Hello Facia Triple Family Again With A Very Crazy Video We are making a giant sled for ten people When this sleigh is finished, it’s down in the snow We Will Perform A Very Crazy Performance We Will Make Gold In This Way Ten People Will Fit This fits So you can go in the water Water Expenditure Yes Our Master Candy But you can’t fuck someone? We will ski very high guaranteed Polyester Coating Maintenance was sound Stop Stop Breaks Brother Put It Upside Down It doesn’t slip Sliding More Beautiful Like This We made the slippery part below We will ski like a jet It Will Be A Bad Race We Can Die 🙂 What’s he doing there? How Does He Laugh? More professionals named Kemal Sunala Why Do People Always Work Near You? You Have A Boredom Buddha Other Master Greetings This is My Workshop Give me my soldier Hello Say hello Say hello, son. Okay, done This is My Workshop Friends These are my masters We make our inventions here. My Masters Health in Hand Saolun Masters First Perfect Master Second Perfect Master And the foreman 🙂 Buddha Apprentice. Download Your Hand Angry Look Angry Ok Yes it is All Featured Buddha Boss All Specially Selected Masters Really Good In Their Work We are planning to build a spacecraft soon. Who will be the first Turkish in space? Of course Sinan These are Again Establishing a Plan I’m Already By Chance I Already Live This Life By Chance. I Die Close We’re placing the base of our sleigh right now. We’il paint it soon. These paints This sled will go on both water and land. Sefa Exaggerates Again We Think Of The Water On The Land. Show Building We Will Slip Off A Slope At The Height Of The House. Watch It Will Be A Definitive Problem. I hope Kinseye Nothing Hersaman, you say, but the problem arises. Yes Don’t make a sound here. Interviewing Vayloyu Taksim voaru taksim Taksim hello After this video, we will do this with Polyester. When we throw polyester Outside our water will look at the time So What? Will be gone in both snow and water How do we stop this? No Fireni I want someone injured Fly With Ten People On It I think we do this We are attracting each other. Our cameraman quit. Like now You Always Old Videos You said it was more natural We are now attracting ourselves as before. More Natural It’s More Intimate. The cameramen were already *** No, they were fine. Works Returned to Istanbul They Gone Better Money 🙂 In this beautiful short funny videos will continue. Let’s Attract ourselves like this. Better Can you shoot us now? I hope I’m shooting us. I think I’m filming us. You’re Pulling Me Right Now Did Not See The Screen When Shooting. We came to the shooting area. We’re gonna ski here. Frenzy We’re having trouble getting our ski up. They carry the ski up. Yes, sir. You Speak We Carry. Come on Lions I’m sick I can’t move We’il slip here. We Have Giant Ski We’re going up. Our First Trial Hopefully no problem. hayýrlýsý Pray Us We will slip here My foot is injured. Our server’s foot was injured. Server Injured In The First Minutes. What are your thoughts? If We Die Martial If We Stay Gazi First One Person Why One Person Let’s Die Together Goes Too Fast If Crowd. No You Love the Guarantee Lan Noluyo Stop Stop Going Stop now Get In Front Of The Camera Who Pushed Them? News Too Bad 🙂 Why did you do this 🙂 News Version I couldn’t pull it out of panic How did it happen? Crossed the Road Bumped Face Bleeding Which Face? Is there any problem? Firewood There Is A Big Problem. I Don’t Slip Boredom Why didn’t you step on the waste? You were dying 🙂 Very enjoyable You have survived the last moment 🙂 We just did an experiment. They pushed them unaware I was shocked Why They Pushed Why It Happened How was it I am in shock Let’s End This Video Very Dangerous. We have a wounded. Notice that there are plates in the future It Is Right If We Go From Side To Side It Would Hurt Us. No problem. Your feelings? What are you saying ? We are afraid … We’re afraid, but we’re looking for action. You Fall From There Very Dangerous But Worth For You. Yes We’re On This Camera Beautiful Shooting Angle Now You’ll See The Beautiful One 🙂 will end Don’t Firen Let’s Go Fast. Does Firen Hold? Rope Burns Anca Sliding. Didn’t go 🙂 Shake. Download Fireni. Screams screaming 🙂 What’s This Like? Strange Firen We Didn’t Hold We Fly 🙂 Ahmet Korkudan Fireni Broken 🙂 Push the Firen. Shouts Screams 🙂 Kel Ahmet Fireni Broken 🙂 Where does it hurt? I Hit My Foot Badly It hurts. Let’s Fly None None Where’s the phone? Let’s Make Mami Birdaha It’s getting dark Let’s Use this Tool Again If I didn’t make this device intact, we’d die. Congratulations 🙂 Cheers 🙂 Copyright. You have Torpedo Don’t Give It To Me I will not You Throw I swear I won’t. I will not! I said let’s make it sound. He said no. If we hadn’t done it, we could have hit our heads in Asvalta. Good job We’d die if our brains didn’t Youtube So Bi Hale Geldiki Age of Each Video Begins Does Not Allow Dangerous Videos. Most of our action videos have been removed. What are you doing? Burning Server. Some Action Videos Deleted Mamiye Ambush Sending Sin to Space Some videos are blocked by youtube Because it’s dangerous It Was A Fun Dangerous Life. Value for you. Thanks 🙂 Please Like Our Video With this tool we will shoot in other videos Leave a comment Like Take Support Support We Love You All This is the day It Was A Crazy Experience. Yours Yours Back to Videos Like Comment Yours See you in the next video.

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