’t quick. PETA Asia’s investigator documented the process of turning dog skin into women’s fashion gloves, men’s work gloves, and other products that are exported from China and sold all around the world. When you handle these items you can’t tell the difference between dog leather and leather from other animals. Every leather belt, bag, wallet, and pair of shoes represents the intense suffering and gruesome deaths of dogs, cows, and other animals. Being sickened by this is not enough. Please, don’t wear or buy anything made of leather. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Dogs Killed for Leather

  1. Im crying poor dogs😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Bro I really love dog's why did you guys kill them huh you guys are so stupid, you guys don't see their faces, they are so cute

  3. This is fucken disturbing watching innocent dogs die for our needs. Fuck you china . People of the earth please don't buy anything with leather

  4. Too bad that over 70℅ of that was a lie considering many many many laws and security stops along the way for something like this to ever happen in the us we test everything and would never allow something like this to be a thing here

  5. I… I literally having a panic attack, i'm so stupid to search this thing because of ig ,,,*sigh* now i will never look at china the same again

  6. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT these people doesnt have heart they just kill dogs for money let the dogs be HOPE Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS DIE IN HELL🖕🏻💀


  8. wth why would they do that if they really want money u can sell the dogs to familys that could take care them i just hope that they burn in hell

  9. Really… REALLY they killed a dog for meat and Leather, Why not just Eat vegetables and Just don't wear any Leather

  10. Wtf littery whever ever this is they should reseave slow and painful death and 2 where is the goverment like tf it the same as killing people

  11. How can you do this to dogs they are my favourite animal in terms wored you people should stop killing dogs just for leather and skin so stop brutally abusing dog should horrible peole

  12. Killing and killing and killing, wanna know how I got these scars? The same way people who do their jobs and then get hunted down by hypocrites because of their job, lots of them. And the killing continues with no hesitation. Dream dream dream

  13. Im crying i have a dog and what broke into my house and took my dog hit them with s bat NOW THAT IS PEOPLE SHOULD GET THE SAME TREATMENT AND GO SOMEWHERE

  14. I hate these ugly Chinese people they look ugly and there beggars XDDDD there stupid hi I’m Chinese I’m ugly and I eat dogs xDD that’s what they are

  15. The Chinese government is to blame for letting it happen they are ALL heartless in china they have absolutely no regard for life animal or human.

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