Diets are BULLS**T | Just be balanced

Diets are BULLS**T | Just be balanced

hey what’s going on cats and dogs so today I’m a little funky and funny-looking and organically wear your hair like you just don’t care so in today’s video I am going to talk about how food can impact your mental and of course you look welcome back to my channel guys and I thank you so much for all your comments and the fact they subscribed to my channel I’m not looking for quantity I am looking for quality subscribers who watch rich so welcome back to my channel I’m Alexia your favorite international life coach you don’t know it yet but you will and last week I talked about changing your life and why you have to take some risk and this week I want to talk about food I said life coach it is my job to educate my clients regarding food and especially nutrition two quotes that I found and not mind I will not pretend it’s mine first quote that I read one day what she eats in private you show it in public right and the second quote is what you eat is what you are so those two quotes really resonates with me I don’t know resonate with you but if it does leave a comment down below that would be super if you binge on food and especially because you’re going through personal stuff and stress you out the stress hormone which is a horse all will create some fat okay this is a fact this is a scientific facts I have to content for you available how do you deal with stress which is on my youtube-channel stress can be your BFF and it’s right down there on the website something that people don’t get is that food that you eat will impact of course your looks obviously and then also you mental your brain your brain cells how you think how you react your emotion cortisol is a stress hormone and when this hormone is on you especially want to eat sugary food fatty food salty food okay some people who have depression some people who have chronic stress will gain weight okay just like that and then on top of it you should eat food who is not nutritious well there we go you don’t need to do a diet you don’t need to go through that okay you can absolutely eat healthy things and small portions and have little snacks here and there and kind of like the European Way you know in Europe we don’t eat tons of food we eat small amount and that’s it so I get it guys French food is not nutritious I mean seriously if you go to a restaurant five-star it’s gonna be a lot of clean a lot of butter and all that stuff all that stuff but what people don’t understand and that Noah days we don’t have nutritious food anymore okay and when I talked about that I talked about especially the veggies all the fruits that you buy a supermarket you think they’re fresh you think that they have all the nutrition but no they don’t so in a best-case scenario to be able to have all the nutrition is you have to grow your fruit or your veggies be able to have all the fruits vitamins and nutrition you have to grow your fruit until the end for the veggies if you have a garden you go to the garden you cut your veggies this is how you will get your nutrients but who has a garden who can do that a lot of people can’t and what really cracks me up actually is that when people know that they gained for example 20 pound 40 pound a hundred pounds sometimes and they know they know they feel like they know they look like they know that they’re super tired borderline depressed and what do they do nothing nada they just stick pills to feel better and eventually yep take pills just go go and pop some pills go ahead and then of course when you pop some pills well guess what’s going to happen well probably impact your organs and what do you need you need your esophagus you need your intestine you need your stomach you need your liver you need all those things for your body to function problem right now is the time to detox once a year it is really good to do a detox this time you can do all veggie detox with all the veggies in season now if you can’t afford veggies were out of the organic thing you can take conventional make sure that there’s no pesticides go to your local farmer for example and go and check what they have but it is to make sure they still have the nutrients because like I said if you go to a supermarket oh yeah there’s beautiful supermarkets I mean really beautiful supermarkets with like tons of veggies tons of fruits exotic fruits exotic veggies but how many hours they’ve been traveling how many weeks they’ve been traveling so think about all those details and it doesn’t matter how many radishes you are going to eat walk pretty good for the liver for example or even for the skin but not too fresh if there’s no nutrients where it does go nowhere you eat it you swallow it and it goes straight into the bathroom and you have zero vitamins 0 nutrients zero nada so you have to take supplements yes there are amazing supplements out there who burn your fat and are not even you know based with green tea or base with taurine or base with caffeine and you have some amazing supplements who can absolutely help you for you skin your hair your nails and flu season without taking a shot ok you know this started about the flu shots do you you don’t well the flu shot I saw where they just put everything in it just everything to see if your body will find it well guess what a lot of people got sick from it a lot of people got disease from it I know some people in denial but mmm make your research so you don’t want to do that you want simple things while working and who will change the brain cells and you look I’ve seen amazing results with people who barely go to the gym are active and do walks and such but they don’t go to the gym they don’t lift weights they don’t do some crazy hit program they don’t so it is possible you just have to want it because if you don’t eat the proper food if you do not take care of your body and we forgot the topic of sleeping if you don’t eat well if you have chronic stress guess what you are not going to sleep and sleep deprivation what does he do you want to get angrier you all think that less of yourself and on and on and on sleep deprivation it’s not good symptom privation gives you also health issues so think about those things and if you’re ready to change how you look like if you’re ready to feel better if you’re ready to feel sexy for once in your life and lose all the way that you don’t see anymore when you look at yourself in the mirror email me here right here at this address and then I will share my story the real story that I have to share it’s very exceptional because I’m a kind of a private person even though I’m on YouTube I know some super private well guess what I am primates it’s true so email me and then we’ll change things around for you I will guide you with the proper reality check I might do another video next week on this topic and go a little bit more deeper just because I have so much to share with you on this topic I have a lot of knowledge because of my personal story and like I told you I will share this story of mine with you exceptionally if you today I would like to know and leave a comment down below did you ever try to lose weight and you went into a diet and you absolutely gave up and how many months or how many weeks after you started and the second question is what is your number one favorite video on my youtube channel I hope this video was helpful and meaningful and I give you a big big big big big [Music] unless you next week and stop your detox and email me all right not hey guys just a reminder that you need to like to comment to spirit the love and absolutely to click that red bell to subscribes you have nothing to lose because I see so many people who don’t allow themselves to do things and especially who are so scared of rejection

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  1. Hey guys! Alexia here! Have you ever tried a diet and not been able to keep it up.

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