Dog Saved From Meat Truck Travels Across The World To Her New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

Dog Saved From Meat Truck Travels Across The World To Her New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

Pearl was first
discovered in China on a meat truck.
She was missing her leg, and her skin was very bad. The rescuers from
Slaughterhouse Survivors brought Pearl to their hospital. They were not optimistic. She recovered a lot quicker
than anybody really thought. – Pearl, come here. Pearl. – Go, Pearl! After two months, Pearl was healthy enough to
fly to California, with the help from
Road Dogs and Rescue. When I first met Pearl
at the airport when she arrived, she was just really
chill and laid back. On our drive home, she just
fell asleep on my lap. – You got a new life ahead, huh? Pearl is a really relaxed dog. She’s just been so easygoing. I have three dogs of my own. I have two French bulldogs,
and I have a hound. There’s always concern when
you bring a foster dog in, how they’re going to
react to the other dogs. – Good boy, Gus. But it was a seamless
transition, really. I put her down. Everybody met her. Everybody got along
from the start. – What happened? Once I had her in my home for a day or two, I could tell she really
does struggle a bit to get around on
just the three legs. Her hips are not great. She’s so adaptable that she doesn’t let
it slow her down. But you can tell in
some of her movements that it definitely inhibits her. Because Pearl was my foster, I was pretty biased
reviewing adoption applications. So I needed somebody else to be
a part of the process with me. Cheryl is another volunteer,
so she helped in that process. Cheryl and I had a
really good feeling about Ashley’s application.
She’s a veterinarian. – I live in New York City, and I guess
I used to be a former crazy cat lady.
And now I’m transforming over to possible small crazy dog lady.
I actually wasn’t looking to adopt another dog,
but I came across Pearl. I just saw her face, and how it just looked like she
was completely broken at the time when they found her,
and realized she needed to be part of my little gang
here in New York. Cheryl lives in Pennsylvania. She and her husband decided to spend their anniversary
in California, and then drive back
some of our Road Dogs to the East Coast. And Pearl was the
first seat assigned. Whoa. I don’t think you can fit. She’s always been
very laid back, very easygoing. No anxiety with a
change of environment, which is why I’m not
worried about her. We will be traveling today,
and my passengers are Pearl and Leela and Teddy
and Cordelia. Our ultimate destination will be
Allentown, Pennsylvania. Pearl is the sweetest,
most chill dog ever. And we’re so excited
that she’s going to her forever home in New York
with her Mom, Ashley, who’s phenomenal. – Hey pretty Pearl. – Bye, guys. – Bye-bye. Say bye to Leah. She really will be fine. Her Mom’s gonna love her. She already loves her and
has never, never met her. I’m gonna miss her. But I know she has a great life
ahead of her. And I’m happy for her
at the same time. Where we going, Pearl?
Where we going? Here we are. Pearl’s
in Henderson, Nevada. Welcome, Pearl!
– Ready to jump out of the crate. Day two. Look! And there she goes! Road trip day three. We’re in Colorado,
heading for Kansas. Pearl’s up in the front,
riding shotgun. Right? And in the back, we
have Miss Cordelia. She’s sleeping. And we have Teddy, who’s not. Are you bringing the luggage in?
Hey, Leela! Here she comes. Pearl’s having a great time,
aren’t you, Pearl? She loves those French fries. We just arrived
at our last stop. So the pups were just fed. They’re out playing. [playful growls] We’re coming to Allentown. We’re almost home, Pearl. There we go. Today, Pearl’s new Mom, Ashley,
is coming from New York City to officially adopt her.
So we’re very excited to welcome Ashley. I have a couple of my friends
coming with me to drive to Allentown. – I have bagels! We’ve got some
snacks for the road. This is Claire.
– Hi! – Hi!
This is Tiffany. – Hi!
And this is Brawleigh. All right. So it’s starting. We’re on our way to
go pick up Pearl. I’m so excited to see, like,
her little personality, and all the things
that I’ve been hearing about her, about
how she’s playful but still very chill. Where’s your Momma?
Your Momma’s coming. I think Pearl deserves
the best life. She’s just a beautiful creature. – You ready?
– I am. It’s been a long time. – Here we go, Pearl.
– My gosh! – Here we go, Pearl.
– Hello, Pearl! Hello! – There we go.
– Oh my gosh. – There we go, Pearl.
– Oh my goodness! Hi! – There’s your Momma, Pearl.
– Hi, baby! – There’s your Momma!
– Hi. – There’s your Momma.
– She is so little. She was so chill,
and so comfortable in Ashley’s arms. – Pearl’s everything I
imagined she would be and even more.
And it’s just fantastic. And this is — yeah,
this is Leela. – Pearl’s going for a close-up. Everybody wants one, huh? I promise I’ll take
good care of her. I know. – I know this is the first time
I’m meeting her in person, but I feel like
with all the videos and all the pictures,
that I feel like I’ve known her for a very long time. – I believe Pearl has found her forever home,
and it was truly meant to be. All right, Pearl.
It’s time to go home. My heart melted when I saw her,
and I just wanted to be with her and hold her again, just to
kind of reassure her, like, this is it. Finally in
your permanent home. First time Pearl stepped onto
the New York City street, I think the smells
were overwhelming. She wanted to smell everything,
and explore everything. I think she’s gonna
fit in great here. Welcome home, Pearl! Yeah. So you’re excited, huh?
Excited to be in your new home. Let’s go. Come on. When I first brought Pearl into the apartment, she
went crazy smelling again, exploring everything. Hey, Janet. Hey. Want to meet your
new sister, Pearl? Hey, Pearl. Hey, Pearl. Hi. Look. Hey. Pearl and Janet met
for the first time. They were a bit hesitant, but I know
they’ll be good friends. She did end up finding her bed,
and she plopped right in it and fell asleep nicely.
I thought it was pretty cute that she knew exactly
that that was hers. I think she was hungry. I feel like I made
the right decision in adopting Pearl, because I
feel like her personality is very relaxed,
and so is Janet’s, and so am I. So I think we all complement
each other very well. For a longterm plan for Pearl, I plan on definitely
looking into a prosthetic, to seeing if that’s
best-suited for her, and also some rehab. Pearl came from a
pretty bad situation. And I think it’s a miracle
that she’s alive. And I think that she deserves the best life that she
can have going forward.

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  23. Handicapped dogs deserve to have happy lives too, of course! Dog rescuers are one group that makes life in this hellish place bearable for people who know right from wrong. Huge thanks to all who rescue angels from hells people put them in. May this rescue ethic spread like wildfire and take over the world. Vegan 💚

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